1. Ten Years After High School

    9/13/2019: I was scrolling through social media looking for long lost friends I had known in high school. I wasn’t really looking for a hook-up, but I have to admit, my inattentive husband had driven to desperate measures. Then, there he was Dan. Dan Shackleford. Dan had been in my JROTC class in high school. I had always thought he was a cool guy, and I loved the way he looked in his uniform, but I read Sex Story
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  2. Dear John--part 3 of 15

    9/9/2019: CHAPTER 7 The next nights all I could think about was him screwing her. In my mind’s eye I could see the kids, Sarah and Mia, running into the house and calling for him: “daddy, daddy!” I was sick at heart and ruined of body. Jeff said I needed to move on and live my life, but I could see no upside to that. I just wanted to die. Dying would be good: an end to all of the pain and read Sex Story
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  3. Master PC - Kyle’s Adventure pt2

    9/9/2019: Chapter 2: What a night I thought. I’m pretty sure I had more sex last night than I have had all year. As I crawled out of bed I noticed Emily still passed out sprawled across the bed. I decided to head into work early so I could go for a run. I threw on some sweats and a T-shirt, packed my bag, and headed out of the house. I haven’t gone for a morning run in ages. It was a beautiful morning, and read Sex Story
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  4. Friends with Benefits - Part 4

    9/4/2019: Miss Jones had spent a week without sex and her frustration was beginning to show. She came to work dressed demurely, kept herself to herself and avoided the Head at all costs. She went home as early as possible, fingered herself before her husband came home and wondered whether she needed a dirty weekend overseas on tour with the girls. But after a week of this, she knew she needed real read Sex Story
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  5. Sex teacher part on chapter 6

    8/30/2019: Sex teacher part one Introduction Christine may have been the Woman who had took my cherry and made me a man But the next young lady that we going meet along our sexual Journey hold a very special place in my heart for various reasons that we will get into along the way. I respectfully refer to her as my sex teacher for from our one sexual encounter that we had I learned many valuable lessons in read Sex Story
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  6. Now What 2

    8/10/2019: Now What 2 Sandi and Jim ate dinner as usual, she wiggled in her chair a bit as her stinging butt cheeks were very uncomfortable. As they finished dinner her cell phone dinged, a text message. It was from Matt, better give hubbie a heads up we may be over Saturday or Sunday. The thought of seeing them again repulsed her but she had better play it safe. “honey you know that pipe in the basement read Sex Story
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  7. Snow Storm

    8/9/2019: This affair started a few years ago. But as a prelude, there were troubling things happening inside me. I was 35. When we first met and in the early years of our marriage, my husband and I were like rabbits. Every opportunity, every place, every part of our bodies that could be used for pleasure. Yes, even there. He's a wonderful man and wonderful in bed, too. But lately, I'd found myself losing read Sex Story
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  8. The Tabatha Diaries - Ch 7

    8/8/2019: I walked home from Jo’s house in a bit of a daze. My loins still radiated warmth and happiness from that wonderful, wonderful head job. But my heart was in turmoil and my mind was confused. Before today, what was left of the “good Catholic boy” in me seemed to yearn for the pretty, shy, “good Catholic girl” in Jo. But that part of me tried to deny that Jo was a busty cock tease and put her up on a read Sex Story
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  9. Married Life 09

    8/5/2019: Jan was concerned when she arrived back in Adelaide to be met at the airport by her husband Jim, she had never partied without him, and how she could now explain that not only had she partied with Cindy & April in a girl only affair, but she had participated in an orgy with the whole team at Cindy’s fashion shoot. The thoughts of John & Nick penetrating both her holes together came rushing back read Sex Story
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  10. The Cottage Part 2 - The Voyeur (Edited)

    8/3/2019: Her pussy itched. Cherie’s slender index finger slid down the damp crotch of her skin-tight, acid-wash denim shorts into the heat of her groin. Her hard, french-manicured nail pushed against the taught fabric of her shorts, only just catching the fold of her labia. Her slim lips - adorned with Cherie’s trademark hotrod-red lipstick - pulled into a joyful smile as she felt the summer afternoon’s read Sex Story
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