1. Mr C's Face Between My Legs

    3/16/2019: So yeah, thanks for all of the kudos on Flasher Girl. I posted it here & another site & liked comments & messages & such. I dont wana get stuck in flash mode & just talk about that but this one guy asked me something that got a memory going of a actual flash and that expanded into a fantasy that I still get hot to even today. Hope you like it. Remember, I'm not a for real writer so I don't plan on read Sex Story
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  2. My Cheating Wife

    3/15/2019: The First Time The first time that Terry cheated on me was in Germany, while I was in the Army. I was working in a hospital on the day shift. Since she didn't speak German, she couldn't find works so she joined clubs and spent time with friends. One night at a party after she had been drinking heavily, so told me that she was having an affair with an MP that we knew. I got angry and left. I was read Sex Story
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  3. Some of Samone's life story.

    3/9/2019: Samone was a young black girl of 22. Her mother had died while she was in high school. She now lived with her sister, Trish, and her father. It was a very hard time for all three. Not long after her mother’s death, her father began drinking. A lot. He came home most nights quite drunk, and he had started to be abusive to the sisters. The girls became closer as they began to be afraid of their read Sex Story
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  4. Theme Park Quicky

    3/6/2019: It has been over three years since I wrote my initial story, She Swings Her Own Bat, that chronicled how I met Amber. Honestly I was so excited when I first met her I wanted to tell someone the steamy details about my first encounter with a transgendered woman. Seeing that there is still stigma attached to dating them, I used this site as a platform to tell about my first time with her. Afterwards read Sex Story
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  5. Near miss 2 with Jackie back seat Diana grandma car

    3/4/2019: After this Diana hock me up with her best friend Jackie. Let me tell you Jackie was sexy as hell. Redness brown hair shoulder length great personality. Jackie was five ft seven I believe and I can still remember how sexy she look in green and brown dress she was wearing at last game of our baseball league. The next season Jackie grand mother sign her up to play with us and we hit it off kind of read Sex Story
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  6. The Unexpected [Ch. 3] - Family.

    3/4/2019: It’s been two weeks since me and Billy did something. Honestly, it just seems as if it never even happened. Honestly, I thought it was going to be something we did a lot but he seems.. Different now, and I miss the old him. I was texting him on the phone and he wasn’t really saying much so I just typed out, “Ttyl.” It just annoyed me, and I just laid back on my bed with a sigh. Justin, my brother, read Sex Story
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  7. Bahamas Vacation (3]

    2/25/2019: Bahamas Vacation (3) (Background: I took a trip to get away from memories after my fiancee's, Debby’s, death. We had planned to be here, Nassau, Bahamas, on our honeymoon. I met Cinnamon, an employee at the hotel, when I checked in. We have spent the last two nights together. She has the next two days off and has offered to be my tour guide.) I woke up in the morning in Cinnamon’s bed at her read Sex Story
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  8. Holiday in the South of France

    2/23/2019: The adventure I’m about to describe happened in late spring of 2000 when Jon took me to the South of France for a two-week holiday. Holiday in the South of France Unlike most of our trips abroad when Jon doesn’t tell me that we are going until about 3 or 4 hours before we climb on the plane, Jon gave me 3 weeks notice of this holiday. I had to let the manager of the Hair Salon where I work know read Sex Story
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  9. Scent of Brasil

    2/22/2019: Brasilian girls are internationally renowned for their beautiful butts. In this true story, I wish to tell one of many experiences I had in the ass-man's paradise of Brasil. --- ass worship, ass kissing, facesitting, analingus (to orgasm), buttsniffing, etc. __________________ Brasil .... mmmm ... the sweet aromas, heavenly cityscapes, and, oh yes, should I mention those magnificent butts that are read Sex Story
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  10. My 2nd time as a bottom

    2/17/2019: I entered the familiar apartment, even though a few years has past everything looked exactly the same. I walked into the same dark living room with muffled sounds of gay porn in the background. This time I was more confident and I knew my way to the bedroom. I walked in and Rick was sitting on the bed wearing a bathrobe rubbing his large bulge threw the thin layer of cotton. He smiled as I read Sex Story
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