1. Alaska

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time, Gay, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: Poseidon36, Source: xHamster

    Alaska is one of those places that most people like in theory but wouldn't want to permanently live in. It's further north than where all other Americans and even most Canadians are used to. The thing is, I've lived here my whole life, enjoy it here, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.My c***dhood home was in a small town (although by most standards, almost all towns in Alaska qualify as "small towns") at the southern part of the state. The family was just me and my dad. I never knew my mother, as she died during my birth. Even though I essentially took the love of his life away from him, he responded by putting everything he could into raising me, doing what she would have wanted. I have a better relationship with my father than most, and I'm thankful for that.After eighteen years of life, I was finally ready to go to college. I got accepted to UAA and would be living on campus. After the standard tearful goodbyes I moved into my dorm. I had gotten there first, so I was unpacking my stuff when my roommate walked in.This guy looked very average: brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, fair skin, maybe a little on the short side.I tried for my friendliest smile. "Hey, roomie!"He gave a little half-smile in return. "Hello. I'm Drew."I held out my hand. "I'm K.C."I got that split second of confusion I always get from people who meet me."Casey?""No, K-period-C-period." Casey was my real name, but I always thought it was too boring, not to mention girly.He glanced down at my hand ... and jumped ever so slightly. "Oh, sorry." He reached out we shook. He seemed nervous as hell, which I found humorous because I'm not an intimidating person. I'm tall and lanky, with hair the color of straw and eyes the color of lint. I hadn't met anybody who thought I looked threatening."Relax, dude. I won't bite.""Sorry, man. I'm just a little anxious, freshman year and all."I nodded, not wanting to say any more.We both unpacked our things and moved into the room. The dorm was small, with a bunkbed and two desks and not much else. I put in a conscious effort to be polite. I'm an only c***d and had no experience living with anyone but my Dad. Fortunately, when the initial jitters died down Drew got a little more laid back.We had gone to bed and I heard Drew's voice come from the bunk below me."K.C., are you awake?""Yeah, what's up?"There was a pause, too long to not be awkward."I need to tell you something. I'm gay. I just wanted you to know, in case you're not comfortable rooming with me because of that.""Oh." I thought about it for a moment. I hadn't had much experience with gay people in the past. I tried to choose my words carefully."Well...if we're just friends and nothing else, I don't see why that would be a problem."I heard him let out a sigh of relief. I tried to lighten the mood."This could be a good thing. Now we don't have to worry about crushing on the same people."He chuckled. "I suppose."We didn't say anything else to each other that night.*****Our freshman year ...