1. I Loved This New Genre

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Incest / Taboo, Author: harika2323, Source: xHamster

    I am Harika 25years old, from Tamil Nadu, happily married since 5 years and having a beautiful angel. This incident happened before 8 years in a bus journey to Bangalore.It was a month since my boy-friend left to Bangalore. Before that we were very happy spending lite moments in the same office. I left the job recently at that time, so thought of going to Bangalore for a week before i join-in my new company. We were in relationship for 2 years and he is the one who broke my virginity. I loved him a lot(thinking about him makes heart heavy even today)… i called him around 9 and informed that i hv left my home and will reach Bangalore early morning. My bus was scheduled at 10.15pm. But it was late by an hour. It was a sleeper coach and a non-stop service.. so i decided to sleep as soon as i got in..A very good looking, well build guy was sitting near my place… then i changed my mind to sight him all through the night without sleeping. But very soon the conductor of the bus came and swapped the seats. The boy moved to the last seat and a college girl came and occupied the seat next to me…She had just one small bag so didn’t took mush time to settle. Bus moved… after some time she offered me a chewing gum. I didn’t take it… after which we started to build conversations. She introduced herself as priya and was in the second year of her college(19 years old).Priya: r you working in bangalore?Me: No left the job recently…now just going to tour aroundP: Who is there in Bangalore?Me: ... my boy-friend.(she gave a giggly smile)P: nice, I don’t have boy-friend and all… I’m from a girl’s convent so I m a bit shy talking to boys.Me: (smiled) but you r cute…u ll have lot of boys as friends in future.P: (smile) how long are you in-relationship?Me: past 2 years… he is ma colleague.P: Do your parents know?Me: No, after joining ma new company I am thinking of revealing it.P: Can I see him?Me: Sure, (showed ma lock screen which holds his pic)P: He is very handsome!Me: Ya he is a person who give importance to his health. He hits the gym regularly and he is the reason behind my well-toned body also… hey, don’t sight too much. I’m his gfP: (small laugh)… So..is he staying alone in Bangalore or with his parents?Me: No, he is staying there with his friends.P: Then where will you stay?Me: his friend’s left to their hometown for the vacations…he is alone there.P: Hoooo..so enjoyMe: (laugh) what you mean?P: I meant the same thing which you thoughtMe: Nasty girl.P: He tell me akka… when did he proposed you?Me: Proposed for what?P: (laughed) Nasty akka… for everything only.Me: You mean love or…?P: BothMe: We were close since I joined in the company…it’s in the new year celebration he proposed me… unfortunately we both were in no stable position to know the intense of love.P: Ho my god? You have the habit of drinking?Me: he he.. not much…just for party, till now I have touched those only few times.P: Smoke?Me: In my life time I have just taken 1 puff… just to know how it feelsP: ...