1. The Blind Girl in the Snow: part 1.

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Mature / Older, Romance, Author: cyanide56, Source: sexstories.com

    THE BLIND GIRL IN THE SNOW Part 1. Another December. A different year. "Where is that wife of yours?" Janet hugged herself as she stood waiting next to the carrier on this bitterly cold Friday morning deep in the heart of Winter. Another heavy snowfall had left the landscape covered in shades of white as I turned back to the house with a knowing smile. "You know what she's like," I replied as I unlocked and opened the right side door for her to get in out of the cold, "Besides, Gracey is with her." The older woman made a face and rolled her eyes to the sky blue heavens. "That's my point," she laughed as she slid into the rear seat and fumbled about for the belt, "Once those two get talking they'll never stop!" I was about to make my way up the path to our suburban home when the two women appeared at the door. Gracey was to her right and had her arm through hers to support her as Heather carefully stepped out into the fresh layer of snow that had settled overnight. I waited as they walked up to me. "All set?" Heather, wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug, raised her head at the sound of my voice and her face broke into a wide perfect smile. "As set and as ready as I'll ever be!" she beamed as I took her hands in mine and nodded at the thirty-six year old woman with her blonde frizzy curls standing next to her. Gracey handed me the house keys, stepped to one side, and went to get into the car. "No smooching now or we'll be late!" she laughed as she ran around the far side of ... the vehicle and slipped in beside Janet. I raised my wife's hands to my lips and kissed them. Heather gave me a slight nod and a nervous smile in return. The moment had arrived. All those questions, hopes, and fears were about to be answered. One way or the other. "Did Sarah say she would meet us at the clinic?" she asked as she let go of my hands and reached up to fiddle with her hat. "Don't worry, she'll be there," I reassured her as I could only imagine how she was feeling right now. I stared at her face. A face I had come to love with a passion and devotion that still shook me to my core and which deepened with each passing day we were together. There had been so many of those days since that day in the rain. I pulled her deep red overcoat tighter around her and made sure the special visor she was wearing and the bandages underneath were secure. "Big day," she whispered to me. Yeah. No doubt about that. "Big BIG day," I whispered back. I took her arm in mine and we began the journey which would change our lives forever. * There was a quiet comfort of feeling her arm through mine as we left Lucille's cafe and made our way through the snow-covered tree-lined grove and out the park towards the promenade that looked out across the Hudson. The sun was a cold bright halo in the sky as we rested against the iron railing and enjoyed the warm pleasures of mutual companionship. Heather lifted her face and closed her eyes as the crisp breeze moved and swirled around her. I had given ...