1. The Hornyman's Special

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: Ping, Source: LushStories

    Those words. That subtle aside. It could've been a warning. Maybe it was, but I ignored it and took the bait. It sounded too good. As instructed, I entered from the alley. The city’s lights reflected in morning’s sitting rain which puddled on the asphalt. I was careful where I stepped. Before knocking three times, one slow and two quick, I checked over both shoulders. All's clear. “Sammy sent me,” I said to the two holes in the big head peering through the steel-clad door’s little, barred window. I then handed him the card. That’s all you need. The heavy door swung open and the scariest guy I’d ever seen ushered me in. Squinty eyes. Boxer’s nose. Cauliflower ears. Laboured breath like a bulldog’s. “This way,” he snorted as he led me down a hallway that barely fit his steroid-broadened shoulders. No one got by Bruno. I was told to tip him. Fifteen to twenty if I wanted to live. Any less and I wouldn’t. As we climbed the stairs, I heard the moaning. High pitches. Low grunts. And everything in between. They were more than just sex noises. More than cries of pleasure. They were confirmations of a perverted, and until today, denied life. I was familiar with both. We didn’t talk names, ages, or religion. I’d paid in advance. Upon arrival, I offered Bruno twenty-five, conspicuously avoiding the latter, less attractive option. He nodded, and then opened a door. “Fifteen minutes,” he growled before locking me in from the outside. Four walls. One window. A double bed. And the cutest ... damn thing I’d ever laid eyes on. Naked. Perky. Very, very far from innocent. We also didn’t talk names, ages, or religion. Only position. She graced the end of the bed with her gently-curved backside held high. My rear viewing of the sheen from her puffy, vertical smile instantly hardened me. She was smooth, from back to front, and easily accessible. She kept her knees together while arching her back, forcing her tiny ass into the air while her fingers played. I'd become a drip 'n' drool factory. She was definitely not an under-delivered promise. After I escaped my clothes and approached her slippery grin, I knelt behind her and prepared my giddy self for a decadent taste. Her wetness flowed like maple syrup, which made me hunger even more. I caressed the soft skin of her narrow hips and rounded ass before parting her cheeks. I was beholding absolute beauty. With the flat of my tongue, I cradled her dripping line and their smooth, puffy sides, savoring her like a fine wine. Between her folds, I found heaven and hell, and a quickly engorged offering. When my tongue forced out the first of her many squeaky moans, they stirred my insides. I was now eager to experience hers. Through the small gap between her lean thighs, I looked into the sparkling eyes of her adorable, unblemished face that peered back. I then addressed what I had purchased. It winked at me and I engaged it accordingly. At first, I lightly touched the little ribs of flesh that surrounded her darker hole. Their ...