1. laundary day (a continuation of "the barbecue

    11/27/2019: I feel the rough and brutal cock moving fort and back deep inside me and when my semen is pumping out of my body, I feel my stomach becomming wet and warm. But no dick was pulled out of my sore intestine to ease the pressure, instead I started to understand that I was lying in my own bed at home and the barbecue party where I was fucked into a real woman was nothing more but a wet dream. Fortunately today is Saturday and laundry day today, it is just to take a quick shower and then putting the soaked sheets in the laundry basket. Since the memories of the dream were still so strong, I unload read Sex Story
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  2. Night at the Masturbatorium

    11/17/2019: This is a true story; everything here happened at least the way I remembered it. I was on the road recently and planning to pass through Portland, Oregon. I looked up online what kinds of (sex) places were here beforehand, and decided I would visit one of them in particular when I got there. I located a cheap (but decent) motel and checked in there, then got ready for the evening ahead. The place I chose is called the Oregon Theater, and it can variously be described as a decrepit old movie house that's now a porn theater, or as a unique sexual playground for pervs like me. I'm both an exhi read Sex Story
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  3. Trip to the bookstore with Stephie

    11/17/2019: I had met stephie online and we had had a lot of fun together. Stephie was a crossdresser, was about my age, and looked great when dressed. She and I had spent many weekends in a motel, fucking and sucking each other till we couldn't do anymore. Occasionally we would invite another person or 2 to join us and we would be there as a couple, so it didn't matter whether it was other crossdressers, regular guys, or the occasional m-f couple. Stephie had this fantasy about going to an adult bookstore/ theater and being a total slut for any and all cummers, so I agreed to go with her to make sure no read Sex Story
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  4. Neighbor's pool

    11/5/2019: My neighbor invited me over to swim in his pool.He was in his late 30s. Nice looking.Very soft spoken.We did a few laps together then a few races.We talked about life,girls and boys too. I agreed that gay marriage was a beautiful thing. I also brought up if a young male wants to wear a dress to school and use the girls room,he should be allowed to.We lay together on his large chaise lounge.His hand was on my naked thigh softly stroking me.He carrased me from my knee to the bottom of my swim trunks.My tiny cock was hard so was his.He jumped in the pool so did I.We were very close to each other read Sex Story
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  5. Buyers Beware

    11/3/2019: “You’re kidding? Right? You want this one?” the man laughed, pushing his hands in his pocket, idly toying with a few coins out of habit as he glanced back over his shoulder at the merchandise, “No, no, look, you want strong and powerful, you want this, sure, but it ain't pretty, ain’t clever and really ain’t safe.” “How much?” the hooded figure asked, regardless. The man pursed his lips, reaching read Sex Story
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  6. Sissy Slut Adventure

    10/29/2019: My name is Chris, I am 20 years old and I am rather the low-key type of a gay slut. I am small, slender and pale and got long, curly black hair, meaning that I look weak and a little vain, I talk big when I am with friends and they just take me as a funny egomaniac - no one would suspect what I am doing at nights. In this story, I want to talk about how I became who I am. Part 1 - Discovery When I read Sex Story
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  7. ICarly Elevator Action

    10/25/2019: "Why is this happening to me?" Sam groaned, she couldn't believe they we're stuck in an elevator due to a power surge, and right before they we're supposed to be making their next episode of iCarly as well. "Hey!, Freddie exclaimed, "we're just as stuck as you are, and complaining isn't gonna get us moving any faster", "I know, Sam responded, "I just always get uncomfortable in small spaces" "It's okay, Carly said reassuringly, "we shouldn't be here for more then an hour" "an hour!" Sam whined, "I don't know if I can take being here that long". "Well then, I guess we'll have to take your mind read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans, Group Sex, Hardcore, Author: dgoodall1701, Source: xHamster
  8. Abandoned Parking Lot: Part 1

    10/25/2019: PART 1 It begins... Well, I found out that Anne fucked that professor again. She came to my dorm drunk at 3am, fighting with me, calling me a little bitch and pussy, and she began slapping my face. I won’t even get started on what she was on about. I tried calming her down, but whenever I said anything she just slapped me, or if I tried to stop her from drinking more from her loaded thermos, she pushed me. She said, “I’m going to F*** that professor again. By the way, his cock, is like, way bigger than yours.” I didn’t care to chase her down, I just stood in my doorway watching her drunk ass read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans, First Time, Gay, Author: EllaRoseCD, Source: xHamster
  9. Jena and Lisi Ch. 2

    10/18/2019: Neither Jena or Lisi had ever been into space. The closest they came was their flight simulation exercises at the now destroyed Onderon Academy. Even though the girls were bound and blindfolded on the drop ship, they both could tell through the Force when the ship passed through the atmosphere and into the inky darkness of outer space. Somehow both girls knew they would never see their beautiful read Sex Story
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  10. Humiliated and Blackmailed by Femdom mistress and

    10/16/2019: Arriving at the restaurant early I took a corner seat and thought back to the last time I had seen Amanda. We had meet 4 years earlier at a friends drinks evening. Both of us had got drunk and had ended up at my apartment around midnight. She had looked amazing as she had performed a striptease for me as I lay fully clothed on the bed. Once naked she had laid on the bed and told me to put on a show for her. I had done the best that I could and she had seemed pleased until my underpants had come off. I remembered then how she had laughed at my penis, holding her finger and thumb about 3 inches read Sex Story
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