1. Catching Up With Ezinne Again.

    Date: 12/7/2017, Categories: Mature / Older, Fetish, Masturbation / Toys, Author: agunna, Source: xHamster

    On Monday morning at work, I called Ezinne, she seems happy and excited to hear from me after a long time. She told me that Chike travelled and won't be back till next week. We scheduled to meet immediately at her house. I left my office and drove down there.Almost as soon as I rang the bell, she answered, looking stunning in a tight black top, low-cut so I could see the curves of her wonderful breasts, and a medium-length dark skirt, sliding down tight from her hips, down over her ass, and along her legs. I stepped inside, and she barely stepped backwards, forcing me to stand so close to her, our bodies almost touching. I could smell her faint perfume and the wine in the glass she held, and could almost feel her body, we were so close."Hi," was all I could muster."Hello," she said softly, under her breath. The tension in the room was palpable, to say the least. She stepped in toward me, standing on her toes, and I reached for her, my hands on her hips, pulling her closer. I could feel her breasts pressed to my chest. I felt her hips push into mine, and I know she could feel my cock, already hard, as my hands slid down over her ass and drew her closer as they explored, feeling no line of underwear at the top of her thighs.Our lips touched, and we both seemed to explode. Our kiss deepened, and my tongue slid into her mouth, and hers into mine. We were grabbing at each other, my hands squeezing her ass, grinding her against my hard cock. Her hands on my shirt, pulling me to ... her, reaching up to touch my face with her soft fingers as our lips teased and our tongues wrestled, then her hands moving down, frantically tugging at the buttons of my shirt.She moaned against me, then broke our kiss momentarily. "I've missed you for so long," she gasped. I realized that I had, too.I turned her roughly and pressed her against the door, my fingertips pulling her skirt slowly higher, inching it up her thigh, my lips moving down the left side of her neck, kissing lightly, lower, down to the top of her shirt, then slowly back up, trailing the very tip of my tongue lightly over her skin, around the very edge of her earlobe, my breath soft on her ear.She unbuttoned my shirt completely and tugged it open, tugging my t-shirt out of my pants and sliding her hands under, her fingers tracing over my stomach, up over my chest. I inched her skirt higher, then, growing more excited and impatient, I pulled her away from the door for a brief moment, long enough to yank her skirt up above her waist."Oh!" she gasped, startled, then melted into me, her hands in my hair, pulling me down to kiss me again. My hands touched her bare skin under her skirt, finding that she was wearing only the smallest of thongs. My strong fingers squeezed her soft bare ass, then slid down across the backs of her thighs, one of my fingers slipping between her legs, pressing to the sheer light silk of her panties, find her wet already, through the fabric. She gasped again, her legs opening wider as her ...