1. A Date with Eight Part II: Sandra

    Date: 12/6/2017, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: Barebuns, Source: LushStories

    In Old San Juan, we went to places like the Bacardi Rum Factory, El Morro Castle (1600 AD) by day and El Convento & Casino restaurants and bars at night. The next night, they were joking and giggling at the bar. They told me if they couldn't find any guys, they would just have to share me! I told them I sure wouldn't mind sharing with two pretty women. I think they decided they weren't going to choose any guys on purpose! So, I ended up with eight again back in the rooms! This time, the two invited me to stay in their bed instead of on the floor, in only my undies. So, smiling, I hopped in their bed with the two, who had agreed to share me at the bar! Then the two others asked if I was going to at least kiss them goodnight. I said, "Yes, of course!" So I got out of bed in my undies and did just that, kissing them both softly as the one felt my bulge, making me erect before I hopped back in bed with the others! I think they only liked to tease me and watch my reaction, making out, kissing and feeling me all over for about half an hour, as I felt their hot, perky boobs next to me before falling asleep. In the morning, the two had no problem stripping, then into bathing suits right in front of me! I had a shower, coming out in a towel, dropping it to put on my tighty-whities I had brought as they watched, with me sporting morning wood. I think they expected me to copy their stripping fun. Eventually, it was time for them to leave, so we all kissed one another, saying our ... goodbyes as Sandra, the girl I chose, promised to come back for July 4th weekend! oOo Sandra did come back and brought along another girlfriend with her to meet me, whose name was Adelaide. We all spent the night together and Adelaide watched as I made out with her friend Sandra that night in the other bed, sleeping only in my undies. I licked her out as she moaned, having an orgasm of delight. Maybe Adelaide got herself off as well that night, after watching? The next morning, we dressed early, and took off on our early flight on Trade-Winds Airlines for St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands for the day. The girls loved buying tax-free liquor, perfumes, cameras, etc., plus seeing beautiful island views of Magen's Bay, along with Bluebeard's Castle, where we had a conch salad for lunch. After lunch, we flew by Antilles Seaplane to the Island of St John, harbor to harbor, as we took in its pristine beach, which was clothing optional. The girls' eyes didn't miss any of the guy's equipment, both circumcised and with Sandra and Adelaide seeing their first uncircumcised cock, giggling and turning red with embarrassment! Returning by Island Ferry Service, we boarded our flight back to San Juan for an evening at the El San Juan Hotel, close to their hotel, where they were able to freshen up before we had dinner together. After dinner, we tried our luck at the roulette table of the casino without much luck, before we retired to our hotel room. Adelaide had scheduled her flight back one day ...