1. Trip to the bookstore with Stephie

    11/17/2019: I had met stephie online and we had had a lot of fun together. Stephie was a crossdresser, was about my age, and looked great when dressed. She and I had spent many weekends in a motel, fucking and sucking each other till we couldn't do anymore. Occasionally we would invite another person or 2 to join us and we would be there as a couple, so it didn't matter whether it was other crossdressers, regular guys, or the occasional m-f couple. Stephie had this fantasy about going to an adult bookstore/ theater and being a total slut for any and all cummers, so I agreed to go with her to make sure no read Sex Story
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  2. Getting a Big One Gay

    11/16/2019: I was long overdue for a vacation and since I wasn't seeing anyone I thought I'd take one alone, rather than with a friend or a group. And I didn't want to do what I'd done before, go to a gay resort where everything is so gay! gay! gay! An unattached dude at one of those places deals with too much shit. I just wanted to relax and I wasn't looking for a meat market, so I thought I'd go spend a week at a Caribbean resort I'd heard about. This was one of those pleasure-focused places where straights and gays vacationed together and nobody was uptight. Swimming and sunbathing were clothes-optiona read Sex Story
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  3. Dorm

    11/15/2019: I was just leaving the gym and heading back to my dorm room. I've only been here a couple of weeks but still not the biggest fan of the communal showers, so i have been trying to go during off times. I figured now would be good as most everyone else was in class. I gather my things and head yo the showers. It's quiet and No one is around, I start the shower and the cold water feels good hitting my skin as I had gotten hot working out at the gym. I start to lather up my body with soap. I figure since no one is around I would run the risk and slowly start to lather up my pubic hair and cock. I s read Sex Story
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  4. Third group meet up.

    11/11/2019: The very next day the group chat was active. All four of my friends and myself were eager to meet up as soon as we could. I would smile to myself reading their messages about how good the last meet up was. Even though I was painfully reminded about our activities each time I sat down, I found it extremely arousing reading how they all enjoyed using my body and asking how it felt to be fucked like that. Even after letting them know how painfull it was to start with, every one was pretty keen to try it. So it was decided, rather than just being wank buddies that we were all happy with it being read Sex Story
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  5. The Young Backpacker's First Reaming

    11/10/2019: The Young Backpacker’s First Reaming It had been a long hot grueling hike and I was truly grateful the fifteen steep switchbacks were now behind me. Now I was enjoying the rewards of that effort. The grassy meadows laced with colorful wildflowers blowing in a cooling, welcoming breeze was a nice change from the claustrophobic forest I been in most of the day. It had lightened my spirits read Sex Story
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  6. Dormant Desires Part 4

    11/9/2019: “yeah that’s it white boy suck that dick down good, look at how far you’ve come Eric, suck that dick boy get it nice and wet” Rich’s head tilted back in his office chair while I kneeled in front of him worshipping his cock and balls, my face shiny with saliva and my chest heaving with deep breath as I worked his head with my mouth and stroked his thick cock with my hand. It had been just over two weeks since I first sucked his cock in the car that night and this had become almost a daily occurrence for me. If I was finishing work id call him and either he would pick me up in his car or we’d m read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Interracial, Author: whatmatters, Source: xHamster
  7. The Good Neighbour, Part Five

    11/9/2019: The next few weeks alternated for Tobin between glorious, delirious sex with Jimmy, and interminable, impatient waiting. Jimmy decreed that they should get together once a week, or twice at the most, always just after Tobin finished school, so that he’d have cover. Tobin understood the logic of Jimmy’s caution, but in the war between his brain and his cock? Well, the days between trysts read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: Damon9888, Source: LushStories
  8. Nevelle Longbottom and the Sneaking Spell

    11/8/2019: Two days before Harry's discovery of the Sleeping Spell, he had suggested making certain members of Dumbledore's Army privy to the power of the Sneaking Spell. His friends had agreeed, but advised keeping the number low to prevent their weapon falling in the wrong hands, In the end, two members were chosen: Ginny Weasley and Nevelle Longbottom. Ginny wondered aloud whether Harry had used the spell to spy on her. In fact, he frequently had, as had Ron and Hermione. Harry and company wisely chose to lie about that, but Nevelle was quiet and contemplative. The boy was certain Harry had little ide read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Masturbation / Toys, Anal, Author: TheMidnightTalebeare, Source: xHamster
  9. My Prostitute Fantasy part 1

    11/8/2019: Hello there I'm Nina, a sissy that loves filthy gay sex. I've had lots of fun with lots of men, and I am not that interested in women anymore. I'm just trying to become more feminine and girly so that I can provide men with lots and lots of pleasure. I have only been dressing up properly for a couple of years but I've had sex with men for years now. Being a Sissy really excites me. More than anything else. I hopefully will get your attention with this short confession. You may think I am disgusting for this but I don't care because I can't help my desires. Please share your thoughts on my st read Sex Story
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  10. Henry Has Me

    11/4/2019: My name is Alex. I think I'm a good looking guy. I come from a well to do family and I have always lived in the same small town. At the time all of this occurred I had been in a 1 year relationship with my girlfriend, Sarah. I have always considered her to be out of my league. She was very active in her church and I was just as active because of her. She already had a good job at the local read Sex Story
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