1. Meet the Dorsett's

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    The 560-acre parcel was the only parcel still housing nigger slaves and due to the civil war, the slaves were given the option to go free, yet very few were educated and even less had the resources to leave. Though the Johnstone family treated their niggers with respect and even paid some of the house help, The Dorsett family were very different, and they all had deep seeded hate and lust for people of color. Thornton Dorsett Sr. enjoyed himself some youngin’s. Sweet faced and round assed type niggers, young girls. He also enjoyed a young boy’s ass or two. He would have his way with them and sometimes make their mama’s and daddies watch him drop his pants and deliver a large load of cum to one of the squirmin’ nigglets. Thornton Dorsett Jr., 17 and mean as a sack of hornets would laugh and cheer his daddy on. “Get that lil nigglet pussy daddy…fuck her good ‘for I let these dogs up on ‘er!” I once heard him yell. We ladies were always welcome to watch our men fuck one. I’m married to Thurston Dorsett. He is 19 years old and hung like a horse. He has only fucked one nigger girl in front of me, but she was buried deep in my pussy face first as he fucked her asshole and made her bleed at my command. I watched that same nigger girl then take half the Mandingo staff and a few animals. Junior loves bestiality, he even fucks the sheep and makes the nigger girls suck him clean while his buddies have their way with their choice of man woman or whoever may roam in to view at the ... wrong time. The Mandingo staff was all large niggers who were usually used for brute labor, or entertainment- which were usually organized fights. And when the men were fucking the nigger pussies of all the girls on the plantation and sometimes daily hiding the baby bumps that arose from their affairs, the women of the house would have Mandingo parties. We would all wear nothing but masquerade masks and get very intoxicated. Let the nigger men fuck us raw, hard, and repetitively. Marianne Dorsett the matriarch of the Dorsett family, and wife to Senior- would allow several nigger men to cum inside her, one after another, after another. She would scream out Thornton’s name and ask the Mandingo’s if they liked her white cunt. They would cry out as they unleashed inside her, and begged her to let them pull out, for fear they all would be lynched in the offset chance they impregnated her. One particularly large Mandingo named Soren would shove deep into her and make her say his name, he would sometimes cum on Seniors pillows, and laugh as he would set Senior’s picture up in front of her and make her look at him while he fucked her like a dog. One night after years of these kinds of things becoming regular daily happening, Senior and Junior were balls deep inside a young nigger girl’s pussy and mouth. Bouncing her back and forth like a ball that a child bounces against two walls and watches go back and forth between the walls. These men were ping ponging her vagina and throat- as she ...