1. Mission 1: Cuba

    9/18/2018: My name is Ralph A. I am a hitman with a small twist. I get paid to rape a target, not for killing them. Contractors typically have people they want humiliated for various reasons political, criminal, or economic. I boarded a plane from my airport in the U.S. An envelope I received earlier that day had my target. A drug Lord in Cuba had a daughter getting married soon. My job was to humiliate the read Sex Story
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  2. his ex-gf toys

    9/11/2018: He gad been with her for 2 years, at the start of our first semester Simon had become my school buddy, we always did our university courses together and even if we didnt saw each other alot out of campus living 30 minutes aways each on one side of the city He was cuban. a bit taller than me and a bit bigger, i was better in fasy space spot and he was better in strenght one so we made quite the pair It happened at his party at the end of semester We partied hard and were smoking weed outside when evryone got in the pool i went in my buddy room to change after him i saw them in the closet read Sex Story
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  3. My Black Adventure With Lacy

    9/10/2018: "So, are you looking?" she pondered, sitting on the bed with me. I rubbed my face with both hands for a moment. I stayed quiet because I didn't know what to say. "I know you feel bad, but don't, because I've forgiven you," I told her before I glanced back at her. "It happened, and there isn't anything that can be done to reverse it. We've both come to terms that we might be bisexual now, read Sex Story
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  4. Wife goes clubbing with her two girlfriends. Part

    9/4/2018: About once a month my wife goes out with the girls clubbing or dancing as they call it. This week it was my wife and her two closest friends. When they go one of the girls is the sober cab and watches over the other girls and makes sure they all get home safely. Her best friend Monika was already over at her house, and her other friend Julie was the driver and had come over to get ready for a night of fun. Her friend Monika is a very small petite girl with a great set of perky tits and Julie is like a tall glass of water, former volleyball player with a great body. Monika always dresses scan read Sex Story
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  5. Fucked To Hell, Then Heaven

    9/3/2018: The sound of the running water soothes my poor battered mind and soul, as slowly I remove the layers of dirtied and torn clothing that cover my body. The sweet, sharp relaxing scent of lavender hits my nostrils as I watch my husband pour in a large measure of my favourite bubble bath, swirling it into the water, making it foam profusely. "Your bath's ready now sweetheart." my husband calls over his shoulder, "I've added some bubbles for you." His voice is soft and soothing, as warm as the steam rising from the bath and as reassuring as the smell of lavender steam and bubbles. Gently I ease m read Sex Story
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    9/3/2018: The rich, sweet smell of the tobacco smoke permeates the room. Wisps of silver-grey curl and dance their way through the thick, hazy air. Even after the club has closed, I imagine that the aroma would cling to the fabric of the chairs and in the curtains. It hangs in the air, ready to greet anyone who enters. I don’t smoke myself, so blow away the cloud and waft a clearing with my hand. A stranger in an unknown place always draws attention. As I stride towards the bar, I raise myself an inch or two. I portray a confident, self-assured man, but inside I am a little nervous. I thrust one hand i read Sex Story
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  7. Mrs. Lee, Part 2

    9/1/2018: The next day, I woke up in the afternoon. I had trouble sleeping the night before, I couldn't get Mrs. Lee out of my mind. Her sexy thick build, her soft sexy voice, replaying her making me cum the night before. Whatever it was, she had a spell on me. I bet I had stroked my cock at least three times after getting home last night, thinking of her. I laid there, my 6'5", 210 pound, read Sex Story
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  8. Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 8

    8/30/2018: Day 8 I awoke and returned to thinking about my wife the virgin who I had married and was now the biggest slut in the resort. As each day passed the more I regretted having arranged this holiday; a holiday that was supposed to be a dream reconciliation between us but had instead turned into a complete nightmare for me. I sat outside on the big sun lounger and looked out to sea and contemplated what another hot and humid day would bring. My thoughts didn’t go much further than guessing there would be more drinking with Sally acting the slut for any black guy who passed by. Some 20 minutes la read Sex Story
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  9. Katie and Ted, and Reggie REVISED

    8/28/2018: INTRODUCTION This story is based on true events in the life of a happily married young coupe and a stranger who changes their life forever. Fate brings Ted and Katie into contact with “Reggie” Williams to help salvage their marriage. Ted Harrington and his wife Katie had been married 18 years. They live in a small city in Kansas and Ted owns the local Volvo Dealership. Ted is 38 and Katie 36. They read Sex Story
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  10. The jet stream pool and something else

    8/25/2018: That young black guy had been servicing our back yard pool since my loving husband had built it. Every time he came, I tried to stay inside the house. That black guy was too much of a temptation. I usually watched his strong muscles and hard body from the kitchen window. I also watched his dick too; perfectly outlined beneath his shorts. I felt like such a slut wishing him between my arms and his dick inside of my body. But the day to fulfill my darkest fantasies finally came… It was a very hot day as I lay out by the pool in a lounge chair, wearing just a very tiny thong. I wanted to g read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Hardcore, Interracial, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster