1. Twin Sister Delights Chapter 1: The Slut Coaches the Twin Sisters

    12/10/2017: Twin Sister Delights (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter One: The Slut Coaches the Twin Sisters By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! “I think we should put our beds here, onee-chan,” my twin sister Kimiko said, her round face pointing at the right side of the room. She pursed her delicate lips, the same delicate lips that I had. Looking at my sister was read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Anal, BDSM, BDSM, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Lesbian, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Lesbian, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Masturbation / Toys, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Insanely

    12/10/2017: Based on a desire by RedHatter76 in the forum. A society in which it's normal and acceptable for people to have sex (or to masturbate) whenever and wherever. ***** My nipples are insanely sensitive. My clit too. This isn't a good thing. I can't even touch them. I certainly can't have sex. My bra and knickers, if I wear any, are endurable only if padded with softest silk, and even then the friction read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: byAlinaX, Source: Literotica
  3. Joys of an Anal Relationship

    12/10/2017: PRELUDE The door opened and Jake Connors entered the duplex that he owned. He headed for the kitchen in search of one of his tenants Rachel. Her husband George had already left for work. Jake found Rachel in the kitchen and she was starting to clean up after breakfast. He studied her shapely figure for a few minutes before he spoke. "Where are you going all dressed up today?" Jake asked. "I have a read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: bywalterio, Source: Literotica
  4. Getting a Detention in the Nude

    12/9/2017: Five more minutes and school would be over for the day. Emma stared out of the window and watched the rain cascading across the playground. She liked her new private school, but the teachers were very strict, and you had to follow closely a Student Code of Conduct. English was her favorite subject and Mr. Johnson was her favorite teacher but the day was nearly over and she'd lost interest in the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , First Time, Humiliation, Teen, Reluctance, Teen, Teen, Author: stifflittlepoints, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Little Black Dress Part 2

    12/9/2017: I walked down the hall to the elevator and back to our room, my heart beating in my chest and my cock hard as I replayed the sight of Carole looking back at me as Tyrone pulled her into his room. The look on her face when she saw how big his cock was, pressing against his trousers, and feeling how wet her pussy got, was making me crazy with jealousy and lust. I sat down in the chair and read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial, Author: hornyscot, Source: LushStories
  6. Replying to an Ad M2M Chapter 2

    12/9/2017: After I finished my shower after my first sexual experience with a guy, I went to bed. As I was laying there I leaned to the edge of the bed and felt something wet along the edge of the bed frame. After inspecting, I realized it was the cumshot from the guy that had just sucked me off. His other hand had been stroking his dick off to my ass and left a rather large cumshot on the edge of my read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: waitforit15, Source: LushStories
  7. Banging the Boss Ch. 02

    12/9/2017: After our first fervent sexual encounter, Jack and I had spent many more wonderful days of horny love making together. I say 'making love' because, as naughty as we got, we always had a love for each other that was at least for me unparalleled with anyone else. I think for Jack too I was more than just a fuck, we loved each other, it was off the wall, a bit sick, but love all the same. That's what read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: byveronicavonDee, Source: Literotica
  8. Avery Hot Day by the Pool

    12/9/2017: Since our return from our hot vacation, Avery and I had been wild with lust for each other round the clock, including the evening of filth we shared to celebrate my birthday last month. Today was saturday. Avery was home while I was working a morning shift. It was a glorious day, 30 degrees outside, sun blazing and not a cloud in sight. Work was the last place I wanted to be. Around an hour before read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: byHank_Avery, Source: Literotica
  9. The Grudge Fuck Files ---- Harry Ashe Part 1 ©

    12/9/2017: There is a physical law stating; Everything that can go wrong eventually will go wrong. This law convinced me that if something was bound to go haywire, another thing was bound to go right as well. People always said there is balance in everything so I was convinced Murphy’s Law should have a counterpart. Yin had yang. My bad luck should come to an end sometime. I was born poor. I was the youngest read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , BDSM, Violence / Cruelty, Incest / Taboo, Reluctance, Author: Inco Gnito, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Sensational Encounter

    12/9/2017: The air was cold the streets were dark and dead besides for jade jogging along the pavement on the long quite road in her gym shorts and tank top to show off her curves. She was beautiful and very athletic. As she jogged along the pavement holding her water bottle in one hand her tits bounced in her tank top along with her pony tailed hair swishing from side to side. A car was heard from behind read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Masturbation / Toys, Mature / Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Reluctance, Written by women, Author: Sweet honey, Source: sexstories.com