1. Tales of Laney R

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Essay , Bestiality, Teen, Author: phyllisroger, Source: sexstories.com

    Romantic Memories of Laney R. (first in a series) By Rodgerthedodger MffBest Winsome young Laney R. her best friend, her next door neighbor and his dog who she helps out; then He “helps” her out learning of joys in life! A true story. It was innocent enough, that is, in the beginning. Later I lost my innocence and found sexual pleasures beyond my dreams. My next door neighbor, Jim, was away from home. “Would I help with his garden and his dog while he was gone?” Of course, I would. What are neighbors for? So after school I attended to his garden and his dog, did my homework at his kitchen table, and learned about life as it turned out: some of life’s joys that still turn me on after these years. I was at a special age, 16, the age of consent in England. And lived in a rural area of Cambridgeshire. I didn’t know to what I was supposed to ‘consent’ to but that was the law. Even so, I was at 16, an innocent, winsome lass. Petite, pretty, blond, perky breasts in their early budding. I was proud of my shape and looks. I had learned about some sexual things earlier when riding and straddling a very large horse. There was some bleeding; my Mum took me to her doctor. It was the first time I had fingers in my fanny; it’s what I called it then, an exciting, nervous time with my naked privates being examined, and, yes, probed by a man; even though he was Mum’s doctor his fingers started me going. My breath got short and I closed my eyes, letting out an audible gasp. I wonder if Mum ... had heard me. I covered my mouth as I took another deep breath. I looked at the doctor and he smiled and removed his fingers. He had started something and I didn’t want his fingers gone. Later that night, in bed, I used a hairbrush handle to finish what the “naughty” doctor had started. I wondered if he knew the fire he lit in me. I had never known that first a horse, then a doctor’s fingers, and then, finally, later that night under my bed covers, that a hairbrush would make my legs shake and my body come alive; finishing what the doctor had started. It was an exploding pleasure and I wanted more. Not horses or, maybe not doctors, but hairbrushes or other things! I was learning some exciting things in life but there was more to come, as I am telling you. After the doctor visit I got ‘more’ every chance I had with hairbrushes and other things. But, back to the story of my neighbor, Jim. That first day after school I went inside his house and fed the dog. I did a little gardening and then sat at the kitchen table to do my homework. It was quiet that afternoon, just the clock ticking and the dog licking at his water bowl. I looked over at him and began my studies. After awhile, doggie came over and sat near my legs, his tongue out and panting. I looked down at him, a little pink tip of his cock was sticking out of his sheath! I had never seen a cock before, or any other for that matter except Dad’s by accident, only the quickest glimpse mind you, once or twice when he was in the ...