1. Humiliation of Hot Wife

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: byMrPenetrator, Source: Literotica

    He came home earlier than expected. The lights were all out, so he locked up and proceeded upstairs. The bedroom door was slightly ajar and as he approached, he could see her. His eyes widened and his heart quickened. What was she up to...? On the bed she had her laptop open, with the lid facing the door. Behind it she was wearing a sexy corset and stockings and she was straddling a suction cup dildo stuck to a tray or something and she was riding it with long strokes deep into her pussy. But that wasn't all. Above it, she had a large, long dildo grasped in her hand. The end of it was buried in her arsehole and she was thrusting it in and out of her Arse. Not quite removing it before burying it deep once again. Her face was buried into the duvet on the bed and she was moaning and groaning with pleasure as she double fucked her holes. He could hear the wetness as the fake dicks slammed in and out of her. She was in a rhythm. A practiced rhythm. And she was clearly on a mission to cum. He had, of course, now stopped short of the door. Watching through the crack. Mesmerised by what he was seeing. Not really wanting to interrupt. His cock stiffening inside his boxers and suit trousers. What was she watching on the laptop? Was she browsing porn sites before she started her fun? Was she watching porn right now? Was she videoing herself? Then he heard the voice. It was a man. He was encouraging her. Talking dirty. Telling her he was ramming her Arse as she rode someone else's cock. ... Telling her how sexy her Arse looked stuck high in the air with both her holes stretched and filled. How he couldn't wait to do it for real in the hotel room they'd booked the next weekend and how his mate was looking forward to it too. She was breathing heavier now. Swearing "fuck yeah. I want you in my Arse. I want to be used and abused. Fuck me hard and tell him to treat me mean" Oh my god. She was DPing herself online. Broadcasting it to a guy she planned to fuck that weekend. With another guy. What the fuck!! He leaned against the wall by the door. What should he do. She didn't know he was home. Should be go back out and come back later and pretend he'd never seen it? Should be race in there shouting and screaming and telling her to stop what she was doing and get the fuck out of his house? If it hadn't been for the weekend plans, he may have done the former. Try to find out more and decide what to do. The latter seemed the better reaction, but he didn't want to throw her out really. Not without proper thought. And anyway, he looked down at the bulging boner in his trousers and thought about how much he wanted to fuck her. She was getting ready to climax now. He could recognise the squeaks and moans. She was going to explode with a mind-numbing orgasm and he decided that was his plan. He watched until she started to moan and then squeal with delight. Hips thrusting and arm pumping, thrusting the cocks deep inside here twitching and gripping holes. As she lost control he ...