1. The Sleeper Train Pt. 03

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: byMatureAnalLady, Source: Literotica

    Mary woke with the dawn chorus, snuggled deep within the covers of the large bed. It was her day of departure, and as she swung her legs off the bed and rose, glimpses of the night rushed through her mind's eye - the touch of his hands as they smoothed the oil into her pale skin, his soft voice in her ears. Stepping under the stream of hot water in the shower, she bit her lip at the memory of the urgent, masculine thrusting into her rear entrance. Her fingers paused at her nipples, tugging softly on them, mimicking the touch of the soft voiced man. Unbidden, her right hand had slipped between her legs, slim fingers tracing and teasing the folds of her vagina. She let a whimper pass between pursed lips, middle finger drawing circles around her clit, shaking her head and shoulders, "Nooo," her hand withdrawing momentarily before returning, finger swiping downward over the hood of her clit, swipe-swipe-swipe. "No!" She hissed at herself again, shutting the water off and stepping from the shower, her body electrified and tense as she towelled herself vigorously dry. "Mind if I join you?" Lucy asked the blonde driver. He looked up, that easy smile flashing across his face. "Please do." "Thanks." She sat down on the uncomfortable chair, that was slightly too low for the table, and took a sip of coffee. "I'm Jai..." Said the driver, "You're friends with Alice, right?" She nodded, "Yes, I'm Lucy." "It's nice to meet you... normally, this time." He said with an embarrassed grin. She ... couldn't help but giggle in response. "Oh yes! Much better!" The two of them chatted through her breakfast, a meandering conversation punctured with nervous laughter from both of them. The spell was broken by Alice, striding into the tiny canteen and hustling Lucy to work. Jai smiled and waved goodbye to her as he made his way forward to the engine. The chaos of the footplate pushed all thoughts of the pretty girl from his mind as he took over the controls from the dirty, exhausted driver whose shift was now ended. Dawn had broken over the plains, and he breathed deeply as he stared out into the hazy distance, puddles of heatwash already obscuring the tracks. "You fucked her yet?" Bellowed the engineer "Fuck off" The engineer laughed, "Young'un, you have a lot to learn about these girls... I know you fucked Alice the other night." Jai laughed, "How the hell did you know that?" The engineer fixed him with a serious look, "Because she's my daughter." He watched as the blonde driver stared, shocked, silent, as long he could manage before a gale of laugher tore out of him. "She's not my daughter you dickhead!" He laughed, doubling over and holding his thick thighs, "Oh but your face!" He gasped, "Fucking priceless!" Jai tossed a grubby rag across the footplate, "You got me!" He chuckled. "She owes me money, and sucks my cock to stop me calling it in." Jai shook his head, concentrating back ahead, adjusting the speed as they began to approach the final incline before their next ...