1. Never Too Old To Learn Ch. 02

    Date: 7/10/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: byThe Big Bopper, Source: Literotica

    Brett Walker has recently become a shock jock on an AM talk radio station, working late nights. His producer, Jennifer Anderson has had a sheltered sex life through a loveless marriage. Working so closely with the 27-year-old stud and needing to meet with him daily at his home, the mature 48 year old woman begins to take an interest in his nocturnal sexual pursuits of younger women, eventually obsessing about the size of his penis.You really should read Part 1 to see how their relationship bridges the 19-year difference to yield a morning of very satisfying sex. But what's next for this odd couple? Where will they go from here? Can Brett be content with a woman with little sexual experience almost two decades older than him and is a young stud really what Jennifer needs in her life right now?Chapter Seven The morning after their initial sexual coupling, Jennifer couldn't wait to drive to Brett's house. Nervously, she turned the key in his front door at 10.01am, praying that she would not find him in bed with some bimbo that he had picked up at one of the clubs. She didn't have to look far to find him. She peeped in his bedroom door and there he was, seemingly asleep, on his back on his bed, totally stark naked, no sheet to cover him. She tiptoed into the room and crept up to the side of the bed, gazing down at his buffed body, totally exposed for her inspection. His cock was a fair bit larger than flaccid, it was possibly about one-third erect. Jennifer kicked off her ... shoes, unclasped her skirt and let it fall, she lifted her sweater up over her head, revealing just a bra and panties … that is, if the only man in the room had been awake to see. She had dressed more simply today, ignoring the seductive black lingerie of yesterday. She slipped onto the bed and lifted one leg across his legs to sit straddling him, her arse across his ankles. She dipped her head down and her lips parted to let her tongue slide forward to lick his semi dormant cock shaft. She felt it respond quickly under the wet strokes of her tongue. When it had stiffened sufficiently, she closed her mouth over the rounded tip and sucked all of his large cock-head inside her mouth. Jennifer heard him stirring, an expressive moan indicating his enjoyment of her enthusiastic blow job, a procedure she had not attempted for many years. Judging by the stiffness of his rising hard-on and the sounds of his pleasure, she had not lost her technique. The more his shaft grew, the harder it was to keep his entire growing knob within her mouth. Her tongue helped out by continuing to swipe its wet flat surface across the eye in his tip. Eager to feel the hard size of him probing her insides again, Jennifer reluctantly let his hard-on slip from between her lips. Brett, who she thought was still asleep, reacted with an expressive, "No … don't stop now!" Despite his hips humping up to re-find her lips, Jennifer had lifted up and quickly slipped her panties off, re-straddling him further up on the ...