1. Pastor Love: Part 2

    5/31/2018: Standing over the prone teenager, I smiled and said, "Did that satisfy your 'needs', Janie?" Rearranging her clothes she smiled up at me and replied, "And then some, Rev.! I don't think I've ever cum that hard before! You were amazing." I wiped her juices from my beard, but the scent lingered making me uncomfortably hard. Coming to my senses, realizing the depth of depravity I'd just read Sex Story
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  2. The Forest

    5/31/2018: “Ow!” Gabriel laughed as he tossed another small rock at Avner, who winced as the pebble bounced off his shoulder. “Stop it!” Avner yelled, with just a hint of laughter in his voice as he watched his friend begin to playfully run away through the trees. “Make me, Av!” The two boys were both fifteen, and had been friends since they were children. Avner had met Gabriel when he was only seven years read Sex Story
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  3. Young learning.

    5/30/2018: I learned all about sex from my mum and sister May. My first was my sister when I was a young teenager I occasionally used to sleep with her in her double bed especially in winter to keep each other warm. When I was 14½ and she was a very attractive, golden honey blonde, curvy 15 (almost 16) one night I was dozing off when I felt her lightly touching my cock through my pyjamas. I lifted my bottom read Sex Story
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  4. Winter Formal

    5/28/2018: This is a work of fiction. The times and places are real. The characters are based on real people. The activities described herein are totally the product of my vivid, warped imagination. DECEMBER 16, 1965. I walked up to the door, and just as I was about to ring the doorbell, it opened. She was a vision of loveliness, standing there in a cobalt blue dress. Satin skirt, velvet bodice. I read Sex Story
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  5. Mom, I'm gonna cum!

    5/28/2018: written as the boy I am a 16 year old guy. I had never thought of my mom in a lustful, incestuous way before. I am not saying my mom is not attractive; she is very attractive, very nice figure, long red hair and small tits. My dad bought my mom a boob job for her 40th birthday. It was a huge shock when my mom came home from her surgery with huge tits! She went as big as she could go which had to read Sex Story
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  6. Chad and his brothers

    5/26/2018: Chad was only 13 years old and lived in a family of 12 children, 10 boys, and 2 girls. He was one of the younger boys. His brothers are Chris, a tall dirty blond boy about 5'8, muscular, blue eyes, muscular calves, plays lacrosse, and always wears shorts; Tyler, a short one about 5'3, cute dimples, brown hair and blue eyes, and flexible since he does gymnastics; Brandon, a medium height dirty read Sex Story
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  7. Ravageme Part Three

    5/25/2018: As she tries to fight free of the three of us holding her, I get my mouth buried onto her pussy mound, using short licks to get my first taste of Melinda. Screams of no echoing in the room as I start to savor the taste of her pussy. So sweet and tangy, driving me wild, wanting more using longer licks to get more of her onto my tongue. “Damn Mark try not to strip all her flesh off her pussy, I want read Sex Story
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  8. The Football Life pt.2

    5/23/2018: Casey and I left Alize’s house and I decided to at least walk her home. During our walk she told me, “You’re not like most of your teammates.” I eyed her questioningly. “Like, a lot of them are so much more bold than you are.” “Oh, I’m sorry, it just takes me a while to get used to people I guess.” “No no don’t apologize, it’s great,” she assured me. “I’d rather you air on the side of caution than read Sex Story
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  9. Space Odysseum 2201: First Contact

    5/23/2018: Chapter I The following tale is a depiction of pure speculations and the result of wild imagination. It guides the reader through the maze of problems an Anal Etiquette space crew have to overcome in order to survive and save the Planet from a menace unseen before! They may not make it without your active advice and support! This is a story is not for the faint hearted. The warning are in the tags read Sex Story
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  10. Teenaged Boys Naked Swimming in High School with Hard-ons

    5/21/2018: I was a freshman in a big city high school in the ‘70s and wasn’t surprised when in my first semester I had swimming and for “public health reasons,” all of the boys would do it naked. I had been warned by my older brothers and coming from a family of nine kids, including sisters and a continually nursing mother, I wasn’t shy, or a stranger to the nude body. On the first day we were instructed read Sex Story
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