1. End of season party (continued....)

    5/20/2019: He lay on his back, lifted his legs in the air to expose his glistening saliva moistened hole, I knelt before his beautiful upturned arse trembling with anticipation. As I entered him he gave a little whimper, "is that OK" I asked, he just smiled and proceeded to masturbate, emitting little groans with every thrust of my eager cock. I'd like to say that I fucked him for hours, but with the sight of him pumping his manhood, the sound of his little moans and the way he expertly squeezed my cock with his anal muscles I barely lasted 5 minutes. I remained inside him, enraptured by his youthful bea read Sex Story
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  2. How I became Hank's wife

    5/19/2019: Back when the aol chat rooms were still active , I used to go on the local m2m ones when ever I was alone , looking to play . Since I had just realized that I liked cock , I was willing to do almost anything the guy wanted . One day my wife was working and I was off so I went into the chat rooms to jo maybe hook up . One guy I was talking to asked me my stats , not sure what he was looking for I told him I was a m/w 38 yrs 5'10 225 had a 4 in dick . He said great would I like to come to his house and wear some of his wife's things . I told him I had n read Sex Story
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  3. Trip to Proctologist

    5/16/2019: When I turned 18, I started getting hemorrhoids from time-to-time. They would come, it would be painful for a day and then they would pass uneventfully, so I thought nothing of them. As time went on, they began to come a little more often and be a little more painful, so I bought a tube of Preparation H. That made things pass quickly and pretty painlessly again, so I just put up with the read Sex Story
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  4. My first ever anal sex (true Story)

    5/15/2019: My first EVER gay meet consisted of having met a guy, but only having mutual oral sex, I had hoped for anal too but he would not do it. My first anal experience was awesome. The Guy who I shall call J. was vastly experienced. I had chatted online and found out all that I thought I needed to know. It was later to prove that I had made the right decision. I arrived at his house and was immediately escorted up the stairs to his bedroom and invited to get naked. I was then offered the use of his bathroom which I gladly accepted. Before leaving my home I had cleaned myself were it mattered as b read Sex Story
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  5. My second time at the steam bath

    5/15/2019: It was a couple months since my first visit to the steam bath. Since I drove past the building five days a week it wasn't like I had to go out of my way. It was just that I had conflicted thoughts. The thought of anonymous sex always got me hard yet at the same time I considered myself heterosexual but leaning toward bisexual. Enough about mind games and back to my story. So a couple of months passed and it was now early Spring. Feeling a bit horny one afternoon after my final class, I was driving past the building that housed the steam bath when I decided to give it another try. Just thinki read Sex Story
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  6. AM-PM

    5/12/2019: After shopping one Saturday morning, I found myself sitting the ‘PM-AM’ gay bar at twelve-thirty in the afternoon. As the name suggests, those were there operating hours of the bar and it was open from noon until midnight. I wasn’t a regular patron but once every couple of months I would pop in and have a drink. That Saturday morning had been a really enjoyable one and after a hearty read Sex Story
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  7. Austin the Veterinarian

    5/10/2019: The love of my life (my cat that is!) had developed a bit of a cough. It only happened first thing in the mornings usually but since he wasn’t a smoker and it was just not like him, I was worried. So a visit to the Vet was booked. My local Vets’ Surgery was one of a chain and you never seemed to see the same Vet twice – not that I went that often, thankfully. Usually though, the Vet on duty was a read Sex Story
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  8. Mr. Anonymous

    5/10/2019: Growing up I was the anonymous child. In a family of five children, I was number three. My eldest brother, the firstborn, was a total hell-raiser. Number two, my sister, was a drama queen. Number four, my second sister, was the ADD/ADHD Ritalin sibling among her many other disorders, and number five my youngest brother was the darling of our tribe. He could do no wrong and always got away read Sex Story
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  9. Charles W. Winchester III Sucks Cock

    5/9/2019: Where do I begin? That is a question that has plagued me for some time. My Names is Charles W. Winchester III. Yes, those Winchesters from Boston’s high society. The original Winchesters arrived in Massachusetts fifty years prior to the American Revolution. They had come from the UK and were members of low-level English Royalty. They prospered and were soon considered one of the finest read Sex Story
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  10. Men's Night Out

    5/7/2019: If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll note from other stories that I play basketball in an adult men's league. I love the sport, and I find it's a great reason to get out of the house and spend time with my buddies. I'm the youngest guy on our team by about ten years, and I think the youngest in the league, if not pretty close. Most of the guys are in their early 40's but the range is predominately mid-30's-50's. Like I said, me being 26 makes me the junior of the league. I dont really care though, I like the league because everyone is pretty low-key and wants to get some hard exercise read Sex Story
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