1. Wild Storm, Wild Tina

    7/19/2019: A blazing sun caressed ripe and ready cornfields. Rich yellow heated to a dusted tawny colour. Tall stalks flaunted their swelling seed to the sun's power. Silence enveloped the land. Nothing moved. Except for Peter Grover, and he loved it all. Loved the heat, the scorching fecund fields, the dry aroma of sun-toasted corn, the quiet, the solitude. No people. Ideal for a solitary young man read Sex Story
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  2. A mother teaches her virgin son before college

    7/17/2019: Jack lifted his coffee cup to his mouth as he was staring at his Advanced Calculus text book. He had been home-schooled for K-12 and was a bit worried about heading off to Fairbanks for university in a few short weeks so he had started reviewing calculus. He was pondering what property the set of real numbers possesses that makes it possible to prove that a continuous function on [0,1] always attains a maximum, while this is not true for the rational numbers. He immediately regretted it. "Yuck!" His mother, Neva, who was washing dishes at the sink asked, "What?" "Oh. My coffee got cold while read Sex Story
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  3. Rough sex with stranger in a bar bathroom xxx

    7/16/2019: So currently I'm staying in Los Angeles visiting a friend. I've been here for about 2 weeks now and have been loving every minute! She suggested that we go to a bar to have some drinks and I was like "sure why not". I couldn't wait to see if I could find a sexy man at the bar to fuck for the night. After a few drinks and shots of tequila I was feeling soooo horny and needed some pleasure really fast! I just could not stop thinking about someone pounding me hard and fast and swallowing their juicy cum all down my throat! As I started getting more drunk I started looking around the bar to s read Sex Story
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  4. Guilty Pleasures - Part Two

    7/14/2019: Her deliberate act of exhibitionism was sensuous and sexy. As soon as I focused on her I became instantly hard again. I quickly turned toward the door and stepped into the hall but not before she noticed my erection. Safely in the hall, I stuck my head through the door and said goodnight. She was smiling. I wasn't about to reprimand her. I had had enough confrontation with her for one night. So there I was, sitting in my chair listening to her words echo through my head. She had said she wanted me to fuck her. "Well maybe you should try it sometime. You might like it." Her words and my refle read Sex Story
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  5. There's Something About Mason (and Krystal)

    7/13/2019: Admittedly, this was going to be my first threesome. I've slept with both genders and everybody in between, but never at the same time. It's not that I've never had the opportunity; it's that I'm just quite picky with my partners and when the opportunity has arisen before, I've just never felt 'it'. Whatever 'it' is. Mason was an interesting guy though – he was about 26 years old and after read Sex Story
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  6. Losing My Virginity And Making Of A Slut

    7/11/2019: Hey Guys! This is Harika and, this time, I am going to tell you about my first time. The boy’s name is Rahul (let’s say). He was a son of my father’s close friend. So naturally our families were quite close and he was a good friend of my brother, so he used to visit quite frequently. We all were studying in the same school and he was like the most popular guy in the school. He was smart, hands read Sex Story
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  7. On a crowded Japanese train

    7/11/2019: I am a foreginer have been living in Japan for almost 4 years now and I always have the fantasies of being fingered or groped on crowded train. I think that is so sensual. I have a very small and timid structure. Height around 4”9-10 inches, weight less than 90 pound. I uses to commute at least 2 hours on train frequently to work and to go back home. I was a little worry to begin with, so I always use the “women only car” on train. But the long daily commute get really tiring and boring. Then, I woved to try the so called Chikan train in Tokyo before I leave this country for good. One fine d read Sex Story
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  8. Alaska

    7/11/2019: Alaska is one of those places that most people like in theory but wouldn't want to permanently live in. It's further north than where all other Americans and even most Canadians are used to. The thing is, I've lived here my whole life, enjoy it here, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. My c***dhood home was in a small town (although by most standards, almost all towns in Alaska qualify as "small towns") at the southern part of the state. The family was just me and my dad. I never knew my mother, as she died during my birth. Even though I essentially took the love of his life away from read Sex Story
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  9. My little Brother becomes an Ass Slave

    7/9/2019: The clock rang 10 as we both finished our Dinners, and we sat there, next to each other for a few minutes, waiting for the beans and broccoli we had eaten to digest. My little brother of 22 has always been weaker than me due to the 4-year age gap between us, but I had always known that he wanted to humiliate me, just as I had done to him so many times in the past. He saw this moment as an read Sex Story
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  10. How I got my step mom and her best friend

    7/9/2019: I’m looking for a guy who likes to fuck from the backside. my asshole is perfect for a pounding. Come on and give me a good hard beating. Please help if you can!if you Real Then Contact Me Now :www.miamalkova.website Angela was my mom's best friend! Smoking hot, 5-09 with long blonde hair, a figure to kill for, and legs that any red blooded male would love to have wrapped around his ears! I was 18 years old when this story begins, and I was totally in lust with Angela! 38DD tits held up by nothing was another mesmerizing feature of her awesome body, and an ass that she could use to devastat read Sex Story
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