1. Always the Same

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: SventheElder, Source: LushStories

    Sven was completing the last half of his workout on the exercise bike in the gym when Jay sauntered up behind him. She leaned her chest against his left arm and blew gently into his ear. Sven, feeling her right breast squashed against his arm groaned inwardly; woodies don't work in this condition, he thought. "Jay, you bitch, it's always the same. You only do that when I can't do anything about it!" She laughed gently and stuck her tongue in his ear by way of an answer. Sven laughed and made a grab, but she easily escaped. "You wait," he said, "one day..." He watched her leotard-covered bottom wiggle its way to the ladies changing area. A minute or so later, having finished his morning workout, Sven, holding his towel carefully and strategically, also went to get changed. As he showered, Sven mused over Jay. Younger than he, she had taken to flirting outrageously on the odd times their paths crossed. Usually, she only treated him like this when the gym was fairly quiet, but this morning there had been others around. He felt a little uneasy about that, but -- ah, well, it was harmless enough. There was nowhere here for it to be anything else. Hell, but that breast had been nice, though; the nipple had been prominent as well. One other thing was sure: she had a nice ass as well. He shook his head, ignored his half erection, and finished drying himself before dressing. Shortly afterwards he pushed through the front door of the club and stopped dead in the entrance porch. With ... only light clothing on, Jay was standing looking at the heavy rain that had arrived while they were inside. The close rumble of thunder as he grabbed her around the waist only heightened the effect and really made her jump as he touched her. "Hah!" he said. "My turn to get you back!" She relaxed a little in his arms as she laughed and turned towards him. "I should have looked a bit more closely at the sky before I jogged here today," she said ruefully. "I'm going to get wet running two miles home." Sven grinned. "Well, if you want to risk it, you can always take a chance in my car -- if you feel safe, that is. After molesting me yet again back in there, you never know what might happen." Jay laughed and, sticking her chest out, poked him with her right breast. "Hey," she said, "I'm a big girl now, not that you'd take advantage of a weak woman like me, would you?" Sven made a loop of his left arm and she stuck her right arm through it as they walked along the covered way to the car parking area. They arrived at his car and he opened the door, bowed low with a flourish, and said, "Your carriage awaits Marm." Catching the mood, Jay curtsied and responded with "Why, thank you, kind sir," before giggling and getting in. As Jay gave him directions to her house, Sven stole the odd glance at his passenger. Her short hair had been carefully cut to complement her slightly angular face and high cheekbones. She was an attractive woman with lithe legs and a trim figure, although it was well ...