1. Mother and son get touchy-feely.

    3/17/2019: I got up and ran to the door. My cock was as hard as steel, forming a tent in my boxers. As I locked the door, mom sat back on the edge of my bed with my ruler in her hand. I couldn't believe my own loving mother was about to measure the size of my swollen dick. "Come over here in front of me." She commanded. I did so, a bit embarrassed by my obvious excitement. The tent in my short hovered near read Sex Story
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  2. Finding Young Cock for my GILF Wife

    3/17/2019: My wife, Chloe, and I are in our sixties and have been married for over thirty years. I love her very much and would do anything to please her. Though in her sixties, she is quite athletic and in very good shape with a curvaceous body and heavy pendulous breasts. I see men of all ages staring at her and it makes me proud. Chloe has always been very sexual and she just loves cock. She loves read Sex Story
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  3. Mr C's Face Between My Legs

    3/16/2019: So yeah, thanks for all of the kudos on Flasher Girl. I posted it here & another site & liked comments & messages & such. I dont wana get stuck in flash mode & just talk about that but this one guy asked me something that got a memory going of a actual flash and that expanded into a fantasy that I still get hot to even today. Hope you like it. Remember, I'm not a for real writer so I don't plan on read Sex Story
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  4. Kay, My Sister Cums 2 Town 4

    3/16/2019: I pulled into the hotel parking lot next to Kay’s car. We had grabbed some drinks at the gas mart and I grabbed them out of the back and we headed up to the room in record time. Kay ducked into the bathroom and washed off her face as I drank down a beer to slake my thirst. I was watching the traffic on the highway as the last rays of sun faded over the horizon when I heard come into the room, naked as the day she was born. “Damn, Bryan, I figured you would be naked, on the bed stroking yourself read Sex Story
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  5. Norma - part 6

    3/15/2019: Norma’s new lover was as good as Toby even though she didn’t know the Danes name. He was better equipped than Toby, he had more stamina and he was a lot rougher than Toby. Once getting into the pen with the dog and being naked from the waist down, if Norma tried to move away from him he would become agitated and would jump up to nip her on the back of the neck. Having had this dog’s cock embedded in her cunt Norma knew that this dog’s cock was longer and thicker than Toby’s was. Therefore he was able to penetrate deeper into her. Norma had never bothered to estimate the size of Toby’s erect c read Sex Story
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  6. One Who Understands

    3/12/2019: ******** Chapter 1 “Hey, Mister Ed!” Edward Walters looked over his shoulder and raised his hand in greeting as the pickup cruised past him on the town’s main street. He recognized the speaker as Reggie Halston, one of the wide receivers for the Bearcats, the high school football team Ed played the Guard position for. Reggie was grinning as he leaned out the window of his buddy’s pickup. His buddy read Sex Story
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  7. Mrs Pools feet...

    3/11/2019: ...were never something I appreciated but they did seem to express what her voice or hands couldn't. As I have mentioned before I had been granted the luxury of swimming naked in the Pool and that Mrs pool had taken a little more interest in my nudity whilst not encouraging the deed was very content to delay my transits too and from the water. It was not unknown for me to spend 15-20 minutes chatting to Mrs Pool in the kitchen before a swim and nearly as long after the swim on my way back to my clothes. Quite a few weekends were spent enjoying a series of swims over a few days and as there w read Sex Story
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  8. Mom was drunk

    3/10/2019: ...The boy had wanted to have sex with his sexy mom for a long time. She was so sexy to me. She was tall, long hot legs, big nice tits 36c, dark hair, and I had seen her hot looking dark bush, peeking at her a many times. She had such natural beauty that you would have to see to believe. I was use to having my buddy’s stare at her and get boners. She knew she was beautiful and she too, was use to read Sex Story
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  9. A Good Friday Fuck To Remember (last revision)

    3/9/2019: All my stories are true, I really don't have the time or imagination to make this stuff up. I've had a pretty decent amount of sexual experiences but this one definitely stayed with me, I still rub one off thinking of this particular one every now and then, even though it was 20 years ago. She was and still is a friend of my sister, (I have fucked many of my sister's friends). I just recently moved back from the states to my parents home in PR, I had a job already lined up for me down there. A few weeks before this story happened, I had an incredible sexual experience in Old San Juan with a bl read Sex Story
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  10. Senior Special

    3/9/2019: Nelson walked out of midnight karaoke at the strip club, forty dollars lighter, buzzed, and horny. After two wrong turns in the parking lot, he found the right Prius and made the drive to his hotel without incident. Once he was in his hotel room, though, he still had the problem of being horny. Time to fire up the computer and check out some porn. On a whim, he did a web search read Sex Story
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