1. A Wife, A Lover And A Husband Makes Three Part 3

    11/15/2018: After the events of the night Daniel had woken surprisingly early and was in the gym by 9am making good headway into his training for his upcoming triathlon. He expected to be tired and distracted but actually found himself making a faster time on the swim than on days when he was rested and in peak condition. The alcohol, sex and late night had definitely not diminished his performance, in read Sex Story
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  2. An Unforeseeable Contract Part 1

    11/11/2018: I work at a technology firm out west and make excellent money. I love my job and have successfully worked my way up in the company. After my last promotion I began working more closely with the CEO and his wife, the President. We all had great working relationships and I have been in this position now for more than a year so we all have really gotten to know each other well. The best part of my read Sex Story
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  3. My wife and her father

    11/10/2018: I would like to start by telling a little about me, my wife and our situation. If you want to get to the good stuff you will have to skip ahead several paragraphs. Also, this is all from my point of view. I found it all very hot, hopefully you will too. We have been together for about 20 years. We married young and neither of us had many partners before we met. She is average height, long brown read Sex Story
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  4. My Incest Experience

    10/26/2018: It was in the summer holidays just after I graduated and I went to visit my cousin, as I was bored at home. His mommy invited me in and hugged me, remarking on how much I’d grown up since my last visit and how handsome I’d become. She was wearing a towel and told me that she just got out of the shower, as Stephen and his dad went fishing and Kelly was apparently working late. Aunt Kate was read Sex Story
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  5. Daughter's Slut Training 2: Daughter's Wicked Education

    10/25/2018: Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Two: Daughter's Wicked Education By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Leyla Umayyah I...wanted to be a slut. To please Mom. She was so right about me. I had all these whorish desires bursting through me, inspired by Clint's antics with his girlfriends, his cousins. The way he strutted around read Sex Story
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  6. Bad News Leaves Vegas, Part One

    10/23/2018: Lily didn't need sex - she was in perfect control of herself - but she was still very lonely. Her husband Bill was an established programmer whose work sometimes took him around the country, and once even outside of it. This time, he was in Vegas showcasing something that Lily didn't understand, but that was hugely important to him, and he was also collaborating with other programmers in read Sex Story
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  7. The Angel: A Christmas Ghost Story

    10/20/2018: “It is required of every man that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow-men, and travel far and wide. If that spirits goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death.” -Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” *** It was midnight on Christmas Eve. All the lights were out in the big family house and snow covered the grounds, including the aged trees, the rusting gate, read Sex Story
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  8. My Mom's Secret, Part 1: The Discovery

    10/14/2018: For years I fantasized about my Mother. She was the first woman I ever imagined fucking. I jerked off to the thought of her placing my cock in her mouth after she took a long drag on her cigarette. Even after I got older, when she started aging a bit more in the face and her body wasn't quite as toned and she replaced her Misty 120's with the new E-Cigarette, she was still sexy to me and still the read Sex Story
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  9. Life Changing Discovery

    10/8/2018: LIFE CHANGING DISCOVERY By aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities of desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy. Thirty four wonderful years of marriage to my beautiful wife Joy. She has worked hard to keep her youthful figure and always radiated her beauty. We both worked out to keep fit and trim. I was always proud of her when we went out. Our two children now read Sex Story
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  10. Church Friend

    10/7/2018: Cora and Mark were friends from church. We had hit it off with them mainly due to our kids being roughly the same age. However, we were about ten years apart in age, my husband and I having just turned forty while Cora and Mark were turning thirty. We all enjoyed each other’s company when we went out as families, but Cora and I were able to spend a lot more time together, creating an read Sex Story
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