1. Boob Tube and Hot Pants....

    11/21/2019: ...not what you'd expect for day wear on chubby body. One of my enjoyments as a cockist is the various chats you can have online sometimes with guys sometimes with wannabes and just occasionally with a real woman. In my 20+ years online I have chatted to perhaps a handful of women that have gone on to prove to be as they say in the description and our chat Real Women, they may be older than the pictures they have placed or a different body type but real ladies with proper emotions and looking for something that is NOT just fuck buddy life style. Those I have met have been very married some to read Sex Story
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  2. Lady H

    11/18/2019: I was single, recently divorced, enjoying my freedom and doing some of the things I had done as a younger man before my marriage. Her name was Lady H and she knew how to treat men. If it was GFE you wanted, she would give it to you, if it was a massage she only asked if you wanted talc or oil, the ‘happy’ ending was a given. If it was BDSM you were after she was very inventive and you had to submit to her completely. The only thing she ever asked was ‘Can I mark you.’ Your answer was the only thing she took into account, then you were hers. I had gone for the BDSM option, having gone years w read Sex Story
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  3. Night at the Masturbatorium

    11/17/2019: This is a true story; everything here happened at least the way I remembered it. I was on the road recently and planning to pass through Portland, Oregon. I looked up online what kinds of (sex) places were here beforehand, and decided I would visit one of them in particular when I got there. I located a cheap (but decent) motel and checked in there, then got ready for the evening ahead. The place I chose is called the Oregon Theater, and it can variously be described as a decrepit old movie house that's now a porn theater, or as a unique sexual playground for pervs like me. I'm both an exhi read Sex Story
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  4. Getting a Big One Gay

    11/16/2019: I was long overdue for a vacation and since I wasn't seeing anyone I thought I'd take one alone, rather than with a friend or a group. And I didn't want to do what I'd done before, go to a gay resort where everything is so gay! gay! gay! An unattached dude at one of those places deals with too much shit. I just wanted to relax and I wasn't looking for a meat market, so I thought I'd go spend a week at a Caribbean resort I'd heard about. This was one of those pleasure-focused places where straights and gays vacationed together and nobody was uptight. Swimming and sunbathing were clothes-optiona read Sex Story
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  5. Blackmailed Wife

    11/11/2019: Blackmailed Wife ---------- The morning air was already oppressively humid as I stepped out into the barnyard and headed to the office from the house. The sun was already above the horizon casting shadows that moved as I walked. By the time I got to the office door, rivulets of sweat were soaking the thin material of my blouse. I pulled open the closet door to block my dad's office window view and removed my blouse and bra realizing that it was going to be a scorcher today. Grabbing a towel from the closet, I dried my chest, slipped the blouse back on; I deftly tied the shirttails into a bow j read Sex Story
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    11/9/2019: My first introduction to the female foot occurred when I was about 11. My parents were off on a “second honeymoon” and I was staying at my Aunt’s house for a three-day weekend. She had two girls who were close to my age. Patty was two years older, blonde and very attractive; Janice was a year younger, dark haired and very aggressive. They didn’t have a guest room and I was given the choice of sleeping downstairs on the couch or in the girl’s room. The girls shared one bed in one room. I chose the girl’s room because I knew I’d be up at the crack of dawn if I stayed on the couch. It was Frid read Sex Story
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  7. The Unspoken Game

    11/9/2019: Introduction: Bryce's and his step sister Samantha, start playing an inappropriate game. Mom catches them and things escalate. enjoy! :) The driveway was empty when I pulled in at the end of my academic school day. It was just starting to turn dark when I got out of the car and headed into the house, enjoying the calming sensation of the warm early summer breeze on my skin. It was good to finally be home after a long day of studying. I walked over to the front door, my heavy bag on my shoulder, and turned read Sex Story
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  8. first time from Devon

    11/9/2019: We meet in a small town where I have been renting a flat for some time. I meet you off the train and am pleased to see you dressed in a short black dress. It has a low cut top showing plenty of cleavage and finishes mid thigh. We walk from the station into town, halfway down the busy main street I lead you down a narrow lane leading to an underground car park. Before we reach the entrance I push you up against the wall on one side and slide my hand up your leg to see if your dressed or should I say undressed as we agreed. You look away from me as my fingers come into contact with the thin co read Sex Story
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  9. Food Court Frolic

    11/8/2019: Food Court Frolic ---------- It was Friday afternoon; very warm temperatures had kept most people inside except for the die-hards. I checked with Dad to see if he minded if I went shopping. He seemed happy to let me take some time off to relax for a change, so I quickly ran into the house, changed into a clean low cut blouse and a short blue jeans skirt. I had my favorite half-top red, white and blue cowboy boots on and my matching flag handbag, grabbed the keys to the truck, rolled down the road, and drove into the city. Now, one of my favorite things to do when I went to the mall was to wa read Sex Story
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  10. Becoming a cuckold part5

    11/7/2019: Part5 Things went back to normal the cumming only once a day rule was still in effect but i didn’t need to worry about it Tish was fucking me every day some days twice we talked about everything but the cuckolding. Then I got a surprise “you know I’ve been thinking a lot about letting you take Me analy more than your finger or tongue that is” “wow are you sure about that…. i mean….” Tish cut me off “Well if you don’t want to then How about I do you?” “No that’s not what i meant” Note to self: answer the fucking questions quickly “Are you sure I mean there is a whole file of women read Sex Story
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