1. A Christmas to Remember Part 1

    Date: 12/7/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Author: deniadaniya10, Source: xHamster

    My name is John Henry Jackson, but you can call me Papa Jack— everyone else does. I learned quite a few things growing up on our little farm in the 60's. My favorite time of day was early in the mornings before the rooster crowed. That’s when I heard the knocking against my bedroom wall. I was eleven, going on twenty-one, when I grew brave enough to find out just what that knockin was about. Don’t get me wrong. I’d seen plenty of a****ls going at it by then to know what the noise was. I’d just never seen humans do it before. They didn’t teach things like that at the school thirty miles away, least not on the days I was there. My parents had the bedroom at the other end of the three bedroom house, but it shared a wall with mine. The house was so old that some of the doors didn’t fit just right anymore, theirs was one of them. It had a gap about an inch wide and gave a good view of the queen size bed. I knew Momma was younger than Papa by quite a few years but wasn’t sure just how many at the time. Papa wasn’t a very tall man; course I didn’t know that back then. He stood around 5-ft 7-inches and was just a bit shorter than Momma. Both had red hair, but Momma’s was so dark it was black while Papa’s looked more like the rust on that old pickup sitting outside. Seeing Papa’s hairy backside made me feel icky and I hoped to never look like that when I got older. He wasn’t fat, but his belly did jiggle as he thrust into Mom’s rump— And what a rump that one was! My momma looked ... like a goddess straddling that headboard with her small titties hanging out and long hair falling around her shoulders. She bucked and grunted like a mare in heat. Papa slapped her milky white rear a few times when she got too rowdy; though that seemed to spur her on more. All in all that part of the show lasted about ten minutes before Papa walked away. He disappeared into their bathroom for a few minutes and I got an even better show as Momma finished herself off. She just reached between her legs to diddle herself, much the same way she’d humped Papa’s cock. It was a much better view than before. After that morning, I returned several times to watch the show and learned quite a few things about sex from my parents. It seemed like I learned a new position or watched a new technique every morning. As you might guess, the morning came when I was choking the chicken while watching and too distracted to realize Momma was walking towards the door. I started shooting my baby juice about the time the door swung open. “Enjoy the show?” “I...ummm...heard a.noise.”Momma grunted. “We’ll discuss this later.” My shoulders slumped and I turned towards the hall. “About that noise you heard…” I sighed. “Just a woodpecker.” “Next time you hear it…”I heard Papa come out of the bathroom and ran for the hills— or in this case the safety of my bedroom. Momma and I never did have that discussion, nor did she tell Papa about my spying. Every time I heard them going at it… Well you can guess what I ...