1. Therapy: First Sex - Pt 2

    5/20/2019: Dr. Sumar suggested we take a break at this point. She excused me to go out to the bathroom and I saw her shuffle quickly toward her own private toilet. When I returned, she seemed a little... out of sorts. Her white blouse was tousled and there seemed to be a stain near the bottom of her black skirt that I had not noticed before. I resumed my reading for her though -------------------------------- The inside of the trailer looked like an explosion with trash and clothes everywhere. They took me down a narrow hall and past a bedroom with two beds jammed in it and then to the small bathroom. C read Sex Story
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  2. Very first time my wife was shared

    5/20/2019: This is a long true story about the very first time my wife was shared with a friend of mine many years ago. I had a friend that worked with me many years ago we will call him Mark. Mark lived in Indiana and all our work was in Illinois so after a few weeks of him driving back and forth I told him you know this is crazy you driving from home everyday why don't you just stay at our house during the week he said that would be great as long as my wife was okay with it, now I knew that Mark had a thing for my wife he would always make comments about her when we were working and I read Sex Story
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  3. End of season party (continued....)

    5/20/2019: He lay on his back, lifted his legs in the air to expose his glistening saliva moistened hole, I knelt before his beautiful upturned arse trembling with anticipation. As I entered him he gave a little whimper, "is that OK" I asked, he just smiled and proceeded to masturbate, emitting little groans with every thrust of my eager cock. I'd like to say that I fucked him for hours, but with the sight of him pumping his manhood, the sound of his little moans and the way he expertly squeezed my cock with his anal muscles I barely lasted 5 minutes. I remained inside him, enraptured by his youthful bea read Sex Story
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  4. Susanne Submits 5: Tasty Trio Trial

    5/19/2019: Susanne submits to an offer hard to refuse. She really prefers to serve two in private, to only me in public Susanne is silent, while I talk and interrogate the teen, who rode up to us to intrude our privacy for spanking. She listens to our talk. I explain our relation of Professor and student, who happens to be his temporary slave. I am immediately drawn towards that teen, who offers us room for our 'studies' on only one condition. She insists she can always take a look what we are doing and ask questions why. To Susanne: Why she accepts to be my submissive. To me: For the read Sex Story
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  5. Meagan's First Step into Womanhood

    5/19/2019: The last day of school had finally arrived. The last day of my junior year in high school was over. When I arrived home, there was more than the usual hustle and bustle. With the end of school, came the traditional two-week family vacation. Dad was already loading up the car, and mom was frantically scurrying around the house looking for last-minute odds and ends, marking off each item read Sex Story
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  6. weekend with my buddy

    5/18/2019: This past weekend my buddy and I both had a long weekend so we decided to go out of town and try to score with some college girls at the bar.My buddys girlfriend Norma decided to ruin our trip by inviting herself and taking a day off from work. I had not gotten so luck at all so we went to a strip club. My buddys girl Norma was not too excited about us going so again she decided to tag along. I only had about 120$ left and a girl from the stage called my attention so I got a couple of dances and the alcohol kept coming. Sara as she called herself got to the table and at on my lap. Sara had bi read Sex Story
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  7. Freedom's Touch

    5/18/2019: Ryan The lake engulfed the landscape, glinting and gleaming with the colors of its surroundings. It met the sky’s gaze with a fever of its own, deepening in color the farther out it reached. The evergreen forest that surrounded the body of water left, in their shadow, a deep green mark upon the water – as if to remind you just how far from the world you really were. Waves, churned up by the read Sex Story
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  8. Collection of The Simpsons Erotica

    5/18/2019: Pegging On Evergreen Terrace Bart’s stag night. An hour of so before dawn broke the 21-year-old groom came round to find he was handcuffed securely to the Evergreen Terrace street sign. He was also wearing only a black thong that had presumably previously belonged to a stripper. Or Milhouse. It was a warm night, but that felt like small consolation as the smell of sick wafted from beneath the sign. Bart had been handcuffed with one wrist to each post meaning he could do little should an early walker find him. "Ay, caramba!" Bart muttered self-referentially. He was still a little dr read Sex Story
    Categories: Celebrities, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: dgoodall1701, Source: xHamster
  9. What Happened at the Pool

    5/18/2019: Hi everybody......I fucked up when I uploaded my story Angelique Awakes.......I didn't realise I can't edit my story and I missed what happened with my friend's father in the pool when I Copied and Pasted my story......Sorry Guys.... So here is what I missed.......I hope you all enjoy...Angelique.....xxxxx Later that year me and 2 other friends from school were staying with another friend from our read Sex Story
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  10. Becoming a cuckold part4

    5/16/2019: Part 4 Our afternoon carried on we walked down to the all wandered around until we stumbled across le Vie En Rose a cute lingerie store when we walked in it was almost empty we wandered around one of the sales girls came by and said hello “Did you guys need any help?” Maybe in a bit Tish said “Well if you need anything” Tish stopped me cold in the store “I want you to pick out 3 outfits 3 really sexy outfits for me I mean mind numbing balls exploding out fits 3 out fits you would be proud to send Me out to get fucked by another man in” Again I was hard my mind flashed to Tish getting read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: MasterRPC, Source: xHamster