1. The Seventh Lunch

    5/20/2019: Seven years ago I wrote: “The vertiginous sky has given way to indigo hues as the setting sun gives way to dusk. I compared my ex's once omnipresent vitality to the mediocre life I had endured since she left me for a younger man. The infectious she, unfaithful and exuberant to her core, had marked me. Painfully. Permanently. Perpetually. Until today, when it all changed. The excoriation of read Sex Story
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  2. For Tina.Please give generously!

    5/19/2019: Here I was approaching my 50th birthday with a feeling of restlessness and I suppose, boredom. I had never been overly sexual. I was relatively happy with my hubby .We had a great house, nice cars and two strapping sons, both away at Uni, but it didn't seem to be enough. I definitely fell into the "plain Jane" category when it came to sex! Saturday night after a meal out, missionary position ,yes I love you and goodnight. Although with the onset of the menopause I often felt so very ,very horny and had after confiding in my best friend Julie bought offline a six inch "friend" which she recomme read Sex Story
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  3. I was dreaming of you

    5/19/2019: As we chat on the phone. and we message nearly every day, I wish I were close by. We met on a senior dating site and we just clicked. I just hung up the phone and I put my feet up on the sofa and I imagine what could be going on right now. I hate long distance relationships, we do not get to spend enough time together. In my mind I come over to your house and we are in the kitchen. I sit on a dining room chair, and you straddle me and sit on my lap, we are in heat and and we make out. You offer me your tits to suck on. They are big and heavy and have very hard and erect nipples. I love your read Sex Story
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  4. More about Jackie and I

    5/18/2019: As I said before, in the 5 yrs Jackie & I dated, we did many dirty sinful, but so much fun, things together. She is actually the one that got me wearing panties. I don't know if I'll get to that in this story or not. If not this time, I'll get to that in the future. As I've also said, she was older and heavy, but she was proportional. Her Titties were big enough to match the rest of her. Anyway, there was something specific about her sexuality, she had a very strong lust in her that came out when we were together that I absolutely LOVED. It's like this; if you've seen my pics & stuff, read Sex Story
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  5. Mom so Hot! - 2

    5/18/2019: Chapter 11 The next day was taken up by everyone chipping in to take care of the baby and with errands and helping Dad out, since he needed help every time he needed to get up. The baby took up a lot of Rita's time, so I jumped in helping with the laundry and dinner too. That night we were all pretty worn out and just sat around watching t.v. When we were getting ready for bed the baby began to fuss and didn't really settle down all night, so I never got a chance to visit Mom. The next day was a lot like the last, with errands and such. I got a couple of long-full looks from Mom and at o read Sex Story
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  6. What Happened at the Pool

    5/18/2019: Hi everybody......I fucked up when I uploaded my story Angelique Awakes.......I didn't realise I can't edit my story and I missed what happened with my friend's father in the pool when I Copied and Pasted my story......Sorry Guys.... So here is what I missed.......I hope you all enjoy...Angelique.....xxxxx Later that year me and 2 other friends from school were staying with another friend from our read Sex Story
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  7. A salvation in the white

    5/17/2019: It was a cold wintery evening. The twilight faded into nothing earlier than usual. Cold uniquely imprinted snowflakes started to decent lazily from the night sky. Thick clouds up above blocked any view of the constellations that made up that night. I was heading towards the main Street 47 that lead me home, which was about 4 blocks away. I always walked home from school and this was the last day read Sex Story
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  8. Tease Me

    5/16/2019: Max leaned against the windowsill of the sparsely decorated guest bedroom, staring out over his Aunty as she sunbathed by her glistening pool, laying on her back she reclined luxuriously on the sunbed, sunglasses resting across the bridge of her nose, soaking in the rays on her already sun-kissed skin. She had expressed to him earlier, with one of her seemingly trademarked smirks, her concerns of read Sex Story
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  9. Family Life Ch.6 - Mother & Daughter cum toget

    5/14/2019: David and his father were at the table eating their meal, Mary was busying herself in the kitchen, taking any opportunity to stand behind her husband so that she was looking directly at David. She was blowing him kisses and David was having difficulty not to laugh but when she raised her skirt to show him her naked cunt he almost choked on his food. “I wonder where Laura is,” Mary said, “she’s not usually late unless she had somewhere to go but then she would have told me, her meal will be cold if she doesn’t get here soon.” “I don’t know what’s got into her lately,” Tom said, finishing his read Sex Story
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    5/13/2019: MATURE THAT PASSION I have a passion for mature ladies, better if married. I discovered my passion for white married women when I was 30. I had been invited by the head of a company with whom I had contacts for work reasons, at a party in his villa. When I received the invitation, I could not explain why. I had been the only one among several of his acquaintances and my acquaintances, among them also many more important than me, to have received it. The chief was 58, while his wife, who also worked in the office with her husband, was 53. That Saturday afternoon, in their villa there were many read Sex Story
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