1. My niece Charley - Part 4

    10/18/2019: When I got home Charley had texted me the pics I took of her. Pics of her pussy and ass, pics of her 14 year old, ass gape opening and closing, plus pics of my cock knocking at her back door and slipping in. Damn these pics were hot. I must be out of my mind, but Charley is a 30 year old woman in a petite 14 year old body, She knows things, practices things that are both amazing and bizarre. After the barn incident we did not do much of anything but pics and texts for months. One time she saw my truck at the hardware store and she waited for me, and with my truck door open, she got in close u read Sex Story
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  2. It's Been So Long

    10/17/2019: The house was quiet for the first time in a long, long time. My wife had gone upstairs to get ready for bed and I took it upon myself to click the television off. I wanted to take advantage of the time and catch up on some reading. I was nose deep in War and Peace when I heard the shower shut off. For a second, I considered going up to our bedroom in an attempt to catch her naked. Then I read Sex Story
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  3. James and Bob

    10/17/2019: Follows on from story: James Bob and Abdul James went to school the following day as normal. He arrived to his form room. Nobody looked at him, nobody said anything about him as far as he knew. He sat down in his usual seat. James knew Bob didn't go to form, because he was highly autistic and liked to go to the school Plus club. At break, Bob wandered over to James. "That was fun," he said. "You read Sex Story
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  4. A Need To Experiment

    10/17/2019: It had been quite a long time coming, but I was finally getting a fantasy fulfilled. Now before I go and tell you all about my fantasies I should probably tell you a bit about me. I am married, and have been for about eight years now. With that being said I would also like to state that I love my wife very much. It just turns out that we are not all that sexually compatible. Her idea of a healthy read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: bycmbhere, Source: Literotica
  5. A Dutch Girl in Silicone Valley Ch. 02

    10/17/2019: This time my wife Ann was home, so she was with me. Ann and I met Karla and Arno at the monthly Clubhouse wine tasting party. I felt an intense jolt of desire when I saw Karla walking toward us, Arno in tow. None of the three of us made any special references or comments about the 'Event' as Arno now called it, so I began to relax. Ann travels, often for several days at a time, because she has a read Sex Story
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  6. Humiliated and Blackmailed by Femdom mistress and

    10/16/2019: Arriving at the restaurant early I took a corner seat and thought back to the last time I had seen Amanda. We had meet 4 years earlier at a friends drinks evening. Both of us had got drunk and had ended up at my apartment around midnight. She had looked amazing as she had performed a striptease for me as I lay fully clothed on the bed. Once naked she had laid on the bed and told me to put on a show for her. I had done the best that I could and she had seemed pleased until my underpants had come off. I remembered then how she had laughed at my penis, holding her finger and thumb about 3 inches read Sex Story
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  7. A Girl's Guide To Anal

    10/16/2019: Even today anal is still a bit of a taboo, more with the older generations then the younger but most girls will simply say "No" to anal and that'll be that, which is a great shame as I think anal is probably the pinnacle of all sexual acts and a sign that a couple love each other enough to do it correctly. Anal takes a lot of trust, communication and knowledge of each other's body language to do read Sex Story
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  8. Corporate Whore

    10/16/2019: Abbey was on her way to the job of her dreams. Growing up, she had always wanted to work at an investment firm like her father, who was very successful at what he did. She worked hard all of her life, determined to make it on her own. She went to the best schools and did all the right things. After a few notable internships, she was finally able to land an entry level position at a major read Sex Story
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  9. My Anal Training Ch. 01

    10/15/2019: The four of us had stayed at the bar, drinking and flirting long after the others had gone. Our engineering firm had taken one of our managers who was transferring to another location out to get him appropriately hammered as a nice farewell. Also as a lovely and thoughtful going-way present, Gina, the big-breasted, black-haired receptionist, had given him a nice hand job under the table and had read Sex Story
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  10. AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 13

    10/14/2019: Author's Note: This will be the final chapter in this series. I have written other stories that picked up with my anal addiction later in my career. Those stories are Women in My Life and Sexual Memoirs of a Sales Manager. It made more sense to end this series now rather then repeat the same experiences again under this title. I have also received other requests to write new stories and to wrap up read Sex Story
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