1. Tom, the Boarder

    11/5/2019: I married my high school sweetheart. Bill came from what I would call an "Old-Fashioned Traditional" family, and by that, I mean, his mom never worked outside of the home and they went to Church every Sunday. She cleaned, cooked, had babies and raised kids until they were empty-nesters, the normal suburban household of the 60s and 70s. My husband finished college when I was a freshman, and read Sex Story
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    11/3/2019: No one under the age of fourteen has sex in this story. BIG CITY Slut: There is a neighborhood in Big City that has its streets in an alphabetical series of names, in fact more than one such neighborhood. But, this area is one of the iconic villages of Big City. It is made up of modest homes mostly built in the 1930’s through the 60’s, homes for hardworking blue collar workers and lower level read Sex Story
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  3. Hijabi affair part 2 - Dinner

    11/1/2019: Worried about Zahra telling my wife what had happened I quickly zipped up and ran back to the kitchen. Zahra was standing there, with a slight smile on her full lips as she talked to my wife about the cooking. 'So why is it so hard?' She said, pointedly staring at me. I realised the outline of my hard cock was still pushing against my trousers and turned away red-faced. My wife was too read Sex Story
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  4. Yellow Jackets Sting Neighbor

    10/29/2019: My wife Amy and I invited the neighbors over for a swim party and the newcomers to the neighborhood, Hal and Monica showed up. Hal worked at the local bank, and his wife Monica, a tall 5’9” sandy haired blue eyed pretty lady with 36 in tits and nice ass was a self-employed consultant working out of the home. Both were rather introverted, but seemed to be sociable. We had about a dozen couples at read Sex Story
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  5. Beggar Forced Me In the train

    10/29/2019: I was getting bored with my bf and new desires were coming in my mind. Now coming to this incident which is true and very thrilling and adventurous. I am in love with my bf and still i am but i have always desired to have sex with another person in front of him. We used to share our fantasies and he is the one who asked me whether i like to have sex with another person in front of me. I said read Sex Story
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  6. The Wife Denies and the Nanny Provides - Part One

    10/28/2019: It all started when my wife, Sue, started going to her boot camp fitness class almost every day. While I certainly appreciated how toned and sexy her already hot body was getting; it came at the expense of her always being too tired to have sex either from her class or the ten mile runs she went on a couple of times a week with her girlfriends. I was lucky to get pathetic pity sex once read Sex Story
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  7. It just happened!

    10/27/2019: Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad’s age. There may be a hidden message in that fact, but who knows. It can be truthfully said that never during the time the girls lived at home with their Dad, did read Sex Story
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  8. The Nurse - Finders Keepers

    10/21/2019: Chris’ Story Ivy put her leg down and I rolled off her, admiring the beautiful brown woman I just fucked. Her skin is without blemish. Her dark left nipple has only one white spot on the areola, which makes her look even sexier. Her beautiful face is framed by her dark hair in the classic short style of a nurse. I have been with her three times, and I still have not told Josie. It is crazy, read Sex Story
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  9. Nailing Naomi, Part 3

    10/18/2019: Through two encounters, Naomi and I had fucked four times. Our fit bodies are a great sexual match, and we made each other come over and over again. But after our tryst Wednesday, I wasn't expecting to hear from her the very next day. Around 5 p.m. Thursday I was at home doing some coding work when Naomi texted me. "I'm hungry 4 cock," it said. I instantly got hard, and without much of read Sex Story
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  10. My Wife fucked a young soldier the same age as our son

    10/12/2019: This is my wife’s story to tell, but before I turn it over to her, I need to give you some background information. Sally and I have been married for 23 years and have two children. Jason is twenty-one and Cassie is nineteen. Sally is an extremely beautiful woman. She has shoulder length honey blonde hair and deep piercing blue eyes. She usually wears her hair in a casual pony tail unless we are read Sex Story
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