1. My Little Sister Sophie, Part 6

    Date: 7/10/2019, Categories: Fiction , Incest / Taboo, Teen, Romance, Teen, Teen, Author: daveirish, Source: sexstories.com

    The next morning I awoke in a daze. At first, I thought everything was a dream. Then I noticed I was naked and I normally sleep with boxers on, unless I’ve had sex. I just don’t like the feel of my cock dangling around and my scrotum getting stuck to my thighs! Don’t get me wrong, I love being naked, but for comfort, I always wear boxers in bed. I sat up and thought about the night before. I had showered with my little sister and she had washed my cock and my asshole and then I had washed her asshole, but stopped going any further. I had spewed my cum onto my sister’s youthful body and she had loved it. She had placed her mouth around the head of my cock and I had spurted the last few thick streams into her mouth and then insisted that she didn’t swallow and that she kissed me. I had always loved cum and it didn’t matter whose it was. It was amazing. We had fallen asleep on the couch naked and when I awoke, I carried her to her bed and went to my own. Then I remembered. We had basically agreed to have a relationship. I had agreed that I wanted my little sister to be my lover. I had always loved her, but now in a different way. There was so much lust involved now, as well, but also genuine feelings of affection that I had only ever felt with girlfriends. My younger sister was now my girlfriend. I freaked out and was hugely turned on at the same time. I went through all of the thoughts and feelings I had had over the past couple of days and realised how wrong everything I had ... done was. I then remembered that my little sister had sucked my cock and tasted my spunk. We had showered together, I had perved and ogled her constantly. I felt seriously guilty. I then realised that it was too late. I was always going to doubt everything that had happened and, in a way, I knew it was wrong. But I also agreed with what Sophie had said. If we both want it so much, then how can it be bad? At that stage, and after everything we had already done, I said ‘fuck it’ to myself. It was too late to turn back the clock. At that stage, I decided I needed a shower. I put some boxers on, left my bedroom and headed towards the bathroom but saw the door was closed and heard the water running. Sophie was showering. I decided to do, more or less, the same thing that she had done when I was showering yesterday morning. I crept slowly up to the bathroom door and stood outside, listening. I heard nothing other than running water. I waited a few seconds and then heard something. It sounded like a whimper. I listened further. A few seconds later, I definitely heard a whimper. I decided to listen a little longer, hoping to hear it again and if so, I would then burst into the room (presuming she had left the door unlocked). I heard another whimper, louder and more of a moan this time and then, went for it. I opened the door very quickly and stepped into the bathroom. The shower, was indeed, running. Sophie, however, was sitting on the closed toilet lid, her legs spread and her right ...