1. On a crowded Japanese train

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time, Fetish, Group Sex, Author: inniss, Source: xHamster

    I am a foreginer have been living in Japan for almost 4 years now and I always have the fantasies of being fingered or groped on crowded train. I think that is so sensual. I have a very small and timid structure. Height around 4”9-10 inches, weight less than 90 pound. I uses to commute at least 2 hours on train frequently to work and to go back home. I was a little worry to begin with, so I always use the “women only car” on train. But the long daily commute get really tiring and boring. Then, I woved to try the so called Chikan train in Tokyo before I leave this country for good.One fine day during the summertime, I purposely put on my Yukata and boarded a train from the busiest Tokyo Station. I don’t really care where the train is heading to, as long as it is crowded enough. Boarded a super crowded car with many working class Japanese men surrounded me. They were not too tall, but because I am so short I feel like I was crushed and breathless. Kinda regret boarding the train. It was so humid and smell.Waiting In anticipation, i wonder if anyone will sneak his hand onto my boobs. While I immersed in my imagination, the train pull up to a station when I was just leaning freely on some stranger. I couldn’t reach to the top handle also can’t find any handle that was near to me. So, just lean against some Japanese men. All of sudden, I can feel the toouch. Yes, someone has just lean his hand on my butt. I can feel the soft touch, like as if the habd is pretending to hold onto ... the pole while the train make it stop. The hand rest on my butt cheek while commuter switch in and out of the train.Immediately after the train start moving, the hand start moving too. I feel so arounsed, even though the hand wasn’t on my clit yet. It move slowly to in between my butt cheek, then made it way to the front of my yukata. Stroking my vagina. At this moment I think I was so freaking wet under. But I wanna pretend to be calm so I wouldn’t attract any extra attention. The hand is now playing stroking with my pussy and I accidentally let out “arghhhhhh...”. I have no idea whose hand was that, I look around and nobody give any kind of expression on their face. There was a guy busy reading a tiny book. There were a few with headphones and earplugs. There was one that is quite good looking 30+ or close to 40yr old Japanese that was wearing a headphone and looking away from me. But he has his back on my back. Not sure if it is his hand, but I hope is his. while I was busy I serving the suite men around me, i can now felt 2 hands on me.. one is still caressing my pussy and another one join in from behind my back to squeeze my left boob.. that squeeze make me mourn in suprise. Louder than before. I couldn’t believe what is happening with me now. I feel so violated but feel really sensual. I don’t think I will want them to stop touching me.i can feel my Yukata is being lifted. Yukata is just a long cloth that was wrap around my body. The hand is finding his way through the ...