1. Best Friends Ch.02

    5/10/2019: Naira let out a soft pleasurable sigh, she’d never in the fullness of her imagination expected it could ever be like this. She had been promised so much, sure, but to have her desires to thoroughly fulfilled as they were currently? Even in her wildest dreams, it had never been this extreme, this wonderful. She stood straight, her fingers curled tightly in the hair of her soulmate, her lover, her read Sex Story
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  2. Black Invasion

    5/6/2019: Chapter 1 Renting out the room Shortly after my teenage daughter moved out, I decided it was time to put my plan into action. For many years, I had harboured the thought of watching my wife being fucked senseless by some young, well-hung stud. Although I had broached the subject with my wife on many occasions during our lovemaking, she had always remained adamant that it was just a fantasy – my read Sex Story
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  3. Red – Part V – Grace takes the Wheel

    5/4/2019: “Lauren, wake up. Wake up hon, we need to get on the road,” Grace said softly as she nudged at her daughter. Grace yanked back the covers to speed things up, and paused to admire the eighteen year old's tall, tan, beautiful body. “Yaawwwnnnnn, good morning. Did you say we? You’re driving me back?” “Yes hon. I talked with your dad and since you’re still on Percocet, we think it would be better if I drove you,“ Grace stated. Lauren had her wisdom teeth removed Friday morning, but was still hurting Sunday morning. “That’s probably a good idea. My mouth is killing me,” mumbled Lauren read Sex Story
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  4. Horny Hotel Couple Part 2 (continued from Horny Ho

    5/2/2019: Horny Hotel Couple Part 2 (continued from Horny Hotel Couple Part 1) ….. and what was to come as standing just behind her. As she teases my flaccid cock back to hardness with a strong sucking of her lips and a deep throat gag, I whisper in her ear, “Do you like the idea of someone watching everything you’ve just done my little whore? Does it make you cock hungry?” I get a moan and a delayed nod of the head in acknowledgement, while my re-growing bell end is hitting the back of her throat. “Well there has been someone watching us and they’re very turned on because of you…” Before she could thi read Sex Story
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  5. My cunt destroyed by an old black man

    5/2/2019: My loving husband had taken me to a nice week end out from town. We went to the coast and he had hired a very comfortable hotel by the sea. After we checked in, both Victor and I went to the pool, because the afternoon was too windy to go to the beach. I was there lying in the sun, when I noticed an old black man was staring at me… or at my body… A while later I pay no more attention to him; as I lay there on a chair, closing my eyes. My loving Victor said he was tired and he went directly to bed in our room. He added he needed a good siesta… Soon that old black man was sitting ne read Sex Story
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  6. The Wedding

    5/2/2019: We were attending a wedding reception at the country club my husband belongs to. As I looked over at him across the room, he was well on his way to getting drunk, laughing with his redneck golfing buddies who were his fraternity brothers and now businessmen. The common theme in all their appearance was that they were drunk, overweight and successful. They were talking too loud, leering at the bridesmaids and making fools of themselves. My husband is 5' 9, 265lbs, balding, 55 and very out of shape. He was a dud as a lover and not endowed (less than 5" hard). It had been years since... The club read Sex Story
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  7. Slut: Suzi Posing Slut part 6

    4/30/2019: Part 6 Ali placed me on the bar counter with Neil still pawing and squeezing my breasts. My nipples were achingly erect as I opened my legs wide showing my shaved pussy to my own personal audience. Pointing high heeled shoes outwards, my shaved opening spread a little displaying a small portion of pink wet pussy. Ali dipped his finger inside, causing me to squirm with arousal as he hooked his finger to the front wall of my pussy. Feeling for the soft spongy flesh of my Gspot, his finger movement increased along with my state of arousal. His hand was almost a blur as I began to pant uncontroll read Sex Story
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  8. After several margaritas...

    4/29/2019: After several margaritas, we had ended in that filthy motel room. I had to watch with horror as that giant black man ravaged my girlfriend Camilla, shoving his dark huge hard dick deep in her tight anus and erupting into her squirming arse with a cry of satisfaction and triumph. The bastard was happy… Then I saw his limp black cock, as it slowly slipped from between Camilla’s buttocks, leaving a trail of sticky white semen across her smooth flesh. "Now use your tongue to clean me, bitch..." He ordered, indicating to my girlfriend that he expected her to carry out the task. She turn read Sex Story
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  9. Pretty Filipina Wife Cheats WIth REAL Men!

    4/29/2019: My Filipina wife Annie and I were married almost 8 years before we got to the point that I agreed to an open marriage. We had been talking about it for almost all our marriage, usually during sex, after which we both pretended it was just fantasy. Annie had been taking the k**s to the gym to learn boxing, and had caught the eye of one of the instructors there, an African-American guy in his early 20s. She would tell me about him and the way he behaved to her. He kept trying to get her number, and when she told him she was married, he told her that he didn't care. I could tell that Annie was at read Sex Story
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  10. Sex and the school gril 3

    4/26/2019: After Ann left I started to think about my life, way was I looking forward to Ann's gang bang and other things, like my past sexual experience. I decided that I must be living my sexual desirers thru Ann. Because my first encounter was with another boy, that we experimented with our self's and learned how to do ever thing two boys could possibly do to with or to each other. In high school girls read Sex Story
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