1. My hot Sister

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Diary , Incest / Taboo, Teen, Author: tonysex23, Source: sexstories.com

    My sister Amber and I are in high school and for most of our lives we have been weaned by our father with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). When we were younger we use to horse around and pretend to lock arms and try to pin the other person. As Amber matured, she became a very attractive cheerleader, but still enjoyed horsing around with me; despite the fact our parents no longer think it is cute any more. I am telling you all this, because wrestling led directly to my first sexual experience of my life, when my older sister Amber challenged me to a wrestling match. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was watching a wrestling program by myself at home. My friend Sam would have been watching with me, but he was sick in bed for the whole week with the flu. I was flinging one of the sofa cushions around and yelling at the set when my sister Amber entered the room. As I mentioned above, Amber is a very hot looking teen girl. She has a very pretty face and smile, with a dusting of freckles across her cheeks and a pair of full lush lips. But it was her body . . . her incredible body that drove my adolescent cock wild. Amber was built on the slim side, yet she had a great pair of breasts that I loved imagining . . . being naked in front of me. Her hips and ass were sensationally toned . . . from years of playing tennis on the school team. She had a killer pair of legs, and her thighs were a very perfect size for her body. Note: I had only masturbated successfully to orgasm about ... three weeks earlier, and already Amber was starring in my sweatiest jerk off fantasies. I had the sofa cushion clamped between my thighs and I was raining forearm shivers down on it when Amber came in. "Mike... what are you doing, silly?” she asked. "I am fighting and defeating the evil Prof. Toru Tanaka", I replied as I put a headlock on the helpless cushion. "Yeah... right," Amber said with a laugh. “You couldn't even beat me if you tried!". She stood there with her hands on her hips, looking at me. "I could too", I said staring back at her and trying not to look at her yummy looking titties. "I know wrestling holds and moves you know nothing about... I could pin you easy", I replied with a confident tone. "But I'm a year older and stronger," Amber said. "But skill can defeat strength", I said. "Just look when Bruno beat Haystacks". "I'll tell you what . . . I’ll accept your challenge, but let's make it interesting... the loser does the dishes and takes out the trash for two weeks,” Amber said. "OK", I replied. "It's a bet. When do you want to do it?". "Right now,” Amber said with a laugh. "Mom's at work until six and Dad’s out playing golf. Let's do it in the family room... we can shove back the couch to make some room. I think we should wear our bathing suits and I want to braid my hair first". So I went down and cleared a space as Amber had suggested and then changed into a pair of swim trunks. I was suddenly looking forward to wrapping my arms and legs around her sexy ...