1. Quadruplet Connection: Prologue and Chapter One - Jean

    Date: 4/14/2019, Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Straight Sex, Teen, First Time, Author: RandyTom, Source: sexstories.com

    Quadruplet Connection: Prologue and Chapter One – Jean Prologue Frank was beneath a goddess. His rock hard cock was being ridden by a beautiful woman with sharp features highlighted from behind by the purest white light. Her hair floated in midair, only being drawn around her shoulders and framing her face when she moved upon his lap. Her hands caressed his chest; her nails scraping his skin. All of a sudden she slammed down on him, burying every inch within her pussy, and Frank felt himself cum as hard as he ever had in his life, shooting it up into her heavenly folds. He pulsed over and over again; the goddess’ smile growing with every splash inside her. Then the dream darkened and fell away from his sight, swirling away as if it was so much smoke in front of his eyes. The goddess’ smile disappeared with a slam— “…huh?” Frank swam to consciousness. The first thing he noticed was that it was still dark outside; not a single ray of light entered his room through the east facing window. Next he noticed that he was breathing hard, and that the scent of raunchy sex filled his nostrils. He inhaled deeply, and then reached over to where his table lamp switch was, and flicked it on. His room lit with the ambient light of his desk lamp, showing everything to be normal except for the map hung on a nail on the back of his door was swinging side to side; as it did every single time someone closed it behind them. Plus, his cock was wet and shiny and slowly deflating; as though he had ... just been inside a woman, and as though he had just ejaculated. His mind was still fuzzy with sleep, so he decided to worry about it when he woke up. He pulled up his boxers from around his thighs and shut his light out. Chapter 1 – Jean Rubbing sleep from his eye, Frank stumbled into the kitchen, to be greeted by four different simultaneous female greetings. “’Morning, bro.” came from Jean, technically his oldest sister, but only because she was born first of the four quadruplet siblings. She was at the far end of the table, dressed in her usual around-the-house attire of a conservative t-shirt and sweatpants that hugged her average figure. She was munching on some toast with a hardcover book propped against the wall next to her. Her greeting was an acknowledgement, and her attention immediately returned to the book, her brown hair falling down in front of her face. “Hey! Good morning!” That came from Ashley, the only cheerleader of the sisters. She looked the part too, with long dirty blonde hair and sizeable breasts that looked as perky as her personality. She was an insufferable morning person. She was at the table with a fork in one hand and her phone in the other, constantly showing her siblings something on the screen. “Mmm.” Vanessa barely managed to acknowledge her brother’s appearance in the room. This was regular for her though, as her personality strived to be as black as the clothing she wore, although her hair was a silky pure white. Frank knew that her lack of ...