1. Getting Lucky With A Foreigner

    7/19/2019: thank you so much for comments on my previous stories. It was about a week ago, when my husband had to visit his parents for some work, and he asked me to stay at my friends’ house after I was fucked right in front of him (please read the story: Gang Banged in front of husband) he was out for 3 days, and I stayed with my friend Mita, who happened to li read Sex Story
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  2. I wonder if

    7/19/2019: I sat in the kitchen working at my laptop, completely engrossed in my work, when I heard my husband JJ enter the room. "Will that bloody dog never shut up?" he said angrily, nodding toward the house next door. I glanced up and saw him standing in the doorway, clad only in the plush, white towel wrapped around his waist. His dark curly hair was still damp from his shower and he stood there with a read Sex Story
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  3. A Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta Ch. 9

    7/18/2019: Welcome back, dear readers! Quite the plot twist I left you with last time, eh? Don’t worry, your questions will soon be answered. Please note that in this chapter, there are actually two characters named Madeleine. Our heroine, Madeleine Brighton, is still referred to as Maddie, while former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is referred to as Madeleine. I hope this preemptively clears up any read Sex Story
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  4. Lost / Forgotten Encounters 01

    7/18/2019: CATHLEEN IS HORNY AGAIN Cathleen and I had a five-year affair And I have written about it in Literotica before. This happened to be one encounter that I never included in previous stories. I was at one of our fundraisers which was black tie. I had gone alone as my planned date for the evening became ill. I liked to dance so I was dancing with all the secretaries, particularly to fast songs. During read Sex Story
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  5. Jayne

    7/18/2019: I was stood at my living room window, 9:30 on a beautiful sunny day. I watched as my neighbours either went off to work, I was on vacation for a couple of weeks, or they were returning from dropping their respective c***dren off at school. Mrs Odslow, who lived opposite our house, waved as she worked in her garden. It had all the makings of being a perfect day. I finished my coffee and was just turning to take the cup into the kitchen when I saw her car coming along the street. A white BMW, top down. A woman was driving the car, and I just knew it was my wife’s sister, damn, I thought. There g read Sex Story
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  6. Token Honeymoon -- episode 14

    7/18/2019: When the door had been closed for a minute and he'd seen the others disappearing into the distance Dan filled a glass for June and took that and what was left of his own to the bedroom. "Well?" June lay still, head snuggled into the pillows, legs spread, eyes half closed. Dan put the glasses on the side table. "I think I know what you need," he said and slid onto the bed between her read Sex Story
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  7. Body Politic - 7

    7/18/2019: Part 7 Unlike the American President, British Prime Ministers do not have their own aircraft. That is a bit of a pain for her security but somehow it all seems to work. The black Jaguar led a small convoy as it swept across the tarmac at London’s Heathrow Airport and stopped at the bottom of a flight of steps leading up to a British Airways 747. Sylvia Tenant and her entourage, including read Sex Story
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  8. An Arranged Marriage - Part II

    7/18/2019: Sunita swallowed every drop with enthusiasm and then cleaned me with her tongue afterwards. “You have a beautiful cock, so long and thick,” she told me examining it very closely. “Sanjay is... Sanjay is quite small.” I guessed as much already and I felt sorry for him. They say that women aren’t really interested in size and that size doesn’t matter but that is just not so. Size does matter read Sex Story
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  9. My New Hairstylist

    7/18/2019: I’d been getting my hair cut at Great Clips in Anchorage for more than two years when someone bought it and changed the name, so I was worried that I might have to find a new place. When I walked in, the business had been totally redesigned and there were all new hairstylists. That’s when I became concerned because I liked the girl who had been cutting my hair. So I went ahead and walked up read Sex Story
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  10. Dirty Tricks, chapter 5

    7/18/2019: 9:48 am Heather’s heart was racing like a deranged metronome. Time was her enemy, and the life of her mayoral campaign was fading away with each passing second. Fuck the campaign! My entire life will be in ruins if those pictures get out! Guiding her Audi onto the expressway, she slammed the sole of her five-inch stiletto onto the pedal and the rapid acceleration forced her back into read Sex Story
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