1. The Club part 1

    Date: 5/14/2019, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: taylorsam, Source: LushStories

    Steve and Heather have been married for nineteen years, getting married right out of high school. They dated though high school and planned on getting married after college, but accidents happen. The two didn’t use protection when Heather finally let Steve’s cock into her vagina after a graduation party. The two were married later that summer with their daughter, Judy, born the following March. They would often kid about their shotgun wedding, but they were very much in love. Steve went to a local college with both their parents help. Many sacrifices were made to set up their family. Steve worked hard while going to school and Heather also worked while he was going to college. That hard work paid off with them setting up a very successful career. They raised their daughter, Judy, getting her off to college after her eighteenth birthday. For the first time since they were married they found they had time to themselves. They had always enjoyed a good sex life when they had time. Between work and raising Judy there never seemed to be time or energy for of sex. Being empty nesters, they had more time on their hands and that time together increased their sexual appetite. Before they sent Judy off to college, sex occurred only on weekends and most times that was only twice a month at most. Heather had never been one to initiate sex nor was she into anything kinky. Steve saw a new side of Heather the week after Judy went to college. Steve was helping Heather clean up Judy’s room ... when Heather started getting “frisky”. Heather sat on her daughter’s bed, “You think our daughter has had sex on this bed?” “Hey, I don’t want to think of our daughter that way,” Steve snapped back. “Come on, you know she probably isn’t a virgin. You remember when I snuck you into my house and you fucked me all night with my parents in the next room? I wonder if that boy Chad was banging her little pussy when we were sleeping next door?” Heather said rubbing her crotch. “What are you doing honey?” Steve asked as Heather was taking her shorts and panties off. Heather tossed her shorts and panties on the floor. “I’m either going to finger myself here or my husband is going to fuck me on our daughter’s bed.” “As much as I would like to watch you finger yourself, which to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen with the lights on, I think I will choose option number two.” Steve shed his clothes before crawling between his wife’s legs. He shoved his cock into her waiting pussy. He was surprised to find her sloppy wet. They fucked like kids both cumming two times leaving a big wet spot on their daughter’s bed. “Damn, we haven’t fucked like this in a long time,” Heather said. “You think that Chad made our Judy cum like I just did in this bed?” “I told you I don’t want to think of Judy that way, but it was pretty great fucking you in her bed.” Over the next couple of months Heather and Steve were fucking every chance they could in every room in the house. Heather even asked Steve to try ...