1. Canine Attraction

    7/19/2019: We were chatting about the attraction of dog sex, and I said “I'd love to talk more about a dog eating your pussy”. Your face lit up, and I continued. “ I would want you get on your back on the floor, and I swat your ass until it's bright red, stopping only to swat your pussy. And as your pussy opens up in excitement my crop hits your clit, you squeal but you love it” You are interested in my story and I lie back, relaxing on the sofa and spin my tale: “I let in my dog who immediately starts to lick your pussy. You hold your lips open so his long tongue can lick your clit and go deep into yo read Sex Story
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  2. A mother teaches her virgin son before college

    7/17/2019: Jack lifted his coffee cup to his mouth as he was staring at his Advanced Calculus text book. He had been home-schooled for K-12 and was a bit worried about heading off to Fairbanks for university in a few short weeks so he had started reviewing calculus. He was pondering what property the set of real numbers possesses that makes it possible to prove that a continuous function on [0,1] always attains a maximum, while this is not true for the rational numbers. He immediately regretted it. "Yuck!" His mother, Neva, who was washing dishes at the sink asked, "What?" "Oh. My coffee got cold while read Sex Story
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  3. The Cuke

    7/17/2019: I tell you that I’ve got a game to play, that I want you to wear a loose skirt, and no panties, and go to the store and get an apple , an ear of corn, and a cucumber. Then you are to get to where you can shove the cucumber up into your pussy un-noticed, and keep it there, as you walk up to the cashier, and purchase the apple and ear of corn, but shoplift the cucumber. You must keep it inside you until you get home. You are not thrilled about shoplifting it, you are a mature adult, but it's part of the game so you agree read Sex Story
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  4. Uncontrollable Mom

    7/16/2019: I was born in a middle class family. We were used to live in a joint family system earlier. My father really worked hard to up-grade our standard of living and ultimately somehow achieved his target. He bought a separate house for us and provided us almost all the necessities. But my mom was totally neglected by him in gaining all those material things. I always saw people eyeing my mother with a read Sex Story
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  5. Guilty Pleasures - Part Two

    7/14/2019: Her deliberate act of exhibitionism was sensuous and sexy. As soon as I focused on her I became instantly hard again. I quickly turned toward the door and stepped into the hall but not before she noticed my erection. Safely in the hall, I stuck my head through the door and said goodnight. She was smiling. I wasn't about to reprimand her. I had had enough confrontation with her for one night. So there I was, sitting in my chair listening to her words echo through my head. She had said she wanted me to fuck her. "Well maybe you should try it sometime. You might like it." Her words and my refle read Sex Story
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  6. Mom likes it

    7/14/2019: My parents have a strange marriage. My Dad always seems to be away on business. That left my Mom and this twenty year old son alone for long periods of time. I had my friend Jan over to the house one Saturday morning. My Mom was out shopping and it seemed to be the perfect time for some sex. We got out of our clothes and I stretched Jan's legs apart. I lowered my face and I tasted her pussy. You should have heard Jan crying out from my tongue licking up and down her slit. Once she was totally wet I got onto my back and Jan mounted me. She slid down onto my pole and I filled her pussy with har read Sex Story
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  7. Mom Goes Camping With Son & Son's Friend.

    7/14/2019: Chapter 2 A night in a tent With Mike & Bill Next morning mom woke me up because she did not rember what happend last night she told me she woke up this morning lay next to me and were naked. I told mom that I sleep naked and that she went to the tent before me. I told her me and Bill where talkink about what we where going to do today ok mom yes Mike if you are going to drink so much then go to bed and not rember how you got naked don't ask. Ok sweet heart. Bill came calling out that breakfast was ready we said ok we will be there in five minutes ok. Good morning Liz & Mike good morn read Sex Story
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  8. Cindy is finally free - Part Two

    7/12/2019: She had to fight her mind from picturing Ben's cock, forcing the image of her ex's cock into her thoughts instead of a dog's cock, their huge cocks, her ex had been that big, Ben, Ben was that, big. Oh my god, she seethed, his, she could barely say it in her thoughts, his cock, it was so big and swollen, so much like a man's cock, hard and long and probably throbbing hot. She couldn't fight it anymore. The image of Ben's cock swept into her thoughts, and then wouldn't let go. She pictured her ex lover's cock, longed for it again, admitted her sense of regret. She let herself spread her legs, read Sex Story
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  9. Horny 38GG big tit slut wife wins wet t shirt cont

    7/9/2019: So my wife was on a girls holiday abroad with some friends to celebrate a divorce a 40th birthday and as a hen night for her best friend. They had been away for 36 hours when they went to a pub which had a wet t shirt contest. Having been drinking heavily for hours my Mrs was encouraged by some of the local men to participate in the contest. My wife has been blessed with a massive chest and she regularly has men talking to her tits rather than her face!! it is only to be expected with a 38GG chest. the first round of the contest was to wobble her boobs in her top as she poured a bottle of pros read Sex Story
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  10. Daughter discovers her Mom's a hottie

    7/8/2019: This story is a continuation of Maggie's sexual journey. So far she has discovered the joys of her brother Jim. In this episode she finds out some arousing things about her Mom. Enjoy! 'You won't mind sharing a room with Cindy will you darling?' asked Maggie's mother Annie. 'Who's Cindy mum?' Maggie enquired as she helped her mother to sort out the washing. Suddenly she stopped. In her hands she found herself holding a really hot pair of panties. She didn't remember them as her own, so she looked enquiringly at her mother. Annie couldn't stop a blush from spreading across her face. What wa read Sex Story
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