1. Dubai with my Office Slut

    9/16/2018: This is Anjali my office mate, a pic that was taken by me, and what happened after we went to Dubai. You can read how we came to Dubai in my previous story "My Office Slut" The 3 months in Dubai with a Office slut was that best moment in my life, me and my 3 other friends spent were night clubbing and banging Anjali while we were all drunk at night ever day, it was so much fun using Anjali for the sex alone. She always begs us to keep it secret to continue her reputation at work and home. we kept her as a slave in our apartm read Sex Story
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  2. I didn't know...

    9/13/2018: To excuse everyone, but as you may know, I’m not a girl, this story you’re about to read, takes place as the little girl. Again, this is not a true story. _________________________________________ Like all the stories go, this is the story on how I saw my first, uh, dick.. I’ve never really had sex, just the occasional handjob, and blowjob, and dry humping, but never actually had sex until I was a read Sex Story
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  3. Plucked by aunt Traci

    9/12/2018: It,s late. I was in my room siting by the window when aunt Traci visited. The visit was unexpected. I had just showered. My robe revealing wet, soft, pale nipples. I saw her shift and her gaze lingered. She licked her lips. Her gaze lingered ..’ I i felt the tip of my breast twisting gently. An lips twirling around my nipple. A hand on my vagina. ‘ hi...’ she moaned hugging me. Grazing my breast. The pale wetness of my breast glistening. Her eyes on my breasts seemed spellbound. She and I had always been close. Today seemed different. hugging me gently..innocently. Grazing my nipple gentl read Sex Story
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  4. The Quarterback ,The Coach's Wife & Other Women

    9/12/2018: Bev was bobbing up and down on the quarterbacks 11inch prick as the head cheerleader Tracy sucked on the hunks balls . It was an hour after their victory over Mayfield High , & Arthur was enjoying the spoils of of victory as his coach's 55 year old wife Bev & his 18 year girlfriend sucked & licked him. At the beginning of the season Arthur had learned mind control. And with every victory he would read Sex Story
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  5. Mom so Hot! - 1

    9/12/2018: Chapter 1 As I am sitting here writing this, I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. It all started when my wife was about to deliver our c***d. Rita and I had been married about three years when she got pregnant. I'm an architect, still trying to establish myself in a big firm. We do all right, not great and we own a nice two-bedroom condo in a small town outside Boston. Due to some complications, Rita was bedridden for the last three months of her pregnancy and had to be watched carefully. When it came time for the baby to be born the doctor checked her in early s read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster
  6. My Fil And His Friends – Part II

    9/9/2018: I posted fil and his friends before read Sex Story
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  7. — Stepson and stepmother share a rainy night.

    9/9/2018: Friday was when Steve decided to make it to his dad's, it was running late. His timing was off. Steve was looking forward to staying at his dad's. His dad John remarried after his mother passed away. Marrying a woman named Katherine. He guessed her to be forty-two and always very cold to new people. He had only met her twice in the four years his dad was married to her. He had been in graduate school since they were married. Now that he was finished he was looking for staying at his dad's home. R and R sort of. Rest and resume working on it for a couple weeks. His dad said he had plenty of r read Sex Story
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  8. The Neighborhood MILF: Erica Lauren

    9/8/2018: We have our share of characters on our block, with lesbians, swingers, cougars, studs and horny old men. But the biggest sexpot of all has to be Erica, the 60-year-old blonde lady that lives on the other end of the street. She’s a retired sexual ther****t and I think she was more than hands on in her work the past forty years. Her husband died years ago when we first moved in here, and she’s had plenty of suitors ever since. It seems like all the single males in Dubuque over the age of thirty have been with her at one time or a read Sex Story
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  9. Slut Ann Mature Humiliated

    9/7/2018: My name is Ann, well actually, it's been SLUT ANN most of my life. My body has ruled me always. My nipples would itch, then when I played with them or scratched them, a charge would go through my body and make me crazy, insanely horny. We were very poor, so clothes weren't replaced regularly. As a result I wore old thin panties, where the liner was wore out and spaghetti, half tanks that were also wore thin. The fabric would always wrap around my nipples making them push out and the fabric would rub on them and make me horny. I always had my hands on my nipples and pussy. It was almost impossi read Sex Story
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  10. My Son Made me his Friends Whore-6

    9/7/2018: Then after she goes in bath freshning her self and come in room wearing tight Tshirt and loose Jeans. And salim see her from toes to head, she is wearing sleevless Tshirt, and she is looking soo sexy in it. As i am in Saree. I see Both Salim and Saif and my son also stare my Sister like they fuck her any time. And so i afraid for it. My sister not know what they did with me in last month. Salim : Reema Aunty as u not know but we are also plan to make movie. Can u see our first movie which we made. Reema : OO yess why nott it is my pleasure. God what he says, i afraid what they want to s read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Group Sex, Mature / Older, Author: harika2323, Source: xHamster