1. Secret Treasures.

    11/21/2019: * based on a true story. I am Jessica female30yrs. The rain pelted down on the Victorian style home . Legand was it was haunted. Lights would turn on without cause.. dripping faucets.. drawers creaking Open. But, it was beautiful. I loved the home. My cat and I were ready for bed when a knock at the door startled. It was aunt Kim. Come to visit.’ Your father asked me to look in on u..’ she said. Ok Kim..make yourself comfortable.as my cat and I went to bed. The rain on the window pane pelted and my cat scurried under the sheets. I got into my robe; revelling my soft pale wet breast bubbli read Sex Story
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  2. 5 The games continue.....introducing Debra and Hea

    11/21/2019: Author's note: It's frequently difficult to separate fact from fantasy, this story is based in the late 60's era with elements of truth's and a few of fantasy thrown in for good measure - I will let you decide what's real or not - enjoy. Alan picked up the bottle of babyoil and poured some into the palm of his hand and rubbed his cock and balls in the slippery clear liquid. It made his stiff rod shine and it appeared to look bigger, harder and so so inviting. I did the same to my cock and we look at each other appreciating the view. We got closer and slipped our slippery smooth hairless cock read Sex Story
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  3. Breed Me Big Brother Chapter 3: Little Sister Bred and Loved

    11/20/2019: Breed Me Big Brother (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Three: Little Sister Bred and Loved By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! I trembled as I trudged behind President Carver through the halls of my college. All the pleasure, the delightful rapture of my naughty sex with my big brother had died into trembling terror. My stomach writhed and swirled, and a read Sex Story
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  4. My Mommy

    11/17/2019: Back at home. After a semester away at university, I was back at home. Poor grades, an empty social life, and feeling homesick led me back home, to my mother's house. Frankly, I was feeling good about this return. I enrolled in community college, and was working a part time job in retail. Mother was in good shape financially: she worked as an office administrator at a law firm, and had made out well in her divorce from my father. My mother is a beautiful woman. She is tall, 5'9", curvy, with large C-D cup breasts, a flat tummy and a beautiful round ass attached to long, lean legs. She is raven read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Hardcore, Incest / Taboo, Author: sonny8023, Source: xHamster
  5. Max is a freak part 7

    11/17/2019: Joan wore a leopard skin thong bikini with spiked heels , and she was collared &leashed as her bff lead her down the stairs to the basement dungeon , waiting for the middle-aged sluts was Master Max . He immediately grabbed Joan by the leash & his mom/slave Carol got down on her knees & began blowing her son's massive dong . Joan watched her best friend Carol give her son a taboo dick smooch read Sex Story
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  6. Adam's Aunt Ch. 03

    11/16/2019: Christine moaned as her nephew flooded her with hot cum. She teasingly rocked her body back toward him, causing him to gasp and growl from the sensation of her pussy milking his oversensitive cock. He pulled free, spilling a stream of their mingled juices onto the bed, and Christine sat up from her doggy-style position to pull him into a kiss. He hesitated at first, because he’d sprayed read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: RejectReality, Source: LushStories
  7. I Did Knock

    11/13/2019: I did knock I knew he was in there, so I knocked again—still no answer. Thinking he must be asleep, I opened his bedroom door enough to peek inside. He was there, but he wasn’t asleep. He was sitting at his computer, ear phones on, totally naked and stroking his very impressive cock. Jeff was fourteen, tall for his age at six foot and very fit. Like his late father, his hair was dirty blonde, and read Sex Story
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  8. wife loves to fuck

    11/12/2019: My beautiful lovely wife of 30 years became a whore about 7 years ago and now she can't get enough cock for her big pussy. She fucks all the time and enjoy watching her being satisfied. She is now 60 and love sex more than ever. She'll fuck anybody now. We have one rule, and its most important, she can't fuck anybody that we know. Never. She agrees about this rule and doesn't want any of our friends to know. We want to keep that part of our sex life private. One of her fuck buddies invited us to his condo in Florida along with his wife, who I would love to fuck, but I am a sissy an read Sex Story
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  9. Comforting Mom

    11/12/2019: That's it Anne...just like that...I'm close to cumming," Bobby said as he was getting his cock sucked in the living room. He then watched her licking the cum off his cock as she looked at him, smiling. It was an incredibly erotic moment for the college students, when all of a sudden, the front door was unlocked and the knob was being turned. It was his mother! Amanda's eyes widened and her jaw read Sex Story
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  10. Blackmailed Wife

    11/11/2019: Blackmailed Wife ---------- The morning air was already oppressively humid as I stepped out into the barnyard and headed to the office from the house. The sun was already above the horizon casting shadows that moved as I walked. By the time I got to the office door, rivulets of sweat were soaking the thin material of my blouse. I pulled open the closet door to block my dad's office window view and removed my blouse and bra realizing that it was going to be a scorcher today. Grabbing a towel from the closet, I dried my chest, slipped the blouse back on; I deftly tied the shirttails into a bow j read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Incest / Taboo, Anal, Author: frolicwonder, Source: xHamster