1. She turned into a Shemale

    11/13/2018: The weekend had just got under way and from the start of that Saturday you could tell something was in the air. She was acting like a shark with blood in the water. The day started with her rolling over and grabbing my Ballz with an aggressive fist, stretching them out, shaking my cock. The signs were there for a day filled with wonder and experimental crazy sex. The day moved along slow after that, we went out shopping, she tried on dresses to tease, we ate and just spent the day wandering together. The connection between us was intense, and passionate with little grabs and pull ins with read Sex Story
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  2. eating my cum of sexy feet

    11/11/2018: True story from the other week just changed the real names . was out with my best mate phil and his girlfriend steph for a few drinks in the bar , wasnt much about so steph suggested we go back to their house for a few more drinks to save a few quid so we went to the off liscence and got beer and a big bottle of vodka then headed over to their house . now steph is an amazing looking girl who i still dont know how phil ended up going out with , the amunt of times ive had a wank about her must be close to the hundreds lol . she has an amazing figure , gorgeous face and always were the tigh read Sex Story
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  3. This Little Piggy (Part 3)

    11/9/2018: Careless. That's the only word to describe the way she'd become. She did it on purpose, most of the time. Leaving her phone full of pictures of him at her feet, his face in her crotch, and his cock inside of her, sitting out on the counter all the time, only going to get it halfway through her torment. He would show up shortly after her parents would leave, and she would be in her room, with her read Sex Story
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  4. Training My New Married Bitch Gay

    11/9/2018: A whole weekend to himself Tony thought as he prepared himself in the shower. His wife and daughters had left hours ago and his wife had already confirmed their arrival at the health spa where they were visiting for some mother / daughter bonding time. "Whatever" laughed Tony to himself, what it meant was he had from now until Sunday evening in private, nearly 48 hours to do what he wished. Drying himself Tony looked in the mirror naked and studied what he saw. "Not bad for 45" he said out loud knowing he cut a distinguished figure which was still trim from working out regularly at the local g read Sex Story
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  5. A new Master for sissy - 2

    11/6/2018: I was shaking as I stood at the counter waiting to buy Master’s coffee. I knew I had taken a major step by leaving my mobile phone with Him, and that it was a complete leap in the dark. At this stage I was more scared than excited, already questioning my judgement, almost wishing I’d not been so stupid as to open my life up to a complete stranger, giving Him the power to control and ultimately destroy me. But it was too late for second thoughts, and as I took His coffee upstairs and walked towards the table I could seem Him looking at my phone and then writing things down in a small notebook read Sex Story
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  6. The first time i cheated on my girlfriend

    11/4/2018: Young and in love both of us 18 and we had been together for 2 years at the time, we had an amazing sex life she was the definition of freaky. Anal creampie, facials, she loved to suck dick and i loved to lick every bit of her body. I began going out of the box in with what we did and every thing. One day i started talking to a friend of mines ex girlfriend and i went over to her house to hang out with her. We caught up for a bit and she began telling me how much she wanted to fuck me while she was with my friend and i couldnt lie i had felt the same. She began askin me questions about my girl read Sex Story
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  7. Online Meeting

    11/4/2018: I broke down and finally called the number of a girl I talked to online for a very short amount of time. I was very nervous having never done anything like that before. I had a very particular fantasy I wanted to indulge and thought this was the best way. A sexy sounding lady answered the phone. “As you might already know I specialize in making fantasies come true, and you’re in luck because I absolutely love strapon play. That is what excites you isn’t it? Girls with strapons right?” I mumbled yes. She asked, “Do you have any experience?” I said some with my ex girlfriend. She replied, “ read Sex Story
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  8. 26, Female and a Sex Addict.

    11/4/2018: The title of my story about sums me up, everything it says, is true and the men I accost can't believe I'm real, even when I am on my knees in front of them, milking their balls. That's another trait I have, is a potty mouth, I like to say it as it is. If I was a man I would be inside serving time for physically touching people, I love to feel a mans crotch, especially if he looks like he has an erection and I'm the cause of it, which is usually the case as I am also a flirt, a tease, and like I said previously, I don't mince my words. So where does all this outpouring of feminine sexuality read Sex Story
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  9. Foot Fetish Story: Part 3

    11/3/2018: The next day was another warm one, clear blue sky and the sun beating down with a good heat even at ten in the morning. I decided to get the mower out and make a start on the grass. It was due a cut with the sun we’d enjoyed over the last few days and it had taken a spurt, now looking over-lush and thick with dandelions showing through. There was a lot of grass in that garden; the main lawn itself was an enormous undulating meadow, so big that the old man and I had a four-hole pitch-and-put course marked out with close mown greens and pin-flags. We had our own Masters’ play-offs back in the da read Sex Story
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  10. My 16th Birthday part 1

    11/3/2018: I knew it was going to be something special but I never could have known what they had in stock for me that night. My sweet daddy had taken me to his favorite hangout, the Elks Lodge and let all his old buddies grope me all morning while they sat around and drank coffee and smoked. Daddy would start by laying me out on the table with my legs spread wide. He’d brought me in the back of the farm truck still tied up and naked from the night before and used those same ropes to tie me spread eagle at the end of the long hall table. The men sat in chairs all around me, some playing cards and board g read Sex Story
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