1. My First Hrs. At The Awakening

    10/10/2019: It started with a telephone call, a couple of weeks ago, one of my former girlfriends called Christine, inviting me to her birthday party. I had nothing else planned for the evening, and accepted the invitation. When I walked into the venue, an upstairs room at a local pub, Christine was leaning on the bar, ordering drinks. She was wearing a very short, mini skirt, her long shapely legs were read Sex Story
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  2. Buggered to Bermuda

    10/10/2019: The Wrightsville yacht harbor dipped beneath the horizon off the stern of the big sloop. As its hull neatly parted the waves, the rigging beneath the taut sail hummed while the breeze of the yacht's passage gave relief from the muggy July heat of the North Carolina coast. Brenda watched the coast disappear for a few minutes and then turned to the woman sitting beside her. "I had no idea read Sex Story
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  3. Visit to Holland

    10/10/2019: First thing in the morning I woke up and looked at you while you were still sleeping. You looked calm, peaceful and as beautiful as ever. I long to see that sight every morning and kiss your lips good morning. I didn't want to leave the room so I tucked in closer to you, held your head and stroked your soft, plush belly and looked and smelled your hair and skin. And again it all felt so very right read Sex Story
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  4. Jogging Male Coed Pays with Ass

    10/10/2019: *** College coeds, a black sports boy Quinton (pronounced Queenton), and his hispanic roommate Jose were enjoying college life with a lot of eye opening experiences were talking in their dorm, they were room mates. Jose said, "What is your next competition?" Quinton said, "800 meters." "Are you ready for it?" Jose was genuinely interested. "I think so, but I am looking for more light weight read Sex Story
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  5. Wife Takes Husband's Ass

    10/9/2019: My name is Neil, and my wife is Gina-Marie. As a second marriage for both of us, we have a very healthy sexual relationship. One of the greatest aspects of our relationship is that we can be completely honest with each other, especially when it comes to desires and sexual appetites. There is no fear of judgment from her or from me. Over the years, we have been very experimental in the bedroom, and read Sex Story
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  6. Brockton's Big Women Need A

    10/9/2019: The sun rose over the City of Champions, also known as Brockton, Massachusetts. In my mansion located on Brockton's West Side, not far from the local high school, I smiled to myself. This was a looking to be a good morning indeed, preceded by one great night. Brother Samuel here. The one and only. Your favourite big and tall, good-looking, forthrightly bisexual Haitian-American stud. Who am I? read Sex Story
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  7. Getting Sofia

    10/9/2019: Matt's trip to the States had been very successful. While he hated to be separated from Sofia for even a day, the trip had been unavoidable and Sofia would have been miserable had she accompanied him. With this latest business deal finalized, Matt expected be able to stay close to home for a while, close to the woman who had changed his life. As he lay in bed gazing at her beautiful body, naked as read Sex Story
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  8. Anal at Last

    10/8/2019: To the outside world Dave Blackwood looked like a conservative forty five year old accountant with a nice house two little kids a station wagon and a pretty wife. But to his wife Jackie he was the best sex she'd ever had. Jackie wasn't entirely surprised late one evening after the dishwasher was packed and the kids securely in bed when her husband asked her if she would like to try 'back door' read Sex Story
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  9. Forced sex became pleasure

    10/8/2019: My name is Bavi, I am a married working women.I am basically from delhi but currently I am in Chennai working with in a software company.I am 29 yrs old and have no c***dren,I got married 5 yrs back and love my married life with my husband untill this insident took place. I am 5foot 5″, of 35-29-36 body with fair colur. Initially i didnot liked chennai mens as they use to stare and pass luid comennts.But Now I like it and adore them, after a inncident happend with me. My husband has to go out for a business trip to mumbai a read Sex Story
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  10. Old Friends Become New Lovers

    10/8/2019: It all started back in high school, but nothing ever happened until I was a junior in college. Andrea was the hottest girl in high school by far, but I never had the guts to ask her out. Mainly because I played soccer and she was a cheerleader, I figured she would never go out with me; and since we had been friends since kindergarten. Turns out I really should have asked her out, I missed a lot of read Sex Story
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