1. Goodnight Daddy Part 1

    3/9/2018: Ever since my daughter Cora was very young we started the nightly ritual of me tucking her into bed and kissing her goodnight. As she grew into an older teen for whatever reasons we maintained that routine. Though over that time she has changed into beautiful young woman and the once innocence has since been lost. Her interest in boys and obvious curiosities about sex, I suspect much more than read Sex Story
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  2. Fixing the Sink

    3/5/2018: All characters are of 18+ years old. Thanks for reading! More chapters coming real soon! ***** "Ok class that's a wrap. I'll see you all next week when we begin a new chapter." Said Mr. Holland, my statistics teacher, as the announcements finished and we all got up from our chairs. "And just because you all are graduating in a few weeks, that doesn't mean you guys can just check out and allow your read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, First Time, Job / Office Sex, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Teen, Author: firebird68, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Ravageme Part two

    3/4/2018: I can’t believe that he just admitted he lives right next to me. Why can’t he be like his son and take no for an answer. Damn should I tell Mark that he dad has been chatting with me in a rape site chat room. Looking over to Mark’s house, the back door opens and his dad comes out his tablet in his hand, calling over to me when he spots me “Hey Melinda can I borrow my son for a minute?” hearing read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Rape, Teen, Author: gscmar64, Source: sexstories.com
  4. My Bus Driver (pt. 3)

    3/3/2018: The week leading up to Friday was probably the longer a of my life. I spent the time sexting Rob, our texts heated and wild. At night, when I was sure my parents were asleep, we would call, whispering dirty things to each other and listening as we came to the sound of each other’s voices. On the bus, I would tease him, often sitting right behind him and flashing him in the mirror, or falling onto read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Teen, Mature / Older, Author: Stuff0666, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Lost Time

    3/1/2018: Louise hummed a light airy tune to mask her mounting anxieties as she went about making the bed in the upstairs guest room, her hands moving with a practised grace as she laid out linen and straightened edges, fluffing pillows and generally just wasting time, allowing her mind to wander as she worked. Today was the day, she knew. The day her daughter, Willow, would be making her first visit back read Sex Story
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  6. Daddy, a chevy & oxy

    3/1/2018: Daddy and I sat at the Cafe where he had ordered lunch for us. It was easy to tell that to everybody we looked like normal father and daughter. But the honest truth is- we've been sleeping together for weeks now. Tonight Daddy had a big plan for me and I had no idea what it was. We stopped at one of his friends house. And he came out of there looking like a man who would just want a bull ride. But read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , Anal, Violence / Cruelty, Humiliation, Incest / Taboo, Non-consensual sex, Teen, Author: DaddysLittleOne93, Source: sexstories.com
  7. My Daughter Morgan 1

    2/26/2018: I loved my daughter more than anything in the world, but sometimes you just cave in to certain forces that are stronger than the bond between a father and his daughter. One such force was my obsessive personality. When I became obsessed with something, I poured all my time, energy, and money into it. When my wife Melody, my daughter Morgan, and I were living under the same roof my obsession was read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Incest / Taboo, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Teen, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: happythoughts, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Mother's Little Helper

    2/23/2018: Mother's Little Helper (F-solo, M-solo, f-solo, ff, MF, con, impreg, 1st) by Krosis of the Collective --- -------------- Two weeks ago: -------------- "But Dave, you know what week that is!" "I know, Linda, but it's my job, and we need the money." "Money isn't everything." ----------------------------- Jump forward - four days ago: ----------------------------- Hi! My name is Jessica (Jesse to my read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, Female solo, First Time, Male Solo, Straight Sex, Pregnant, Teen, Teen, Author: KrosisOfTheCollective, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Georgia Part 02

    2/19/2018: Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous part. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 02 I must have slept through my alarm because I woke up to the sight of daddy looking down at my naked body. I smiled and said, “Good morning daddy; sorry, I set my alarm but it didn’t go off. I’ll be down in 2 read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Written by women, Teen, Author: vanessa.evans, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Saturday Morning

    2/18/2018: Saturday morning: Dad dropped me off at my usual break. It was late in the year and so I had the place to myself. The end of the summer, but it looked like it was going to be a great day. The southern current was coming up the coast strong now and the water had changed from the warm blue of July to the colder green of fall and I had my 5mm suit to protect me from the chill. Dad dropped me at the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Bisexual, Body modification, Boy, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Teen, Author: LLLucy, Source: sexstories.com