1. The Houseguest entry 1

    3/31/2018: The Houseguest entry 1 I’m a married woman. I’d say it’s a good marriage. My husband is a successful real estate broker and I own a salon. Our daughter Avery is 18 and in her first year in college and I decided to tell my story not because I’m unhappy with my marriage but I can’t be the only woman needing something a little more exciting. I imagined scenarios in my mind like secret affairs but read Sex Story
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  2. Boarding School - Punished by Matron (2)

    3/30/2018: Matron has again written an account of my punishment which I have to publish without any changes or I will suffer. As before I have to explain the background and nothing else. My name is Adam and I am nearly 17 years old. I am quite fit and enjoy most sports. I have been at this boarding school now for just over one week (Matron told me not to identify the school). I got off on the read Sex Story
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  3. My Slut Wife Karen #2

    3/30/2018: My slut wife Karen #2 I woke up the next morning and my fantastic slut wife was soaking in the tub when I yelled for her. I felt the bed where my wife's butt was while she slept and there was a large wet spot and it was still sticky with cum that leaked out while she slept. I got dressed and just sat on the couch running last night through my mind. After Karen got out of the tub and dressed she came out and just sat on my lap and kissed me long and deep. Then she smiled and asked me if I liked watching her getting fucked like an a****l and I smiled and said it was fucking awe read Sex Story
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  4. Ready for the Weekend

    3/30/2018: NOTE: All characters are over 18 years of age. TGIF. It's been a long work week and everyone loves the weekend! It's after dinner, I've had a shower, I'm in my robe and my hair is nearly dry. While standing in the kitchen, looking out of the window, I feel you behind me. You don't say anything but I can feel you against me as you slide your right hand inside my robe and cup my left breast. You read Sex Story
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  5. The World's First Futa 10 - Futa's Wicked Campaign Chapter 1: Futa's First Nubile Intern

    3/30/2018: The World's First Futa – Futa's Wicked Campaign Chapter One: Futa's First Nubile Intern By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 “I love it when you just demand my cock,” I moaned to my pregnant, young wife. I was twice as old as her and so lucky to have found her. All those years aching for that relationship her parents had, the one I almost had before my transformation. I never thought I read Sex Story
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  6. Telling Hubby about Father in Law

    3/30/2018: This is based on a true story in our life. I add stuff to make it funner, you get to guess what is and isn’t real. My name is Lynlee. I am 31, 5'4" 120. B-cup. You can see my pics on our profile. I go to CrossFit a few times a week and hit the local gym for the treadmill a few times a week also. As my Hubby likes to say I'm, "keeping it tight" for him. My Father-in-law is Eric. Eric has a magnificent 9” cock with thickness to match. Eric is about 5’10’ and I would guess around 200lbs. Like his son he has a more muscular build My husband is Charles, He is 5'6" 190 with a lovely 7.5" cock. If read Sex Story
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  7. Playing with the neighbours daughter

    3/30/2018: My name is Mark and my girlfriend is Clare. I am 6ft 2 and 14 stone. I am a fireman and I love pussy. Clare is 5ft 8 and a size 8. She is a nurse and she loves cock. We both have busy lives but we make time for each other and have a very active and varied sex life. We had been together 2 years when we decided to expand and explore the limit of our sexual boundaries. The following event was the read Sex Story
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  8. L017: Lizzy’s story: Lizzy’s vacation 6

    3/30/2018: My Daddy and Maggie, Timmy’s Mommy, arrange for us to go to Babyland’s amusement park tomorrow before we leave the pool. Timmy and I are so excited to hear this and jump and hug and squeal, then my arms are around your neck kissing you so hard. My Daddy is so good to me. (Timmy and Maggie, his Mommy, are a caretaker/adult baby couple we had met and are getting to know). The read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Author: Cammi, Source: LushStories
  9. An Unexpected Adventure with Robin and Olivia - Chapters 7-8

    3/30/2018: Chapter Seven: The Payment It was Thursday and I took the day off. I knew that Robin had to work late and she had mentioned that Olivia would be home. Now that Olivia was eighteen years old Robin thought Olivia needed more freedom and let her stay by herself for longer periods of time. This was the perfect day for the payment. I arrived at 2:00 pm and was welcomed by Olivia. She was a little quiet read Sex Story
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  10. Santa Claus Is Coming

    3/30/2018: It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except me of course. I was busy putting out gifts under the tree ready for when the kids woke up in the morning. Dave was out, supposedly at his mother's, but more likely boozing with mates. I had gone upstairs to get the last of the gifts, and came down, only to step into the living room, and have a read Sex Story
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