1. My second time at the steam bath

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Gay, Author: hornydad677, Source: xHamster

    It was a couple months since my first visit to the steam bath. Since I drove past the building five days a week it wasn't like I had to go out of my way. It was just that I had conflicted thoughts. The thought of anonymous sex always got me hard yet at the same time I considered myself heterosexual but leaning toward bisexual. Enough about mind games and back to my story.So a couple of months passed and it was now early Spring. Feeling a bit horny one afternoon after my final class, I was driving past the building that housed the steam bath when I decided to give it another try. Just thinking about the last time I visited the place got my juices flowing. Upon entering the place I was a lot less nervous and much more excited about what I may encounter. After paying the man behind the counter and receiving the towel, bar of soap and key I quickly found my cubicle, removed all my clothes, tied the towel around my waist leaving a bulge that told anyone looking of my excitement and hustled off to the showers. Unlike last time when no one was in the shower room, I happened upon, or I should say I interrupted two men soaping up each other's cocks. My appearance did not seem to disturb them as they kept on stroking each other. When I took off my towel, exposing my hard cock, they both smiled at me. As I began to shower, both of the men quit what they were doing and one man went behind me while the other man dropped down and began sucking on my cock. The man behind me began soaping ... up my ass, slowly using his finger to rub my anus. What a feeling! Being sucked and fingered. I didn't want to cum right away so I placed my hands on the head of the man kneeling in front of me and slowly pushed back. He quickly got the message. The next thing I know the man behind me bent me over at the waist and soon after I felt not his finger but something bigger trying to enter my ass. I really didn't want to engage in anal sex so I stood up and shook my head no. The two men didn't seem to mind as they went back to stroking each other. I immediately left for the steam room.Once in the steam room, I sat down and waited until my eyes could adjust to the steamy fog. When my eyes finally adjusted I discovered I was the only one in the room. So much for a great blow job I thought. Even my raging hard on went away. As I sat and still no one came into the bath, I thought maybe of heading back to the showers. Least there I could get my cock sucked. Just about the time I had talked myself into leaving the bath and going back to the showers the door to the bath opened and in walked an older man. He stood by the door for a minute or so and then walked over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me. As he sat he removed his towel exposing a limp dick. In the meantime, my cock awoke back up and was making a tent of the towel covering my lap. He smiled at me and reached over and removed my towel. Then he grabbed my cock and stroked it from my swollen balls to the tip. It wasn't ...