1. The Pet Connection

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Love Stories, Author: CommunicationDirectr, Source: LushStories

    “I’m so glad humans don’t greet each other like our pets,” Tasha remarked. Tasha was an accidental meet-up at my local Starbucks. I was going out an entry door, as she was going in and I held the door open for her. Tasha was being lead by an oversized gigantic poodle. It wasn’t really the huge poodle that caught my eye, in as much as it was Tasha, who sported a nice black sundress and a had the cutest angelic-like face I had ever seen. Her Asian cheeks belied her oval eyes, that seemed to sparkle as I proffered a wink in her direction, holding the door open. Her chocolate brown poodle’s nose went straight for my crotch. I had my own dog, a golden retriever named Buddy. Buddy didn’t miss a sniff and immediately took to the rear end of Tasha’s poodle. I yanked on Buddy’s leash, pulling him back, as I proffered an apology. “I’m so glad humans don’t greet each other like our pets,” Tasha remarked. Buddy quickly turned his attention to Tasha and pressed his nose in towards her crotch. I yanked on Buddy’s leash, pulling him back again and again apologizing. “That’s OK,” Tasha replied, “I’m used to it.” Damn dog. Tasha slipped into the store and I took up a seat on the outside patio, tying Buddy’s leash to a leg of the table. He looked at me like I had hurt his feelings. I sipped on my café mocha. A few minutes later and Tasha stepped out of the store, a drink in her hand and holding on to her dog’s leash with the other hand. Buddy immediately raised his head and looked at Tasha and ... her golden poodle. I planted my foot on Buddy’s leash. The table started to move as I yelled at Buddy to sit. Minding a command was not Buddy’s forte. Tasha looked in my direction. “Its OK,” she said, as “B” pulled forward on her leash. “B” was the name of Tasha’s oversized poodle. “B’ made a bee-line for Buddy, as Buddy sat tied to the table, trying to figure out why he was retrained. I reached over to grab Buddy’s leash to ensure I had a good handle on him. Buddy and B circled each other, sniffing, as Tasha and I tried in vain to untangle the leashes. Buddy slipped his nose up under Tasha’s loose-fitting sundress, raising it up enough for me to catch a brief glimpse of her very cute ass. I pulled on his leash and scolded him. Tasha squatted down to pet Buddy, not saying a word about his sniffing fax pas, giving me a brief glimpse of her luscious boobs as she bent forward to scratch Buddy’s ears. “You are such a good dog,” Tasha remarked as Buddy sniffed around Tasha. B was still enamored with Buddy’s ass. I patted my knee and B approached for her own brand of attention. I introduced myself to Tasha. “So, are you from around here?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied, rubbing B’s ears and scratching her tail. “What is his name?” Tasha asked as she scratched Buddy’s ears. “Buddy,” I replied, “but he also answers to asshole and a few other things.” Tasha chucked. “B is short for ‘bitch’,” Tasha retorted. “She doesn’t look like a bitch,” I replied. “Trust me,” Tasha remarked, standing ...