1. Finally Meeting in Person

    3/17/2019: I was to be leaving for overseas for quite some time and had a few mates that I chat to online who are way into speedos like I am. I have over ninety different pairs and love wearing them everyday for swimming as well as underwear. I have always been into them after having been in a surf club as a junior, playing rugby league and wearing speedos and footie shorts as much as I could. I have read Sex Story
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  2. What If: Part Two

    3/16/2019: Part of me expected everything to change once the afterglow faded, once it completely sank in that I'd left my wife at home to come unload my balls into a stranger I'd just met at the gym. I expected guilt, anxiety, or the sudden return of caution and reason, but none of it came. I felt relaxed, satisfied, and connected to this stranger, Dylan, in a way I hadn't experienced in years. There read Sex Story
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  3. One Bold Night--Part One

    3/14/2019: I've never been what I'd consider very bold when it comes to "making moves" on other people. Certainly not like my friend that had sex with a girl while several other people watched. That would be very hot, actually, but I'd never initiate that. I do enjoy dating and certainly enjoy sex, but I'm not what you'd consider adventurous. I've dated mostly women since my teen years but have been with read Sex Story
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  4. Nothing Like a Good Spanky..!

    3/14/2019: There was a point in my life when I loved dressing in lacy underwear, applying make-up and parading in front of the full length mirror, admiring my glistening manhood as I walked like a super model, crossing my feet over in my stillettoes as my erection swung from side to side, bouncing off the top of my nylon clad legs. My cock would jump and twitch even more if I produced my camera, taking pictures of my member encased in nylon, silk and satin. I had quite a few pics of myself, and decided to post them on a transvestite friendly site. I wasn't looking for this to lead anywhere, I was merely read Sex Story
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  5. The Trucker & Friends

    3/12/2019: I often fantasized about that day with the trucker. I often wanted another session. So one day, I got the courage u and called him. He laughed and claimed he went too far and would not leave me in the motel again tied up for all to see....if I agreed to “serve” him again. I reluctantly agreed to "meet" him again so we went to a similar same cheap motel and met again. Again, I checked on and was instructed to be “ready” for him. I realized that it meant being totally naked, lubed, and with all essential equipment (butt plug, taped, rope etc). When he arrived he grabbed my cock and immediately k read Sex Story
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  6. Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 01

    3/8/2019: I had developed quite a reputation among the community of men who frequented the adult bookstores in my city. I was almost always recognized by someone as soon as I entered the place. By now, most everyone knew not to bother trying to suck me. I wasn't there for that. I was there for one reason; to suck cock and receive cum. On rare occasions, after taking all available loads, I would consent to someone taking mine, but not often. Don't get me wrong, I love having my cock sucked. But part of the thrill for me is that I am worthless and not worthy of getting off. My sole purpose is to pleasure read Sex Story
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  7. Geologist

    3/7/2019: Growing up I was totally fascinated by geology. Rock formations etcetera fascinated me beyond belief. This would seem quite normal for most guys, but for a gay man it was like being like a fish out of water, and at university, I stuck out like a sore thumb. With seventy-five per cent of the geology students being robust males and the other quarter no-nonsense females, my diminutive stature read Sex Story
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  8. black banged...

    3/6/2019: we both rip off our clothes in an instant & even in the dark i can see that his long black cock is exactly what i want. still completely flaccid it hangs halfway 2 his knee with a road-map of twisted pulsing veins & a long 4skin covering a huge well-defined glans. i reach out with a trembling hand & grasp his long spongy shaft & am amazed by its unbelievable thickness. " oh... my... god... yessssssss... this is what i want... " i moan " your cock is fucking huge !!! " my hand slides 2 his smooth shaved scrotum 2 feel his silky balls. as i touch him & skin his long 4skin ba read Sex Story
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  9. I Love Wearing Pantyhose

    3/6/2019: I Love Wearing Pantyhose!! I always loved wearing pantyhose since trying on a pair of my Moms when I was 14. When I went to university I wore pantyhose and running tights, and found other gay guys into similar and we would wear them for rampant sex, I used to buy open crotch panties and pantyhose and I loved it. When I was qualified and working as a Barrister I used to sometimes wear panties and hold up stockings under my suits or pantyhose, loved the feeling of the nylon on my legs. I moved to wearing ballet tights around my home as I live on my own, and had a lot of different colored pairs read Sex Story
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  10. Horny Older Step Brother

    3/1/2019: When I was 9 years old my mom remarried, and we moved in with my step dad and his two boys. One was 9 like me and the other was 14 and heavy (fat but Solid like a linebacker). The boys each had their own room, so I had to share a room with Jerry (not his real name) and he did not like it one bit. He was a little taller but was about 20lbs more than me and let me know I was unwanted. They had bunk beds which they separated and moved to each side of the room but whenever I tried to get in one of the beds he would say it was his and made me get off. His brother Rich (not his real name), would alw read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Incest / Taboo, Author: bmckzi, Source: xHamster