1. Banging a virgin muslim girl in holy month of ramadan

    9/7/2019: Hi , this is sam, I m 21 years old and I reside in mumbai. I m 5 ft. 7 inch tall , dusky complexion and lean build and a good beard .I wont like about my cock size being something extra ordinary . I would like to tell you my story which happened between me and my muslim friend called mariam . Mariam is 19 years old , fair as milk , some curly hairs with some arab roots in her appearance . So if read Sex Story
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  2. Kate becoming a bitch

    9/6/2019: From the start. So let me introduce myself my name is Amy this is a true story which took place about 6 months ago and is still going on today. It might be abit long but I wanted to tell you everything that happened. This about me my freind kate and my husband Dave So a little about myself i’m 28 slim brunett with nice size boobs (36c). I like to keep myself fit. Love to wear sexy cloths when I go read Sex Story
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  3. cuckold for the first time - part 3

    9/6/2019: to continue on the previous story. I do have to travel for my work pretty often and i have knowledge that my wife is fucking a friend. i would say she cheated on me because i was the one that kept arranging them to be together and always hoping it happen. she told me before i left for my business trip that she wants to go on pills. i knew she will continue to fuck him when she said that. i left read Sex Story
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  4. 06] Ajay’s Tale.

    9/4/2019: Readers are advised to read the preceding parts to fully understand the full story. Those who are offended by mature/young gay sex avoid this. Reader... please leave your comments/feedback. Ajay’s Tale. This the final and concluding to the Saga of Ajay and Raja. I woke up from a deep sleep to feel a weight on my chest, something was brushing my lips and mouth and a hand was grasping my semi erect read Sex Story
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  5. Dating App Yoga Adventure

    9/3/2019: This is a semi-fictional story based on an encounter I once had. I wish I remembered her name, it started with a "J" or an "H" or a "G", either way it was as exotic as she. A dark skinned beauty I met on one of those silly phone dating apps when I was in mood for such things. We got matched early in the morning, with the sun barely above the horizon when I was out doing my side-gig and had some read Sex Story
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  6. Dangerous Times

    9/2/2019: Dangerous times Most people think that they are immune to travesty of crime and that tragedy only happens to someone else. I can attest, that is not true and that everyone has his or her turn in the barrel so to speak. Depending on the extent of the crime, the ability to look past and move forward is handled by an individual’s personal way of dealing with it. Mine is different than yours for read Sex Story
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  7. Summer Vacation With Stepgrandad

    9/2/2019: Both of us were married before, both widowed. We had lived with our departed spouses in the same Chicago high rise condominium. As couples we had been casually acquainted, seeing each other occasionally in the parking garage, the building lobby, or in summer, on the rooftop swimming pool deck. When my wife was killed in an auto accident, our children were all grown and graduated from college. My read Sex Story
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  8. My 1st time as a bottom

    9/1/2019: At the time I was a 23 year old man, about 180 pounds, 5'10". I have brown hair and brown eyes. Tan skin with a lean but muscular body. I have been straight my whole life but recently I had only gotten a blow job from one guy before and was interested in bottoming for the first time. I always fantasized about submitting to men and watched gay porn. One night I was extremely horny and was cruising read Sex Story
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  9. Sex teacher part on chapter 6

    8/30/2019: Sex teacher part one Introduction Christine may have been the Woman who had took my cherry and made me a man But the next young lady that we going meet along our sexual Journey hold a very special place in my heart for various reasons that we will get into along the way. I respectfully refer to her as my sex teacher for from our one sexual encounter that we had I learned many valuable lessons in read Sex Story
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  10. Fun at the Bank

    8/27/2019: Hi everyone, this is my first story so please support and give your valuable feedback. My name is Angad, I am 18 years old, 5:11 ,Indian guy, dark hair, green eyes, fair and very atheletic. My cock is 6.5/7 inches and relatively thick and this is the story of how I lost my virginity. It happened a couple of months ago, my 1 semester at college had just ended and I had come back to my hometown.I read Sex Story
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