1. Sore Loser

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: bymajicman21, Source: Literotica

    "I wish I could've seen the look on his smug face when the verdict came down." "Yeah, girl, that must've been so nice. I mean, you won, but you also beat that douchebag." Sarah snickered as she sipped her drink. Around the table with her were her three best friends, Amy, Lisa, and Chloe, the quartet celebrating her recent victory in court. "How does it feel?" Amy asked. "Well, it always feel good to win," she answered, "no matter who I beat." "But doesn't it feel extra special," Chloe pressed, "knowing that Drew is home crying right now?" She shrugged, trying not to smirk. "Oh, come on, Sarah," Lisa cut in, "don't hide it. It's okay to be a little petty, you won." "Okay, yes, it does feel better than usual." "There we go," Chloe said, throwing her arms up in vindication, "I knew it." "So are you going to do anything special to celebrate?" Amy asked. She shook her head. "The only thing special about it is that I beat Drew, and I can do that any day of the week." "Oooh, somebody's confident," Chloe cooed. "Besides," Lisa murmured, glancing over to the bar, "I think it's more who Sarah is going to do than what." The other three women followed her gaze. A few men were gathered at the bar, but one was checking them out. "He's fine," commented Chloe. "Damn right," agreed Lisa. "Go talk to him," urged Amy. "Blow off some steam, have some fun." "What about our night out?" she asked. "I think we all knew how it was going to end," Chloe said, grinning. "Each one of us going our ... separate ways with a different guy." "True," Lisa agreed. "Alright," Sarah relented, draining the rest of her drink, standing to walk over. "Don't do anything I wouldn't," she heard Amy say. Sarah stepped into her apartment, closing the door behind her, slipping her pumps off. Ricky had been attractive indeed, but he had been a horrid conversationalist. Luckily, that had not mattered much, and after a short conversation, they had headed to the dance floor. One by one, her friends had found a guy of their own, joining her in alcohol-assisted revelry. No doubt, Ricky had expected something more than dancing, but she had disappointed him, not even indulging in some mindless make-out. Her friends, when she had left, had been in the middle of locking lips with their chosen man. But she had somewhere to be. The interior of her apartment was cool and dark, but she knew the layout by heart. A pang of hunger tickled her belly, so she padded towards the kitchen. Just inside the door, somebody grabbed her from behind, yanking her backwards. She squealed as she was spun and pushed face-first against the wall, a strong weight pinning her. A hand snaked underneath her skirt, daring to stroke along her panties. She squirmed, gasping helplessly as her mound was tested through the fabric. It took very little time for her juices to flow. Just as roughly, she was spun back around, and shoved unceremoniously down to her knees. Her eyes had begun to adjust to the smothering shadows; she caught sight of ...