1. My first sauna visit

    1/23/2019: I realised during my teens that I was bisexual - I couldn't imagine a relationship with a man, but I knew I wanted to have sex with one at some point. Most of my early sexual encounters were with women, but during my time at University I had met a couple of guys online and hooked up. One of my greatest pleasures is feeling a hard throbbing cock inside me, and cum spraying over my face or down my read Sex Story
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  2. Hot sun, and hot fun.

    1/20/2019: If you read my last story, you will know I met a guy called Peter, at the doctors of all places, and that was several months ago. Well I had a very out of the blue phone call from him yesterday, inviting me around for a couple of beers, and to watch the World Cup play offs. I wasn't overly interested in watching England play Belgium again, but a cold beer, and wanting to know the reel reason for the invite, after such a long time, did. I got to Peters at around one-ish, and he still looked good for his nearly 60 years. He was wearing only shorts. Peter invited me in, and showed me onto read Sex Story
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  3. My Second Time FUCKED Gay

    1/20/2019: I had just been fucked for the first time. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Some stranger had just used my ass for their own pleasure. Someone had stuck their dick INSIDE me. What was I doing? What kind of slut would do something like this? I didn't even know this guy, and I agreed to meet him, and let him pound my virgin hole. Before I had made up my mind that I was going to go through with this...I had convinced myself this would be a one time thing. I would live out my fantasy of being controlled and fucked, and call it quits. I had more fantasies...but they were all so freaky, an read Sex Story
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  4. Straight guy falls in love with a Gay man.

    1/18/2019: I had always been curious about sucking cock. Even though I was a straight man who had been with many women, I found them strangely arousing and beautiful, whether they be hanging soft or hard and erect. I had never acted on my fascination though. Until I met Santiago... I met Santiago online one night in a Gay chat room, as it turned out, I was in between girlfriends and found myself alone and on the internet. He described himself as alittle on the heavier side and ok looking, but really just a nice, average, normal Latino guy. You had to like the honesty. Santiago and I chatted alittle and read Sex Story
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  5. A date with Caroline, continued!

    1/17/2019: It was such an erotic experience, making love to her on the beach, Now, with both of us spent, we walked back to my car, hand in hand. The taste of Caroline’s cum still in my tongue, overwhelming my senses. The taste, the texture, coating my mouth. It was surprisingly wonderful. I opened the car door for her and she kissed me on the cheek as she got in. So feminine and sweet. I asked where she would like to go for dinner and Caroline leaned over to me and wispered in my ear, “I can feel your cum leaking out of me, it’s making my pussy all wet.” I didn’t respond, but I could feel my cock swell read Sex Story
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  6. Male teen dreams of his friend’s dad.

    1/14/2019: It was the very next day after that amazing afternoon I spent with my friend’s Jon’s dad. I had been staying with them for the past few days and in that short time, I experienced a sexual awakening. I had experienced a lot of firsts... first time seeing a grown man’s cock, first time seeing a man masturbate, first time tasting my cum, first time tasting his cum, first time having my virgin ass penetrated, etc. It had been the best and most exciting few days of my young life. As I sat in class, it was difficult to think of anything else but sex with him. I even had a constant reminder; my so read Sex Story
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  7. Serving the doctor

    1/13/2019: This is how it all started. This all started shortly after I turned 18. I had worked while growing up and bought my first new truck right after high school. I did landscaping during those years and was good at it. About 6 months after I turned 18 I came home to find a new lock on the house. After my asshole dad got home he let me have my tools and clothes and that was it, couldn't even take my bed. That was the last day I saw my parents. I had rented a construction yard and I lived there for a while in my little office trailer. My parents used to take me to a Dr who I knew was gay, my d read Sex Story
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  8. Hard Times

    1/9/2019: Matty’s real father died when he was four years old. Apparently, he had been a really nice man and Matty had inherited his good looks. When Matty was sixteen years old his mother remarried. Rex, his stepfather, was good-looking in a very thuggish way. He was a biker and worked for a business that remodelled and restored motorbikes. Subsequently, his hands were always somewhat soiled and read Sex Story
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  9. Masturbation Series Story 2

    1/8/2019: Hello, my freaks, this is a masturbation series of multiple stories I am currently putting together. This is the 2nd story in that series. There are a few more, they are all mix and match. Those of you reading thank you and please stay freaky. Ford Pick Up Truck and a Milk Shake: At a beachfront resort, a somewhat slow very slow kind of night.. I am once again as a Sgt Vehicle Patrol of the property. I am one of the only female officers on the night shift and a supervisor as well. I have a good group assigned to me. So it makes my job easier, I just need to worried about the legal part and al read Sex Story
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  10. The night SAM became a cuck...

    1/6/2019: As she ground down on my cock, reverse cowgirl, his tongue dancing between her clit and my cock, I had to stop and reflect on just how fucking lucky I was to find myself in this situation. A sweet, innocent, 24 year old was working my cock with more gusto than I had ever experienced. She kept telling me, her “Daddy”, to give it to her harder and deeper. Then there was him, Sam, such a giving boyfriend. All he wanted was his girlfriend to experience an older man, to have her first interracial fuck. But he also was greedy, he was between our legs waiting for the inevitable cum. He wanted it eve read Sex Story
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