1. Mrs. Brown Teaches Sex After School Pt 1

    12/13/2017: In sixth grade, if you got good grades, in the school where I lived, you could be a crossing guard and you got to watch the light change and then stand out and hold a flag to remind cars to stop until all of the k**s crossing the street got across. It also meant you got to skip the last part of class at the end of the day or the first part of the class right after lunch (as kindergarten k**s came for the afternoon). My best friend Tod and I always signed up for the duty because not only did we g read Sex Story
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  2. Friends for Dinner?

    12/13/2017: Sophia walked into the bedroom wrapped in a large fluffy white towel. Her skin still flushed a little red from the hot bath she had just come from. Simon looked up from the paper he was reading and admired her graceful form as she sat at her dressing table and started to brush her hair. He became aware she was talking to him, "Sorry honey, what was that"? he asked. "Oh really! You can't lay about in your underwear reading the paper all evening, we have guests due in half an hour" she said. "Relax babe" he reassured her, "everything is under control. The meal is prepared, everything is ready. I read Sex Story
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  3. A camp night to remember

    12/13/2017: I was solo camping in the backcountry of Algonquin. I got to this one site early as it was raning most of the day. Set up my camp site, got my tarp up, set up my tent over the tarp and then moved it to a better stop. I just have a solo tent. Enough for one person with lots of headroom. This was the only camp site on this lake and the rain started to come down harder. Had a great meal and was nice and warm, ready to get into the tent for a lie down. At one point I hear a canoe pull up. And yes you can tell the sound of a canoe against a rock or a sandbar. This young lady pulls up the canoe on read Sex Story
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  4. Just an Older Dude Ch. 05

    12/13/2017: Mona called me and hinted at wanting to make another large purchase of weed. Inasmuch as Jiggs and I were looking for someone to help supplement the buys Norman was making, which while decent, didn't allow us to live the more comfortable lifestyles we wanted, I agreed to meet her at a parking lot two blocks from the restaurant Mona worked at. I arrived early and checked the site out. Unless the read Sex Story
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  5. The Perversity of Incest. Chapter Four

    12/13/2017: It was too late to ring her that night, so we agreed that she'd do it in the morning as soon as she got up. I spent a fitful night tossing and turning, sleeping and then waking up. Finally, at 05:00 I gave up and slipped silently out of bed. The fresh country air tasted good as I pounded round the lanes near our home. It was the first bit of exercise I'd had since Katie had arrived and it read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories
  6. Don't You Dare

    12/13/2017: Don’t you dare… 'I just want him to notice me.' She wanted it so much. The girl sneaked into the big empty office. She liked this office. Her boss looked so hot in this chair. Every time she saw him she got wet. She wanted to fuck him so badly. But this is what everybody else wanted. He didn’t pay any attention to her and she didn’t like it, so she decided to do a provocative video and send read Sex Story
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    12/13/2017: IT’S A FULL MOON TONIGHT It is spring time in Big City and at night time with a full moon out tonight. It is also the warmest late evening of the year so far and mostly clear, with just a few clouds to ensure no significant drop off of the night time temperature. The moon peeks around the clouds giving a strobe-light disco feeling to this evening, which also happens to be Prom Night. Like with the read Sex Story
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  8. Trippy Afternoon with April

    12/13/2017: All the characters, events, places, and situations made up in this story are purely fictional- products of the author's sick mind. This is intended an adult story, and should be treated as one. This story includes; Drug use, anal intercourse, detailed foreplay, and language. Readers advised. I was in my one-room condo when I invited April over for some LSD. She agreed and came over. April was a read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: bySpeedDesire, Source: Literotica
  9. The Big Belly of Cassie [First Month]

    12/12/2017: Cain was lying on the couch with Cassie, slowly stroking the flatness of his pretty wife's stomach. Just yesterday, they had happily found out from her doctor she was miraculously blessed with triplets. They had been only married for a year and had finally decided to conceive. It was ironic in the fact that they had both wanted exactly three children, and it was all going to be done in just read Sex Story
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  10. Delivery

    12/12/2017: I was happily married, 2 kids 2 dogs living the American dream. She was in a relationship. I was a truck driver that made deliveries to Naval base where she worked. The first time I saw her, she smiled shyly. I knew I had to crack her. I made my move after several weeks. I found her social media page. From there, I found a common interest, an rpg. I sent her a message and asked her about her read Sex Story
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