1. Getting Lucky With A Foreigner

    7/19/2019: thank you so much for comments on my previous stories. It was about a week ago, when my husband had to visit his parents for some work, and he asked me to stay at my friends’ house after I was fucked right in front of him (please read the story: Gang Banged in front of husband) he was out for 3 days, and I stayed with my friend Mita, who happened to li read Sex Story
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  2. Mrs. Lee - Part 3

    7/16/2019: We all sat and drank wine on the back deck. It was a perfect night for it: warm summer breeze, not a cloud in the sky. Amber and I sat on a bench, and Mrs. Lee was on her husbands lap. I guess this is what they looked like when they acted to be one big happy family. I chuckled to myself thinking about it and about how Mrs.Lee probably still had my load inside her. We made small talk about read Sex Story
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  3. The Bouncer pt.1

    7/16/2019: THE BOUNCER Chapter 1 Johnny was a 35 year male working as a bouncer on a very popular nightclub somewhere in the USA. He was 6’3 and 250 pound of muscle, thanks to the many hours in the gym several days a week. One night, there was a group of bullies starting a fight and Johnny ended up in the emergency room with some cuts and bruises. The physical injuries wasn’t what hurt most. The most read Sex Story
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  4. Tarzan Jr. Makes His Bones Chapter 2

    7/14/2019: CHAPTER 2 (Tarzan Jr. meets Sister Monique and Sister Heidimarie in Johannesburg) The muscular Adam Smith aka Tarzan Jr. walked in front of Sister Monique and Sister Heidimarie up the spiral staircase to the rooftop hideaway along with “Jane” the dark-skinned nubile companion he had come to cherish like a pleasing bed-mate with no holds barred when it came to horizontal gymnastics read Sex Story
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  5. Hubby made me Fuck black man

    7/9/2019: When my husband retired last year we decided to move to Florida We adapted to the area fast,made lots of new friends.We would go to the beach every time we had a chance. Joe my husband liked to go golfing or fishing I would go shopping once or twice a week with my new friend. Life was great Well only one thing was missing in are life.That was Sex due to my hubby's age and some health condition ( diabetic ) Joe could not get hard cock Most he was getting semi hard. So we watched lots of porn at nights He would make me cum by giving me oral sex I did like that Every time we war watching porno mo read Sex Story
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  6. How I got my step mom and her best friend

    7/9/2019: I’m looking for a guy who likes to fuck from the backside. my asshole is perfect for a pounding. Come on and give me a good hard beating. Please help if you can!if you Real Then Contact Me Now :www.miamalkova.website Angela was my mom's best friend! Smoking hot, 5-09 with long blonde hair, a figure to kill for, and legs that any red blooded male would love to have wrapped around his ears! I was 18 years old when this story begins, and I was totally in lust with Angela! 38DD tits held up by nothing was another mesmerizing feature of her awesome body, and an ass that she could use to devastat read Sex Story
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  7. A Father’s Dream 3

    7/5/2019: I was eagerly waiting for these two years for that day. I and rakesh went to station to pick him. Within these two years my son has changed a lot. He has grown up and his body has build up to some extent. While coming we were really in a good mood and I forgot the thought our little secret. Even my son was happy and was engrossed in talking with talking with his brother. His mom welcom read Sex Story
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  8. Secrets of the Day Spa

    7/5/2019: Lucy loves going to the Day Spa to get her hair and nails done. Lucy is a curvaceous blonde with hair down to her shoulders. She takes great pride in her appearance. Therefore; the Day Spa is the only place in town to go if you want an exceptional job done. Every hair dresser holds a masters license in cosmetology. All the manicurists and pedicurists are specialists at their trade, but Larry is read Sex Story
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  9. First being made to love

    7/3/2019: My name is bavi and this is my true story. I am a typical Malayalee girl who had the privilege of being born and raised in Dubai. After my high school I was sent to live with my Uncle and his family in the US. My uncle has 3 grills all range 13-21 and I was really close with my older cousin Thangam, even though she is very read Sex Story
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  10. "Queen for a Day"

    7/2/2019: "Queen for a Day" It's a game that my girlfriend Kari likes to play from time to time. Normally, she's the queen and everyone has to do what she 'orders'. When she plays it with her boyfriend and me, it usually becomes sexual. Yesterday, I went to see Kari at her work shortly before her shift ended. She whispered to me that it was 'Queen for a day' day and my first task was to go to her apartment and tease her boyfriend until she got home. Specifically, she whispered to me that I was to "put his big ni**er cock in that precious little ch*nk mouth" of mine and keep him hard until she g read Sex Story
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