1. Job Interview Goes Amiss

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Job / Office Sex, Author: mattycopboy, Source: LushStories

    The last time I put out a job application, I was eighteen years younger and you found the work in the help wanted ads. Now, it seems everything is online, and you email them, hoping to hear back from them. So, I spend most of my afternoons online, searching and hoping I find something. It's come down to I'll take anything that brings me in some money. Sad, a year ago, I was well established in my career making some good coin. Now, I'd be happy for fifteen dollars an hour. Monday came, and I sent out a few emails for anything I thought I had a chance at getting. Tuesday came and no response. Wednesday and Thursday were the same. Finally, on Friday, I got a callback, from Becca at "Clean Can Company." I guess they had revolutionized the way people get their garbage cans cleaned. It was a job. That was the only thing I was thinking about when I called her back. From her voicemail, I couldn't tell if she was younger or older, but I could sense a sultry sexy woman on the other end. When I called back, we chatted and she told me a bit about the company and such. I detected a hint of her flirting with me when she asked if I was married. She set the interview for Monday at noon. By the time our conversation was through, her voice alone had turned me on. How does one dress for a job interview of this nature? Un-tucked dress shirt and nice jeans was what I went for. I was more interested in getting to see Becca then anything else. When I got to her office, seeing her ... twenty-something secretary, I assumed she would be in the older club. When she walked out of her office, I was pleasantly surprised to see she was in her early forties. I guessed her height to be 5'8", a solid 140 lbs. She was wearing a dark pencil skirt with a slit about half way up, which looked to be buttoned on the side, a light pink blouse, and probably a three-inch heel. The blouse was hiding her tits, but I quickly guessed them to be a 33C. It wasn't only her dress that got me aroused, but also her long flowing down her back brown hair and porcelain skin. Her smile beckoned me into her office and her wink sent my cock into overdrive. I thought it was odd, her closing the door behind us, leaving it open only a crack. We talked about the company, the ins and outs, what I could expect, and all that good stuff. When I asked her the starting pay, I almost laughed when she said it was twelve an hour. No matter how much I was mesmerized by her, that certainly wasn't going to pay the bills and told her so. Maybe it was the sexual tension or her sultry voice that was making me stay. Or it could have been at this moment she pulled out a thing of dark cherry lipstick and started to apply it. A slight "Ohh," escaped my lips, when she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips when she was putting it away. "How much are you worth then?" She said with a smile. "I need at least $18 an hour to make my bills." With a wink, she asked if I was worth it. "More than you can imaging," was my reply. She had ...