1. 5 The games continue.....introducing Debra and Hea

    11/21/2019: Author's note: It's frequently difficult to separate fact from fantasy, this story is based in the late 60's era with elements of truth's and a few of fantasy thrown in for good measure - I will let you decide what's real or not - enjoy. Alan picked up the bottle of babyoil and poured some into the palm of his hand and rubbed his cock and balls in the slippery clear liquid. It made his stiff rod shine and it appeared to look bigger, harder and so so inviting. I did the same to my cock and we look at each other appreciating the view. We got closer and slipped our slippery smooth hairless cock read Sex Story
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  2. Bridge Of Sighs 2: Francesca

    11/20/2019: As usual I won't recap Bridge Of Sighs, you will have to read it first. So we got to the last - but - one day of our trip. I had suggested to Richard that we .. or I try to get 'our waitress' in for a threesome. I had seen her with her girlfriend so I knew she was gay or bi. I was reasonably confident she'd fancy me, but of course she might have been you know FAITHFUL! MONOGAMOUS! a GOOD girl! I sure hoped not. I told Richard, rather teasing him, that if he approached her she'd think he was an old perve, and if I approached her she'd just jump straight into my bed, no messing. Strange read Sex Story
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  3. my first sloppy seconds :)

    11/20/2019: i'm 65 haha - but what a thrill to wait for :) I got on a meetup site that's commonly used for sex hookups - just thought i'd give it a try. my only rqmt was that they not be local, be here for work etc. I got a guy that works for a state agency, that comes here for occasional training. well first I got a gal, a flight attendant that was passing thru - that was fun. new pussy haha. anyway, this guy, we met, had a little dinner, then we went to his hotel room and he fucked me royally. he was in his early forties. like I said, i'm 65 and a bit self conscious about being a fucking machine, but read Sex Story
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  4. Not Your Average Jane

    11/20/2019: You get used to being overlooked. I mean you don’t like it but you pretend it doesn’t bother you. Some of the reasons for being perpetually overlooked belong to you and others are the perceptions of others. You are average height and not skinny or plump but you believe you don’t have that one feature that draws any guy’s eyes to look at you : not your light blue eyes or your fair hair even in a pony tail. Clothes always looked daggy on you , even quality jeans won’t for some reason ever define your rear cheeks; as well as well cut jeans are meant to and help with the message from behind: the read Sex Story
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  5. A curious mind

    11/16/2019: Many years ago when I was in my late 20's, a girlfriend that one of my best buddies had been was involved off and on for years, moving away to attend a four year college in another part of the state. Her younger sister, Suzanne, took over her apartment for the remainder of the summer lease after she left and was attending summer classes. We all knew her, but none very well , as her circle of friends was different than her sister's, and we only occasionally saw her. She had always been friendly to me and after running into her quite accidently, we decided to meet up in the near future. I can read Sex Story
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  6. Getting a Big One Gay

    11/16/2019: I was long overdue for a vacation and since I wasn't seeing anyone I thought I'd take one alone, rather than with a friend or a group. And I didn't want to do what I'd done before, go to a gay resort where everything is so gay! gay! gay! An unattached dude at one of those places deals with too much shit. I just wanted to relax and I wasn't looking for a meat market, so I thought I'd go spend a week at a Caribbean resort I'd heard about. This was one of those pleasure-focused places where straights and gays vacationed together and nobody was uptight. Swimming and sunbathing were clothes-optiona read Sex Story
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  7. On my own this time!

    11/16/2019: I have just been away on a work trip and the conference was is Paris. I took the car then through the tunnel to my hotel, its a great drive seeing all the different sites. when I got there I met my boss and he said it should only last 2 days but he booked the hotel for 4 just in case, I told the wife I would stay the 4 days and see what Paris has to offer for future trips if we decide to go. when I unpacked I went to the bar and the boss said we can have 1 but the meeting starts at 2 and lasts till 6ish, so after that we can go have a meal and taste the French wine and he was paying. sounds go read Sex Story
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  8. Dorm

    11/15/2019: I was just leaving the gym and heading back to my dorm room. I've only been here a couple of weeks but still not the biggest fan of the communal showers, so i have been trying to go during off times. I figured now would be good as most everyone else was in class. I gather my things and head yo the showers. It's quiet and No one is around, I start the shower and the cold water feels good hitting my skin as I had gotten hot working out at the gym. I start to lather up my body with soap. I figure since no one is around I would run the risk and slowly start to lather up my pubic hair and cock. I s read Sex Story
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  9. My Step Sister Amber: Forbbien Love

    11/15/2019: "Scarlett your step-sister Amber is coming to visit" "why is she coming to visit". I hate my step-sister, Amber, she is two years older. She made fun of the way I look since I started middle school. Now I'm a junior in high school and she a sophomore in college. Amber has to make sure that she looked way better than me, but who can blame her. Amber was popular, she had all the guys and the read Sex Story
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  10. My real story of becoming a nudist

    11/14/2019: When you were a little k** and when you were young, you must perhaps has been ordered to obey the parents, listen to the teachers and follow the instruction and rules written. I was a perfect obey-er. I have ever read and followed books to live for many years. When I was 19 years old, I set up a to-do-list which could be useful, interesting, attractive or important for coming ten, twenty years. I have forgot most of them, the one I still remember but have never try it seriously yet is equestrianism. One of the achievement in my list was to have a diploma. That was not really a challenge though read Sex Story
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