1. Duped by girls at halloween

    10/10/2018: A girl friend of mine wanted me to dress as a Cheerleader for Halloween. It was fun. All the girls were dancing with me and I was getting horny. My little white dick was getting hard because the girls were all playing grab ass under the little skirt. I thought to myself, I'm getting laid tonight ! One of the girls asked me to go upstairs to a room. We went in and there was another girls getting banged by a couple of guys. The girl I came in with told me your next. So I got behind one of the guys thinking I was going to get to fuck a sloppy pussy or get head. My girl said no, you get in 69 wi read Sex Story
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  2. Single Mom - Coree's Questions

    9/30/2018: Coree walked into Jeramiah’s room. He asked, “Did you hear what mom said?” “Yeah,” admitted Jere. “You cool with that?” “I guess I am.” “Me too. I guess.” “You don’t sound good.” “Huh,” Coree stuttered. “You actin’ strange. Ma is ma, yo!” “You right. She said you can talk to her. Go do it.” “Maybe I will.” “Can you believe it though.” “I’m not really thinkin’ ‘bout it,” confessed the eleven year-old Jeramiah. “We ain’t never had a life this good.” “You right, li’l bruh. I guess I need to talk to her.” Rochelle was reading a murder mystery. She was reclined on the chaise lounge across the room read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Incest / Taboo, Trans, Author: faggyboi, Source: xHamster
  3. Gay top in Oklahoma?

    9/27/2018: This is the story of an effeminate bottom in Oklahoma. It's a single person's story right now. Would you like to help make it a couples story? Are you from Oklahoma or willing to help an Oklahoman relocate? Are you exclusively gay? Are you attracted to fems, sissies, twinks, cross-dressers, non-op transgirls? Would you be willing to fuck a blind person? A person blind from birth but self employed, living alone and independent? Would you like to help me transition into a passable female? Helping me apply makeup and cosmetics? Would you be willing to invest the time to tailor the girl o read Sex Story
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    9/25/2018: I had no idea now many enemies I had made while a city traffic cop for nearly six exciting years. That was until I was fired from the job for trying to fix some politicians speeding ticket another veteran officer had written up two days earlier. Unable to land another state wide Law Enforcement job for nearly three long searching months, I finally took a thirty hour a week rather low paying position as a security doorman at a well know downtown Gay Club. Christ only into my second hour of my very first shift, I caught some older fag merrily sucking away on a large stiff cock right in fron read Sex Story
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  5. the barbecue

    9/25/2018: Now, we have organized a barbecue to welcome my sister's husband homecoming and when I got dressed for the party. I rouged and fine hair and have my new dress. My sister insisted that I should wear pantyhose under the dress, the strong but soft nylon. I was using a pair of scissors removing the branch, when wearing the tights my ass is now exposed. Perhaps this would come in handy, because I have planned to seduce my brother during the evening. When I shook hands with my brother, I got a proper kiss on the cheek. The long and deep tongue kiss he gave sis however, revealed that he was really read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Trans, Author: dussinvara, Source: xHamster
  6. Commutationem - The Exchange

    9/21/2018: It began pretty simply. I was Michael, a rather nerdy guy in college, trying to get somewhere – anywhere with women. Almost any woman, though I certainly had a preference for attractive ones. Fat chance of that, or so it seemed. They were nice to me, but had no desire to go out with me, much less do anything more intimate than that. I was depressed about it, but at 5’6” and 140 pounds with read Sex Story
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  7. My Sister Kay Needed Help Pt 1

    9/20/2018: I was called out last night for work at about 11:00 and so I was heading home about my normal time to go to work when I got a pic on my phone from my sister Kay of her tits! “Thanks for the story, can you come by today and fix my inversion table. My back is killing me.” I called her up and told her I could do her one better. I could be by the house in 15 minutes. She said she was going to take a hot shower, and to just let myself in (Yes, I have a key) her husband is out of town for the week, get read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Trans, Masturbation / Toys, Author: imornery81, Source: xHamster
  8. Toronto Subway Deepthroat

    9/14/2018: It was a hot Toronto summer Sunday evening when I was headed back home from spending an evening downtown with my friends. As 23-year-old junior college students we were enjoying the much-needed break from our semester exams. I was about six subway stops past the Bloor-Yonge line in an empty cart, I was seated near the doors having a perfect view of the empty seats opposite of me. The humidity was getting to me so I decided to unbutton three of the top buttons of my silk white shirt. My black, lacey bra was almost visible but given the cart was empty I couldn’t give a damn. Just as the subwa read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Trans, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: G_reillyp, Source: xHamster
  9. Call me, lover. Chapter one

    9/14/2018: Call Me, Lover! I have been married to my wife for eight years now and we have a decent marriage. We experiment, sexually, on occasion and have found certain things that really get each other off. The one we both agree stimulates both the most is when she puts on a strap on and fucks my ass. She becomes empowered by it with a sense of dominance, and I feel hot submitting to her. But sometimes you need extra outside stimulation. I went to the adult book store one Friday afternoon. I had not been in there before. As I walked in I noticed the clerk running the store was a tall thick blond read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Trans, Author: 1DirtyDiver1978, Source: xHamster
  10. Rocky Horror first time

    9/13/2018: My wife Michelle had booked two tickets for Rocky horror show, I knew what she was up to ,last 6 months I was constantly dressing up for her not that I really minded but I guess I could maybe get away with a public display as a lot of guys get into the spirit of the show ,just didn't want to embarrass myself. She had been buying a lot of clothes lately & had become a bit more forceful & had taken a more dominant role & I had become a lot more submissive ,to tell the truth I had become a bit more feminine by the day, can't say I was unhappy a little less stressed maybe & enjoyin read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Anal, Trans, Author: JuicyLucyLips, Source: xHamster