1. A sad tale

    1/22/2019: Am an Indian girl and this is my story . It could very easily be the most cherishing story of my life and it didn't turn out that ways . I have not , nor I can ever , tell it to anyone. I was working in a big company in Delhi at that time . He was my colleague , in different department . From the very beginning I loved his looks , his simplicity and his aura . We discussed office matters initially read Sex Story
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  2. Decisions

    1/20/2019: She was excited to be given a present. First dates don’t often command that kind of generosity- and though she’d expected him to be a little off-the-wall, the neatly wrapped box, 8 by 8 cm, sat on the table between them in the bar where they’d met. It was covered in spotty paper and, it had a small bow on it. They’d been chatting for days. Not long as far as history’s greatest romances go, but read Sex Story
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  3. You like your surprise

    1/15/2019: Like your surprise? It was started out just a typical morning, I was going to mow the lawn and take care of the yard, Toni was going shopping with her girlfriend and have brunch and be back early .We said our goodbyes and I started on my chores, I did the lawn trimmed the bushes put everything way came in and took a shower then sat to relax. Toni went to have brunch with her girlfriend a real MILF read Sex Story
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  4. Creating My Hot Wife 7

    1/9/2019: Ash and I originally had zero interest in BDSM activities, as we only saw it as one person violently beating the crap out of another. It was the one area of the sexual world we knew nothing about yet had our highest prejudice. This story is about our brief foray into a most mysterious lifestyle as we believe BDSM is easily the deepest and most complex area in the sexual world. We believe we read Sex Story
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  5. Maya - After the party (edited)

    1/9/2019: Well, it seemed that my summer kickoff party was a raging success. I kept hearing stories of some of the things that went on. Wow. My friends were all telling me about this one who hooked up with that one, or these two who were seen doing “something” in the changing stalls. I didn’t get exact details from anyone but I’m pretty sure there was just sex going on everywhere, even with my mom standing read Sex Story
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  6. Old Man and Lonely Young Wife Part 2

    1/8/2019: Amanda and I continued our lovemaking every day for the next week. I fucked her every other day. That was all I could manage in the fucking part, but I could still eat her delicious pussy and it was something she really enjoyed. Her period started the day before her sister Agnes arrived for a two week visit. Agnes was two years older than Amanda and was a short girl, only abut five feet tall and read Sex Story
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  7. Katie - Our long forbidden romance (edited)

    1/2/2019: Katie 1 - Meeting Katie I first met Katie at a party. My freshman year of high school had just ended, so I threw a big bash to celebrate the fact that my friends and I were now sophomores. All my friends came, they all brought their friends, and someone brought Katie. Katie was going to be a freshman the next year. I don’t even remember who she came with, but I’m glad that she did. The moment she read Sex Story
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  8. First of many part2

    12/27/2018: I started this story to tell my true story of learning of sex, experiences and growth in my kinkiness. A lot of these are of my Naive years, learning the basics, I will keep these stories 100% true, only changing names and not embellishing. This story and previous were during my sophomore and junior years in High school. Mary was a hot little mexican with B cups and a bubble ass, Danielle was a read Sex Story
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  9. A Glorious Group Jack-off Session

    12/22/2018: I had a girl friend who was extremely sexual and open to most anything. At this point my sexual level was at full charge and I came up with the idea of putting together a group jack although the new twist was I wanted my gf Gia to participate. She was hesitant but I could also tell that the idea excited her. Finally I got her to commit to being part of it. I put an ad on the bulletin board of the read Sex Story
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  10. Spying on Riley #1

    12/21/2018: A girl named Riley moved in next door. It was the beginning of spring, the northern hemisphere was getting ready for months of sunshine. Riley was a student, as was I, but she wouldn't start the new academic year until after the summer break. In the meantime, she earned some money working in a bar downtown. I knew that from one of the few chats we had just after she had moved all her stuff from read Sex Story
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