1. Hanging Drywall

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Bisexual, Author: spinneroftales, Source: LushStories

    It was the middle of August and the summer heat hadn’t yet arrived. It was beautifully warm, and indeed, very warm if you were working, but the mind-numbing stifling heat that usually arrived toward the end of summer hadn’t yet made an appearance. Logan Ellison was a relatively young entrepreneur who believed in sustaining the past as he pushed ahead to the future. He’d bought this 1930 era house built in the style of Le Corbusier but left to deteriorate until it was almost a ruin. He was spending a lot of money to resuscitate it, which meant ripping out much of the original lathe and plaster interior which had suffered extensive water damage and replacing it with today’s material, but keeping the integrity of the building. Scott Lassiter, the head of the work crew, was pleased that they were actually a little ahead of schedule, and with luck might beat the arrival of the heat. Part of the reason for their efficient progress was that he’d hired the best workers he could find. Dean McMasters was one of those workers. Although only twenty-six, he was an expert with hanging drywall. He could easily read blueprints and cut outlet holes in a sheet with no errors. With a lift, he could do a ceiling without anyone helping him. His handling of the tape to hide butt and corner joints went smoothly, and when he completed the spackling walls they could be painted with no other preparation. He was also one of those people who had outstanding good-looks but acted as though he was unaware ... of his blessing. He knew his body was well developed because he’d worked on it. He also knew he was well endowed in the genital area because of his rash and rowdy life between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three. Many of the women he’d bedded had told him what he had been gifted with what most men would die for. But even with these physical attributes he never tried to take advantage of them, or flaunt them to gain attention. They were simply parts of his being as were the color of his eyes or generosity of his spirit. Those wild years had come about after the divorce of his strict, uptight parents. He had no desire to choose to live with either of them, and so having graduated from high school, he struck out on his own. The sudden liberty after a life of confinement had led him to go too far. He became a hedonist in all aspects, but he also devoted himself to work, and to becoming the best at what he did. But after five years of mild debauchery, he met Sylvia and fell quickly and deeply in love. She was nothing like the women he’d made out with and yet she was nowhere near the prudishness of his mother. She was sweet, funny, gleeful and bright. He got his act together, dated her, acted like a gentleman, impressed her with his attentions and his work ethic and won her over. They married just months after they met, and for three years the marriage been all they could wish for, including the mutual agreement to postpone starting a family for a few years until they were secure ...