1. Sexy Stepdaughter

    Date: 12/7/2017, Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Incest / Taboo, Author: Ukki90, Source: xHamster

    It was Saturday morning and I was up early, as usual. The house was quiet. My daughter, Lacy, was at her Mom's. I crawled out of bed and wandered, sleepily, to the kitchen, in only pajama bottoms. As I walked by the extra bedroom, I noticed the door closed. It dawned on me that my stepdaughter, Courtney, was staying here this weekend. My oldest stepdaughter, Darcy, was home from New York with her husband and the baby, occupying her bedroom at Mom's.I had a running invitation that if any of the girls ever need to stay in my guest rooms, they were always welcome. I had, at least partly, raised them in our house, when they were young. I saw no problem with them staying at my home now, and they didn't either. Courtney had stayed several nights before and even kept some clothes, toiletries, and other stuff in the third bedroom. That bedroom had come to be known as "Courtney's room" in our conversation.So, I thought nothing of it and continued to the kitchen to grab my morning diet dew."She must have come in after I went to sleep" I pondered, as I headed back to my room. My room was a master suite. It was my place of private refuge, with my bedroom furniture, as well as a couch, and small office. When Lacy was at the house, we spent time in our family room. When she wasn't home, or in the early morning, I spent quiet time in my suite.I had a large master bathroom privately attached. I had designed the house for my comfort in my older age. A nice bathroom with an "extravagant" ... shower and Jacuzzi tub, were things I had not spared expense on.I got on my computer and went through my morning routine of checking email, checking social media, and generally surfing the web, for information and fun. Of course, morning was meant for porn, so several of my favorite porn sites were included in my morning routine.I spent an hour or so surfing, then headed out on my back deck. I drank my soda and watched the morning glow. I loved the mornings in the mountains.I followed my typical morning routine. I headed straight for my bathroom and my beautiful shower. I looked forward to my shower every morning. It was like getting a massage.I stripped what few clothes I had on, as I went through the bedroom. I threw them on the bed.I didn't bother to close the door of my bath behind me. I never did. I turned the shower on. All the temperatures were pre-set with multiple jets of water. I could play with things as I showered but I liked it my way.I brushed my teeth first as I always did, then got a big dab of shampoo and washed my hair. As I finished washing the shampoo out of my hair, I turned, letting the water run over my back, enjoying the warmth of the water. Movement through the glass of the shower door startled me. I reached, wiping the fog off the door to see. Courtney stood at the sink with her back to me."What the fuck is Courtney doing in bathroom while I'm showering?" I thought to myself, half whispering it.She wore a silk nightie that barely covered her little ...