1. My rescue

    2/3/2018: I was sitting at home watching a baseball game and sipping a brew when Elizabeth called. Her mother had married my father a few years back and in the meantime we had become friends. We weren’t super close, probably because there was a 10-year difference in our ages – I was 31 and she 21 – but we had hung out together on occasion. Holidays at our parents house, a few dinners here and there, usually with her older sisters and whatever girl I was dating at the time. Or we’d meet for a drink or several when she made it into the city from the ’burbs. But we got along reasonably well and often had i read Sex Story
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  2. It's been twenty years

    2/3/2018: After twenty years of marriage and while everyone around us is going through some sort of mid-life crisis or another, separations or divorce, I'm finding that my marriage is getting better every day. Now that the k**s are grown and off doing their own thing my wife and I find that we have plenty of time alone. Time that would be well spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing the car, gardening or maybe catching up on other chores around the house. But for some reason something always gets in the way and although those things all get done, eventually, one has to prioritize one's daily read Sex Story
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  3. The Little Girl Who Thinks Differently

    2/3/2018: Let me tell you a story. A story about the little girl, who thinks so much differently from everyone else. She sat alone shivering, her clothes gone and forbidden. She looked about the unfamiliar place, unable to gather any comfort from it's distant atmosphere. She looked down at her feet. the unforgiving material pressed into her flesh, causing her toes to tingle and eventually go cold and numb read Sex Story
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  4. Little sisters are dangerous

    2/3/2018: Her body pressed softly against mine, and she looked me in the eyes as we moved lightly against each other. The feel of the muscles of her torso shifting within my arms as her hips moved smoothly side to side burned away any notice of the rest of the world, and when she began rubbing the nape of my neck in the dark, I became fully hard. Our first two slow dances drove me into a slow burn as read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: SirSpewalot, Source: LushStories
  5. 2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 4 & 5

    2/3/2018: Volume 4 2 Boys 2 Girls Cousins Well back at the end of volume 3 we had all come back in from our play time in the barn and playing in the rain naked. Grandma had gone to the kitchen to get Supper ready, We went to the kitchen and sat at the table, I asked can we set the table in the dining room for you Grandma? She said yes that would be a big help. So we proceeded to do just that. It was Friday read Sex Story
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  6. What happened in my basement

    2/3/2018: I'm a divorced construction worker. I've got two sons, 18 and 20. I love my job but it can be a long day hard day and I've got the body and marriage to prove it. Hard, muscled, divorced and exhausted. My favorite time of day is after work, for 2 hours I've got the place to my self. I take a long hot shower in the basement, put on an old bathrobe, then lay in the dark on an old couch and watch some tv. I always end up falling asleep until the boys come home. The noise of their arrival always wakes me up and it's time to start making dinner. Today something different happened. I showered, put read Sex Story
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  7. Sophie - The Pussy Never Lies

    2/3/2018: I have a mate who reckons he's got yellow fever. He's Irish Australian like me, but he only likes Asian women. In fact he's married to one. I've never felt the same way, although I had to admit to him that there are a lot of Asian girls with very tidy little figures. I said to him once that if they start making Asian girls taller and with bigger tits, I might switch teams. That was all before I read Sex Story
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  8. The Bet

    2/3/2018: He pulled his cock from her ass and cum poured out. His was not the first load. Not even sloppy seconds. He was 4th in a line of 5, drawing the short straw. Peggy was bent over the bed. Her ass in the air, face buried in the mattress. Karen was standing back watching the scene through her phone. Videoing every dirty detail. The bet was simple. Each girl chose a favorite football team. Whichever read Sex Story
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  9. Betty’s Betrayal Part 2

    2/3/2018: The rest of the day was a blur of phone calls, papers, and remembering how wet I had gotten as Mr. Thompson’s old cock was in my mouth as he yelled at my father. I hated my father for putting me and my family in this position. I realized Mr. Thompson was right. He owned us, what could we do? My dad couldn’t go to jail, my mom had never worked, and my little brother hadn’t graduated yet. If I didn’t do what he said our lives would be ruined. That night at dinner was very quiet and tense. I felt bad for my mother who kept trying to lighten the mood, discussing our family trip the following mont read Sex Story
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  10. Zenaida C. Brownsmith 1,

    2/3/2018: You "So I heard that you and youre baby momma Jennifer broke up, Im sorry to hear that is you son doing O.K., if you don't mind me asking?" I "It's O.K., I have other c***dren - thanks for asking." I head to Community Solutions for the day, then later arrive back at Evans Ln. At 4:20pm, right b4 checkin' in time for dinner. I usually see you coming to to and from Evans Ln. With your lady friend, so very curious I ask "Hey, Zenaida, do you have a girlfriend or a wife." You say "Well yes John Im married to my sweet wife of 7years Carol." I "Oh, shes pretty, how old is she?" You "Shes 38, 10 year read Sex Story
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