1. Olga

    9/16/2019: This story is about a friend of my wife.Her name is Olga and wife of one of my friend.Her husband is a very rich jewellery.They are our friend since many years.Olga , 41 years old , 175 cm. tall and has black hair and beautiful face and white skin.Actually, she should be a model.She has long legs and very sexy hips.I'm a foot and leg fetishist ,I always stare at legs and feet.And Olga's feet and hands are always well-groomed.Her foot size almost 9 (41).She has always pink or red nail polish on her feet and hands.People stares at her several times when she walks in the street.Long legs, sexy hi read Sex Story
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  2. Mother's milk fun

    9/15/2019: You know something? Puppies are always good for breaking the ice - and if you bring them up right, grown dogs aren't bad... I'd been walking them in the park, well I walk, they run. But they'd finally slowed down a bit and I was leading them back towards the gate. There was a group sitting on the grass and the dogs ran over. Now the dogs themselves are fine, not an ounce of malice in them at all, but for those who don't like dogs, their energy and enthusiasm doesn't go down well. Small k**s are the most risky: my dogs aren't that big, but k**s come even smaller - and there were two in this g read Sex Story
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  3. Roni B's Clothing Optional Honeymoon

    9/12/2019: A Clothing Optional Honeymoon At 9:45 in the morning, the water taxi pushed away from the dock at New Providence Harbor. We shared the boat with two other couples and their five c***dren. On the short trip to the Island, the k**s were loud and obnoxious. I wanted to throw a few of them overboard. When we landed at the first dock, the two families stepped off the boat. I looked at my wife and shook my head. I didn’t want to be anywhere near a bunch of k**s on a beach. The boat captain took us to beach number two. As he prepared to leave the dock, he looked at my wife and grinned. “A boat st read Sex Story
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  4. Hit the fuckin' road, Bitch! <part five&gt

    9/11/2019: Następnego dnia rano wstali bardzo wcześnie. Zaspana Suka krzątała się po kwaterze parząc kawę i robiąc jakieś śniadanie przed wyjazdem. - Chciałbym dotrzeć na miejsce przed zachodem słońca. Mam pewien plan. - Dobrze, mój Panie - odrzekła Su, cała podekscytowana co tym razem stanie się jej udziałem. Pan był pełen niespodzianek, pomysłów, czasem szalonych, czasem lekko przerażających, ale za każdym razem mocno ekscytujących. Rozmarzona wspominała poprzednią noc. To w jaki sposób, dzięki Jego obecności i wsparciu przekroczyła kolejną granicę. To jak zajebiście została potem zerżnięta tam, gdzie read Sex Story
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  5. I've become the Bottom Bitch PT2

    9/10/2019: My names Drew and this is the second part of my story, how I went from normal straight dude, to everyone's bitch. God help me. I woke up the next morning remembering very little. All that weed, what ever was in those pills, I greeted the morning in a hazy fog. My asshole was sore for some reason, and it also felt... weird. Eh, why worry about it? I had some vague memory of doing something Mark, but whatever it was it was probably just guy stuff, nothing to worry about. I can trust Mark, I thought. Still in Mark's house I go to take a shower, he was nowhere to be found. Disrobing I find I am read Sex Story
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  6. Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 02

    9/9/2019: In chapter one, I told you the story of how I happened to discover a special club. A club that spent every Friday night using someone's face as a cum dump. I told you about how they had used me for their cum dump; about how I had swallowed so much cum that I had felt bloated; about having my face and head completely covered. I had told you that I had fulfilled two of my top fantasies; that of receiving a bukkake and of partaking in gokkun (the drinking of large quantities of cum from a container). Now I want to tell you what happened after. I awoke the next morning still covered in cum. It wa read Sex Story
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  7. Our FIRST Time…

    9/5/2019: I can remember the night it happened like it was yesterday and I still wish today it would happen over and over again. I was sitting in my hot tub alone and naked like any other night, but this night I got a text from a life long friend Steven, asking what I was doing. I told him I was in the hot tub relaxing and asked what was up? He asked if he could stop over because his back could use the use of the hot tub. I told him surely and to stop over. I told him I need to put on boxers since he was coming over. He texted LOL and that I didn’t need to do that for him. Steven is Bi-Sexual, but no on read Sex Story
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  8. Rapacious

    8/30/2019: “Cum for me, baby! Cum for me!” Lucy pleaded, fervently hoping that he would, and soon. But her boyfriend kept up his steady thrusting movements, pushing himself into her, up to the very hilt. Lucy’s boyfriend towered over her. He was truly enormous, in more ways than one. The first time they got hot and heavy, she was shocked when she reached into his shorts and discovered just how big read Sex Story
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  9. Caught in the Rain

    8/29/2019: I was walking through the back streets of East London behind the the old wharehouses on a hot summers day, It was such a hot day I was just wearing a tea shirt and shorts and I was commando underneath them. I spied this very tall woman unloading some boxes out of a van, she looked stunning curves in all the right places and legs that went on for ever, she had taken the first box to a door opened the door and propted it open with the box before going back for another box, she had just lifted the second box up when there was a loud clap of thunder and rain started pouring out of the skys, thewom read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans, BDSM, Fetish, Author: ddflasher, Source: xHamster
  10. Husband needs help to fuck his wife

    8/26/2019: After my successful experiences of helping old men get hard for their frustrated old lady wives and partners I put an ad on my local Craig list site offering my services. It read, ‘experienced elderly gentleman (70) can help ladies get their men to revive sexual activity. Strictly confidential absolutely no fees.’ Not expecting a lot of interest, I was surprised that the first call was from a lady who introduced herself as Doris. After I reassured her that my service was legitimate and provided a brief resume of past clients, she explained her predicament She was 65 and Arthur (her husband) a read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Fetish, Incest / Taboo, Author: seniorsexlover, Source: xHamster