1. Dirty Little Secret

    3/17/2019: Yes she is!" "Not really." "Oh come on! Are you blind? Look at her!" "She's okay. I just don't think she's that hot." "You're fucking crazy! She's gorgeous!" The argument Kevin and I had been having throughout the entirety of the movie we had been watching was now reaching epic proportions as the alcohol we had been consuming was now starting to take effect. In fact, not one of the four people in read Sex Story
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  2. Finding Young Cock for my GILF Wife

    3/17/2019: My wife, Chloe, and I are in our sixties and have been married for over thirty years. I love her very much and would do anything to please her. Though in her sixties, she is quite athletic and in very good shape with a curvaceous body and heavy pendulous breasts. I see men of all ages staring at her and it makes me proud. Chloe has always been very sexual and she just loves cock. She loves read Sex Story
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    3/17/2019: HOW I STARTED TO CROSS DRESS AND MASTURBATE WITH MY SISTER MELISSA PART 2 As Melissa entered her bedroom, i got beside of the wardrobe," Fuck Melissa gonna me,now still wearing her sexy thong, witch was soaking wet with my cum. And now i had her red silky thong in my hand!!!," Melissa went right to her beside cabinet. She turned around and was smiling she took of her clothes, Melissa got onto her bed and raised her legs high in the air, and then she spread them wide open, fuck i had a amazing view of her pussy and hole, "fucking perfect!!." she started to move her hips like she was fucking so read Sex Story
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  4. Mr C's Face Between My Legs

    3/16/2019: So yeah, thanks for all of the kudos on Flasher Girl. I posted it here & another site & liked comments & messages & such. I dont wana get stuck in flash mode & just talk about that but this one guy asked me something that got a memory going of a actual flash and that expanded into a fantasy that I still get hot to even today. Hope you like it. Remember, I'm not a for real writer so I don't plan on read Sex Story
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  5. AJ and Jim’s Lascivious Birthday Party

    3/16/2019: Amber Jade is my sixteen-year-old step-daughter. I call her AJ for short. Her birthday, the ninth day of December just so happens to be the same day my lover Jim who was born fifty years before her. Jim is very well off financially and practically has everything a man could ever have. AJ is just the opposite and wants everything she sees. I started planning the big day months before and read Sex Story
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  6. Kay, My Sister Cums 2 Town 4

    3/16/2019: I pulled into the hotel parking lot next to Kay’s car. We had grabbed some drinks at the gas mart and I grabbed them out of the back and we headed up to the room in record time. Kay ducked into the bathroom and washed off her face as I drank down a beer to slake my thirst. I was watching the traffic on the highway as the last rays of sun faded over the horizon when I heard come into the room, naked as the day she was born. “Damn, Bryan, I figured you would be naked, on the bed stroking yourself read Sex Story
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  7. The Master and the Ring Ch. 02

    3/16/2019: Inside the locked chamber, Serena helped her sister sit up on the edge of the lounge chair. As she did Henri's seed rushed out further onto the floor to mix with his previous climax. Yvonne whimpered as the salty semen dripped from her sore anus. "Are you okay, Yvonne?" Serena asked. "I'm a bit inflamed but it's not horrible." "You managed to take him completely as he climaxed." "I did?" "Yes, he read Sex Story
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  8. My wife and our new neighbor part twelve

    3/16/2019: Christy told me that, the following morning at eight fifteen, Greg knocked on their bedroom door. “Kevin called him in and he brought coffee to us,” she went on, “I was laying down and the covers were down enough to expose my naked breasts.” “So, he saw your tits again?” “Yes, Steve, he saw my breasts again.” She told me that she sat up in bed and the covers were now down to her waist as read Sex Story
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  9. What If: Part Two

    3/16/2019: Part of me expected everything to change once the afterglow faded, once it completely sank in that I'd left my wife at home to come unload my balls into a stranger I'd just met at the gym. I expected guilt, anxiety, or the sudden return of caution and reason, but none of it came. I felt relaxed, satisfied, and connected to this stranger, Dylan, in a way I hadn't experienced in years. There read Sex Story
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  10. Rachel's Renaissance ch. 01

    3/16/2019: "You fucking bitch!" was all I could manage, after she dropped the bombshell. "I'm so sorry," she replied, "I didn't mean to hurt you." It was mid morning, one Saturday, and Rachel, my then-girlfriend, was hunched on the sofa in my flat, face still pink from the winter chill, dark curls escaping from the woolly hat she hadn't yet removed. She'd just told me that she'd slept with "some guy" she'd read Sex Story
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