1. Tales of Velvet City Ch. 02

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Anal, Author: byZenZerker, Source: Literotica

    Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. The characters in this story are original creations of the erotic artist Shiin and appear here with his approval. In this story, like in Shiin's comics and drawings, the women are exceptionally curvy, the men are impossibly well-endowed, erections last for hours and verisimilitude is simply not relevant. If any of that is not to your liking, you might want to consider reading something else. Even though anal is the core theme here, this story also features group sex and double penetration, so be warned in case you are not into that kind of stuff. As always and more than ever, don't expect any semblance of realism and you won't be disappointed when you don't find it! Enjoy! ***** Sitting alone in Dr Jung's office, Emma Hugaz couldn't help but sigh over the telltale moans and the rhythmic meaty impacts of flesh clapping against naked flesh coming from the adjacent exam room. "I just hope this is worth it..." Emma murmured to herself, her massive breasts wobbling heavily under her nurse scrubs as she exhaled and slouched back in her chair, pondering. Once again, Emma's love of shopping had left her bank account dangerously depleted. So, when Dr Jung had suggested that she might take part in a special research project of his to earn some extra cash on the side, she had readily accepted. Of course, knowing the nature of the young doctor's work, Emma had no doubt that his 'research' would ... somehow involve sex, most likely anal. Running a hand through her short blonde hair and twirling the one long rebellious lock hanging over her forehead, Emma musingly shrugged as she reminded herself that she had been taking quite a few huge monstercocks up her ass lately, usually on those occasions when she chose to reinvent herself as an improvised 'escort' of sorts to raise some extra money. As it turned out, guys couldn't resist her big jiggly bubble-butt and they simply had to stick their dicks deep inside her tiny asshole at all costs when they had sex with her. Emma was glad that men lusted after her large shapely ass like crazy and she didn't fail to profit from it with her 'clients', who were always more than willing to give her all kinds of expensive gifts if she just let them ride her rump. Far from displeasing her, all that anal action had led Emma to discover that she was sort of built for buttsex: not only did she have an amazing booty and a predilection for sodomy, but she also never seemed to find a cock that she couldn't fit in her eager yet always tight hineyhole, much to her own delight. As the chorus of feminine squeals and virile grunts from the exam room increased in volume and reached its ear-splitting peak, Emma was sharply called back to reality. Soon after, the loud moans of climax filtering through the door faded into low panting and raspy breathing, thus signaling the end of Dr Jung's sexual therapy session. It didn't take more than a minute before the ...