1. My first sauna visit

    1/23/2019: I realised during my teens that I was bisexual - I couldn't imagine a relationship with a man, but I knew I wanted to have sex with one at some point. Most of my early sexual encounters were with women, but during my time at University I had met a couple of guys online and hooked up. One of my greatest pleasures is feeling a hard throbbing cock inside me, and cum spraying over my face or down my read Sex Story
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  2. Contrition

    1/22/2019: Thousands of dollars, that's how much her mistake was going to cost us, thousands we didn't have extra. I tried my best not to get mad, though I couldn't help but be a little irritated when I left for work the next morning. I made my best effort not to dwell on the situation during work that day, but still...it's hard to ignore losing thousands of dollars. Fortunately the traffic was light on the read Sex Story
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  3. Michelle Cheats

    1/22/2019: Authors note: This is my second story submitted to this site. Please post or send comments, especially if they will help me improve my writing. All I ask is that your critical remarks be constructive. Hope you enjoy, and please take the time to vote, especially if you like it. * In my twenties I had a friend - well, buddy is more accurate - with whom I occasionally imbibed a little weed. Doug was read Sex Story
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  4. A sad tale

    1/22/2019: Am an Indian girl and this is my story . It could very easily be the most cherishing story of my life and it didn't turn out that ways . I have not , nor I can ever , tell it to anyone. I was working in a big company in Delhi at that time . He was my colleague , in different department . From the very beginning I loved his looks , his simplicity and his aura . We discussed office matters initially read Sex Story
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  5. Haley just wanted a quiet drink with Mom and her big Sister

    1/22/2019: FOREWORD This is a continuing saga from the: IT JUST HAPPENED series. If you want more background before reading, then refer back to: It Just Happened, It Just Happened…. Again and It Just Happened….Again….And Again. The basic information from those stories is: Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married read Sex Story
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  6. His Wife was out of Town

    1/21/2019: Last Saturday night I finally took my lover's week-long load deep in my ass. And now I feel like a complete woman, like I'm finally being used properly. Few Sundays ago I was at church and thinking about my usual dichotomy of why-am-I-such-a-bad-person and how can I be a good wife, a good person, attend Church faithfully and simultaneously be someone's whore on the side, and I kept thinking that read Sex Story
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  7. Hot sun, and hot fun.

    1/20/2019: If you read my last story, you will know I met a guy called Peter, at the doctors of all places, and that was several months ago. Well I had a very out of the blue phone call from him yesterday, inviting me around for a couple of beers, and to watch the World Cup play offs. I wasn't overly interested in watching England play Belgium again, but a cold beer, and wanting to know the reel reason for the invite, after such a long time, did. I got to Peters at around one-ish, and he still looked good for his nearly 60 years. He was wearing only shorts. Peter invited me in, and showed me onto read Sex Story
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  8. Decisions

    1/20/2019: She was excited to be given a present. First dates don’t often command that kind of generosity- and though she’d expected him to be a little off-the-wall, the neatly wrapped box, 8 by 8 cm, sat on the table between them in the bar where they’d met. It was covered in spotty paper and, it had a small bow on it. They’d been chatting for days. Not long as far as history’s greatest romances go, but read Sex Story
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  9. 14 Memorable Anal Encounters 01

    1/20/2019: AUTHORS NOTE: I decided to submit stories of my life's anal encounters. Of all the women that I hooked up with over the years, fourteen of them included anal sex. Some of these were affairs that lasted for months and some for years. Others were memorable one night stands. Instead of going in chronological order I ranked the encounters according to the hottest ones beginning at number fourteen and read Sex Story
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  10. Fitting in with the Upper Crust Ch. 02

    1/20/2019: AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story includes a bisexual encounter to two consenting 18 year old boys in addition to straight sex. ***** BUDDY'S WEEKEND WITH DIANE Diane was still dressed when Buddy entered the family room and hour after jay and his dad left for the college campus. The two of them sipped on some wine and made small talk sitting on the love seat. Diane kicked off her shoes and put her legs read Sex Story
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