1. My Cheating Wife

    3/15/2019: The First Time The first time that Terry cheated on me was in Germany, while I was in the Army. I was working in a hospital on the day shift. Since she didn't speak German, she couldn't find works so she joined clubs and spent time with friends. One night at a party after she had been drinking heavily, so told me that she was having an affair with an MP that we knew. I got angry and left. I was read Sex Story
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  2. Norma - part 6

    3/15/2019: Norma’s new lover was as good as Toby even though she didn’t know the Danes name. He was better equipped than Toby, he had more stamina and he was a lot rougher than Toby. Once getting into the pen with the dog and being naked from the waist down, if Norma tried to move away from him he would become agitated and would jump up to nip her on the back of the neck. Having had this dog’s cock embedded in her cunt Norma knew that this dog’s cock was longer and thicker than Toby’s was. Therefore he was able to penetrate deeper into her. Norma had never bothered to estimate the size of Toby’s erect c read Sex Story
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  3. Claire and the New Guy Ch. 02

    3/15/2019: All of the people in this story are 18 years of age, or older. * His dick stayed inside my ass for an immeasurable amount of time. He just held onto me, letting me absorb all of the cum he had filled me with. And allowing me to come down from my own orgasm, while simultaneously waiting for his cock to go soft. It fell out of me with a soft plop a few minutes later leaving me feeling empty. "Why read Sex Story
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  4. One Bold Night--Part One

    3/14/2019: I've never been what I'd consider very bold when it comes to "making moves" on other people. Certainly not like my friend that had sex with a girl while several other people watched. That would be very hot, actually, but I'd never initiate that. I do enjoy dating and certainly enjoy sex, but I'm not what you'd consider adventurous. I've dated mostly women since my teen years but have been with read Sex Story
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  5. My Own Personal Bitch

    3/14/2019: I have a confession to make. I like to fuck middle-aged plump black women in the ass. Why? Simply because it's a fun thing to do! It's an acquired taste, I guess. I don't think I'm unique in that regard. Lots of black men love fucking black women in the ass. I think it's quite popular these days. My name is Adrian Jones and I'm a tall, good-looking young black man living in Boston. I'm a student read Sex Story
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  6. Nothing Like a Good Spanky..!

    3/14/2019: There was a point in my life when I loved dressing in lacy underwear, applying make-up and parading in front of the full length mirror, admiring my glistening manhood as I walked like a super model, crossing my feet over in my stillettoes as my erection swung from side to side, bouncing off the top of my nylon clad legs. My cock would jump and twitch even more if I produced my camera, taking pictures of my member encased in nylon, silk and satin. I had quite a few pics of myself, and decided to post them on a transvestite friendly site. I wasn't looking for this to lead anywhere, I was merely read Sex Story
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  7. (Shemale on Male) A boy can't outrun his fate of becoming a sissy..

    3/14/2019: First story I ever wrote, no idea if it is good or not but I was finally bored enough to post something so feel free to give me any comments, thanks. It had been about a week now since Nim had arrived at the Lunarfall Garrison in Shadowmoon Valley. It was the biggest choice he had made so far in his life to travel to the alternate Draenor, but it had been a relatively easy choice considering the read Sex Story
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  8. The World's First Futa 08 - Futa's Wedding Delight Chapter 1: Futa's First Naughty Reunion

    3/14/2019: The World's First Futa – Futa's Wedding Delight Chapter One: Futa's First Naughty Reunion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 I hugged and kissed my pregnant wife, Sharron, during the commercial break for Adelia's talk show. For the last two hours, I'd discussed my life as the world's first futa with Adelia and the watching world. We were finally hitting one of those pivotal moments read Sex Story
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  9. Kneaded Relief

    3/14/2019: Remember payday. It will all be worth it then. Sharon let the thought repeat in her head like a mantra as she clung to the pole on the train. Of course, there wasn't a spare seat, not after a mongrel of a day like today. Her feet ached, her mind reeled and her back was killing her. All she wanted was to sit down and close her eyes. She'd be home soon but until then, she'd just have to endure read Sex Story
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  10. Uber car fuck

    3/14/2019: So, I don’t know where to start. It was a Friday night and I was on a date with a guy I met earlier that week. We went out to dinner (where I had too many drinks) and then we decided to go to a bar afterwards. I didn’t really like my date too much, maybe it was because I had so much to drink and he was just boring. Either way, around 1am I decided to call an Uber to go home. My date didn’t like that too much. I was waiting in the parking lot and of course my date was trying to get me to stay (for sex I’m assuming) so when my Uber pulled up I quickly got in and told him to hurry and leave read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Author: PlusSizeQueen, Source: xHamster