1. Big Bang Banging

    1/23/2019: Since breaking up with Leonard, Penny had been very lonely for quite a few months. At first, she had told herself that she would have a new boyfriend in a week, hell maybe she might even date two. or three. She was way too hot to be single. If Bernadette can find a man with her squeaky voice, then Penny should be dating a prince, she reasoned. Six months later, she was still single. Sure she had read Sex Story
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  2. Naughty wifes fantasy

    1/22/2019: A story story of my naughty wifes fantasy . We go away to a small quite hotel for a weekend get away on our first evening whilst sat in the dining room having dinner we get chatting to one of the male guests and arrange to meet up later in the bar for a drink and a laugh . After a few drinks the talk turns a bit naughty . At last orders we all decided to carry on the mini party back in our room whilst he was getting some bits from his room me and my naughty wife talked about him joining us in bed . We heard his door locking so she had just enough time to take off her clothes and jump into bed read Sex Story
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  3. A sad tale

    1/22/2019: Am an Indian girl and this is my story . It could very easily be the most cherishing story of my life and it didn't turn out that ways . I have not , nor I can ever , tell it to anyone. I was working in a big company in Delhi at that time . He was my colleague , in different department . From the very beginning I loved his looks , his simplicity and his aura . We discussed office matters initially read Sex Story
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  4. The virgin and the sex doll

    1/21/2019: Matt's over protective Tim father buys him a top of the range sex doll for his birthday in a bid to "keep him out of trouble" with girls. Up to this point Matt had been concentrating on his studies at school to the exclusion of everything else including girls and sex but things were about to change, all thanks to his father’s gift . . . . Oh my God!, Dad, No!, No!, No! . . . Matt gazed down stunned at the rubber doll laying in the large wooden box on the sitting room floor. Tim knew there would be some resistance to his idea read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: ian_mason16, Source: xHamster
  5. Controlling Sister

    1/21/2019: This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- Controlling Sister (mf, 1st, inc, mc/tg, nc, impreg) by Krosis of the Collective --- I was playing with my dick while watching an R rated movie on the read Sex Story
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  6. My Sexuality

    1/21/2019: So I guess the whole thing started for me the first time I experienced an orgasm. I think that's probably true for most folks. We like to say it was the first time we had sexual intercourse, but I think what defines our sexuality for the rest of our lives is linked to that first climax. Looking back at all my relationships I see, for me anyway, the truth of that statement. I had found this trashy novel. It was cover to cover, depravity. The main character was Elaine, a 22 year old virgin with red hair and really big tits, who broke down on this country road and was picked up by this father an read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: Heatseekerxxx, Source: xHamster
  7. Real ex gf making me eat cum

    1/20/2019: Dana and I had been together for about a month and my sex life had never been better. We were both in college and she was the first girl to really get me to explore my sexuality. She was a beautiful 21 year old blond at the time. She had a fat ass but small waist and really big tits. When we first got together (as seen in my first story) she opened me up to face sitting which is now my ultimate fantasy. We were out at a bar one evening getting absolutely blitzed and dancing. She was very open about sexual contact in public. Nothing stopped her from reaching into my pants on the dance floor a read Sex Story
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  8. Straight guy falls in love with a Gay man.

    1/18/2019: I had always been curious about sucking cock. Even though I was a straight man who had been with many women, I found them strangely arousing and beautiful, whether they be hanging soft or hard and erect. I had never acted on my fascination though. Until I met Santiago... I met Santiago online one night in a Gay chat room, as it turned out, I was in between girlfriends and found myself alone and on the internet. He described himself as alittle on the heavier side and ok looking, but really just a nice, average, normal Latino guy. You had to like the honesty. Santiago and I chatted alittle and read Sex Story
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  9. Sex At Wedding House

    1/18/2019: I attended a marriage at Shahjahanpur where because of lots of guest people were asked to sleep where ever they find a place and formal guest were given accomodation at the top room where they can sleep and take rest. My self and my husband could not find a place so we were asked to go upstairs where there is one guest who is old aged about 60 years we went up and the person present was white haired reading magazine we introduce our self and started chit chat since the bed was on floor we also sat He was v read Sex Story
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  10. 69 Chevy Van - Love Wagon

    1/17/2019: 69 Chevy Van - Love Wagon By Wonder_Dad Story #4 I have always been a hard worker, starting work when I was only 14 at a lumberyard as a helper. Carrying 2x4's, a plywood and 100 lb sack of concrete for customers was my main job. It did not pay well, but I developed a very muscular physique, and I saved every penny I made with a specific goal in mind. My uncle had a custom 1969 Chevy short van, with round porthole windows on the side, a sunroof, and a fantastic paint job. His business was electronics, and on the sides of the van were painted very ominous looking storm clouds with streaks of read Sex Story
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