1. Boob Tube and Hot Pants....

    11/21/2019: ...not what you'd expect for day wear on chubby body. One of my enjoyments as a cockist is the various chats you can have online sometimes with guys sometimes with wannabes and just occasionally with a real woman. In my 20+ years online I have chatted to perhaps a handful of women that have gone on to prove to be as they say in the description and our chat Real Women, they may be older than the pictures they have placed or a different body type but real ladies with proper emotions and looking for something that is NOT just fuck buddy life style. Those I have met have been very married some to read Sex Story
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  2. 5 The games continue.....introducing Debra and Hea

    11/21/2019: Author's note: It's frequently difficult to separate fact from fantasy, this story is based in the late 60's era with elements of truth's and a few of fantasy thrown in for good measure - I will let you decide what's real or not - enjoy. Alan picked up the bottle of babyoil and poured some into the palm of his hand and rubbed his cock and balls in the slippery clear liquid. It made his stiff rod shine and it appeared to look bigger, harder and so so inviting. I did the same to my cock and we look at each other appreciating the view. We got closer and slipped our slippery smooth hairless cock read Sex Story
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  3. Night at the Masturbatorium

    11/17/2019: This is a true story; everything here happened at least the way I remembered it. I was on the road recently and planning to pass through Portland, Oregon. I looked up online what kinds of (sex) places were here beforehand, and decided I would visit one of them in particular when I got there. I located a cheap (but decent) motel and checked in there, then got ready for the evening ahead. The place I chose is called the Oregon Theater, and it can variously be described as a decrepit old movie house that's now a porn theater, or as a unique sexual playground for pervs like me. I'm both an exhi read Sex Story
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  4. A curious mind

    11/16/2019: Many years ago when I was in my late 20's, a girlfriend that one of my best buddies had been was involved off and on for years, moving away to attend a four year college in another part of the state. Her younger sister, Suzanne, took over her apartment for the remainder of the summer lease after she left and was attending summer classes. We all knew her, but none very well , as her circle of friends was different than her sister's, and we only occasionally saw her. She had always been friendly to me and after running into her quite accidently, we decided to meet up in the near future. I can read Sex Story
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  5. Fucked by a Friend

    11/16/2019: Shaun is online. The message popped up on my desktop making that annoying pinging noise. The damn noise I could just not figure out how to turn off. The pop up stayed there as I glared at it. Old familiar feelings coursing through my veins, heading right for my lower regions. I sighed. I needed to stop the mixture of excitement, wrongness, and horniness from reaching my pussy. It was a sigh in vain. I was currently in a committed, monogamous relationship with a good hearted, successful boy called matt. In fact our 6 month anniversary was just around the corner. He was an amazing lover. Po read Sex Story
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  6. Dorm

    11/15/2019: I was just leaving the gym and heading back to my dorm room. I've only been here a couple of weeks but still not the biggest fan of the communal showers, so i have been trying to go during off times. I figured now would be good as most everyone else was in class. I gather my things and head yo the showers. It's quiet and No one is around, I start the shower and the cold water feels good hitting my skin as I had gotten hot working out at the gym. I start to lather up my body with soap. I figure since no one is around I would run the risk and slowly start to lather up my pubic hair and cock. I s read Sex Story
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  7. My Step Sister Amber: Forbbien Love

    11/15/2019: "Scarlett your step-sister Amber is coming to visit" "why is she coming to visit". I hate my step-sister, Amber, she is two years older. She made fun of the way I look since I started middle school. Now I'm a junior in high school and she a sophomore in college. Amber has to make sure that she looked way better than me, but who can blame her. Amber was popular, she had all the guys and the read Sex Story
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  8. Morning

    11/14/2019: The bright morning summer sunshine burns though the window. I rub my eyes as I awake from my slumber. The fresh crisp white sheets are hot against my skin. I roll over onto my back and throw the covers off. The cool morning breeze from the open window flows over my body. I feel the hairs on my arms stiffen, the goosebumps rising all over me and my nipples contract as they react to the air. I feel one of my breasts with my hand and gently squeeze. My forefinger and thumb then find my hardened nipple and gently pinch it. The resulting pleasure awakens me a little more. I become aware of the tig read Sex Story
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  9. Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – Fourth Chapter

    11/13/2019: DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking, bbc, tease) Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – Fourth Chapter I climbed upstairs into the room where Flavius was preparing my bed next to the window. There were two more beds, including the read Sex Story
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  10. Out of Afrika - Chapter 12

    11/8/2019: Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 12 Following the return of his wives back to their South African homeland Oskar had accepted the invitation from Simone that he should come and lodge in with them. It made perfect sense for Oskar, despite all his many skills, was not the domesticated kind, indeed, he came from a culture where women provided every need and he would have struggled if he had to live on his own. As Simone had pointed out, the Whites had plenty of room in their two storey house and they would be honoured if he would bless them with his presence. S read Sex Story
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