1. The Cuke

    7/17/2019: I tell you that I’ve got a game to play, that I want you to wear a loose skirt, and no panties, and go to the store and get an apple , an ear of corn, and a cucumber. Then you are to get to where you can shove the cucumber up into your pussy un-noticed, and keep it there, as you walk up to the cashier, and purchase the apple and ear of corn, but shoplift the cucumber. You must keep it inside you until you get home. You are not thrilled about shoplifting it, you are a mature adult, but it's part of the game so you agree read Sex Story
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  2. Cindy is finally free - Part Two

    7/12/2019: She had to fight her mind from picturing Ben's cock, forcing the image of her ex's cock into her thoughts instead of a dog's cock, their huge cocks, her ex had been that big, Ben, Ben was that, big. Oh my god, she seethed, his, she could barely say it in her thoughts, his cock, it was so big and swollen, so much like a man's cock, hard and long and probably throbbing hot. She couldn't fight it anymore. The image of Ben's cock swept into her thoughts, and then wouldn't let go. She pictured her ex lover's cock, longed for it again, admitted her sense of regret. She let herself spread her legs, read Sex Story
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  3. On a crowded Japanese train

    7/11/2019: I am a foreginer have been living in Japan for almost 4 years now and I always have the fantasies of being fingered or groped on crowded train. I think that is so sensual. I have a very small and timid structure. Height around 4”9-10 inches, weight less than 90 pound. I uses to commute at least 2 hours on train frequently to work and to go back home. I was a little worry to begin with, so I always use the “women only car” on train. But the long daily commute get really tiring and boring. Then, I woved to try the so called Chikan train in Tokyo before I leave this country for good. One fine d read Sex Story
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  4. Tights from female on bus

    7/9/2019: When i used to work in town i had to get the bus to work every day during the week to work and home again. Every day there would be various females going to work and coming home who would wear skirts and tights so being a leg man and tights (pantyhose) lover (and tights wearer myself) this was always good for me to get a good view of some sexy nylon covered legs and pretty females and gave me something to look forward to each day. Then one day a very pretty female got on the bus just a few stops after mine. She was probably in her mid twenties with short brown hair and slim. She was wearing a read Sex Story
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  5. Sissy Faggot was horny

    7/9/2019: Hi all thanks for taking the time to read my post makes me feel do good knowing other enjoy them. This one is from early this morning hope you like it. I have been busy this week finalizing the art work for the fall woman's fashion like had little or no time for myself. I pampered myslef yesterday, lounged around the pool for a while. took a long bubble bath, did my nails, did a little shopping (so hot out). Went to bed early and woke up around 4 AM. Laying in bed wearing a bright yellow teddy and matching ruffled panties thinking of sucking a cock and getting a load of cum gushed down my thro read Sex Story
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  6. My Wife's Anal Surprise For Me 2

    7/2/2019: I love the sit out on the back porch and watch the sun come up in the morning. One morning I was sitting out on our back porch enjoying the sun coming up when my wife walked out. She usually don't get up this early, much less come outside in just her night shirt, so I was very surprised when she came out there. Sitting down on my lap I could smell the freshness from the shower she has just took. This was so unusual for her I thought to myself. I kissed her gently on her neck and hugged her tightly. She smiled took my hand and guided it between her legs. My heart jumped when I my hand reached read Sex Story
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  7. stud for hire for older women

    7/2/2019: last night i went to a party my rich doctor lady was having at her house in phil, pa. she was supplying the studs for women who wanted to pay for cock, esp. big fat ones who think no one will fuck them. It was about seven pm when I showed up and she said before the ladies get here and there are a lot, they are all very well off with money, some are about thirty years old others are about in their sixties, and all are fat women. I told them I would supply the rooms and different age studs for hire in my house. each room had a sign on it that said, TWENTY YEAR OLD FOR HIRE, AND THE NEXT ROOM S read Sex Story
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  8. trip away from home

    7/1/2019: Trip away from home We decided to go on a little trip again but this time decided on a different destination. We got packed like always and got dressed by putting on our sexy stuff under our regular cloths just in case we found some good places on the way to take some pictures. We took off and drove to our new destination and found a couple places to take some fun pictures on the way but nothing that we could strip completely and get the real sexy pictures but some of toes and stuff. We checked into the hotel and went up to our room and then checked around the place. It was a new casino so we read Sex Story
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  9. L019: Lizzy’s story: Lizzy’s vacation 8

    6/29/2019: My Daddy and I take our time getting up the next morning. Just laying together and caressing each other. Then both adding that new fingering we discovered we enjoy to pleasure each other as we had each done yesterday. Yes, the butt play for both of us might need to be moved up a notch or two. We do both seem to have an inclination of wanting more. We are adding new dimensions to read Sex Story
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  10. Jamaican Dive Wife Blacken Creampie

    6/28/2019: My wife wanted to go to an all-inclusive resort for her 30th birthday, so I booked it. We were hopelessly in love and got married after graduating from high school. She was a virgin cheer leader on our wedding night and I was captain of the football team. So far, she has been pretty conservative until a promiscuous woman recently moved into the neighborhood. This woman constantly talks about BBC and only fucking BBC. Since then my wife has become somewhat more adventurist sexually. With the exception of a few hand jobs and a one lucky guy seeing her beautiful vagina, I am happy that I am t read Sex Story
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