1. Velma Dinkley's Dirty Secret, Part One

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Trans, Incest / Taboo, Author: TheMidnightTalebeare, Source: xHamster

    "Jinkies," Velma groaned wearily, fairly falling into her apartment. Her slightly stocky legs were riddled with pain, and her feet were on fire inside her black Mary Janes. Her usually bright, black, eyes stung horribly behind her square glasses. Nothing in all her years of unmasking crooks had ever worn her out like this.She had just returned from Widow's Peak, home of the stately Connerly Manor. Its occupants had died two years apart, of natural causes, but now, mysterious fires were appearing throughout the property. There had also been sightings of an eerie, white, figure. The Connerly estate had summoned Mysteries Inc. at once. About six months ago, Velma had published a collection of short stories chronicling the gang's first thirty mysteries. It had sold fairly well, and earned them regional fame. It had also gotten them a bunch of higher profile jobs like this one.The moment she'd set foot on the premises, Velma had known the fires were chemical in nature. Her well-trained nose detected notes of glycerin, but she couldn't find the source or any residue, search as she might. So she'd enlisted the help of Shaggy and Scooby. One had a ton of energy, and the other a stellar nose. To get them to go anywhere near the manor, she'd had to bribe the pair of them with four Scooby Snacks each. Still, the moment they were inside, Scooby had the scent in mere moments. Within ten minutes, Shaggy was calling her over to investigate a secret passageway.A mummy had attached the ... moment Velma stepped inside, but she'd had the presence of mind to kick it in the crotch. It had leapt back in pain and was immediately trampled by Shaggy and Scooby as they made a hasty escape. Velma had quickly followed suit, and listening carefully for Daphne's voice, Scooby led the way. In a few moments, they'd arrived at a small room in the servants quarters. Upon entering it, Velma had sworn under her breath."Aww, that's a good little slutboy," Daphne was cooing sweetly. "Take my dick up your ass like a good little bitch. You wanna be Daphne's good little bitch don't you, sweetheart?" The slim, long-legged, redhead, was naked except for the rather large strapon she was shoving up Fred's shithole."Oh yes, mommy, yes!" Fred had grunted in reply, humping his ass back on the invader. "Pound my fucking ass! Make me a good, little, slut for you!""That's my darling, little, bitch," Daphne had moaned, petting his head affectionately as she showed no such tenderness for his asshole."Er...mommy?" Velma had sniped, exasperated, "if I could borrow your darling, little, bitch for a moment, I've discovered the identity of the person lighting the fires. Her name's Nurse Madeline Carver. She worked for the family here for decades. But they barely paid her a thing, and she got nothing in Jesus, Daphne! I'm talking to you! Stop fucking him this instant! She got nothing in either will," she'd continued after Daphne reluctantly complied. "So she...oh, Shaggy, dear, please!" she'd sighed deeply, ...