1. Uber car fuck

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Author: PlusSizeQueen, Source: xHamster

    So, I don’t know where to start.It was a Friday night and I was on a date with a guy I met earlier that week. We went out to dinner (where I had too many drinks) and then we decided to go to a bar afterwards. I didn’t really like my date too much, maybe it was because I had so much to drink and he was just boring. Either way, around 1am I decided to call an Uber to go home. My date didn’t like that too much. I was waiting in the parking lot and of course my date was trying to get me to stay (for sex I’m assuming) so when my Uber pulled up I quickly got in and told him to hurry and leave. It was funny and we both were laughing about it because my date was visibly mad. He introduced himself and then asked if it was a mad boyfriend or just another drunk guy. I told him it was a bad date. He went on to ask if I was married and I said divorced, he said he was single and just moved to town because he’s military and is looking to make extra money (which is why he drives in bigger cities) he talked to me the whole way home, it was kinda exhausting. I saw him continue to look at me while I was putting my hair up. We were talking about how he’s on tinder and he can’t find anyone to date and how nobody likes military men (except me apparently)Anyways, we pull into my parking lot and he turns around and asks me if we can talk for a few minutes. I was ready to go but I figured he needed help getting home or something so I said sure. He turned the car off and turned around. He told me ... that I was very pretty and didn’t deserve to go on a bad date and that if we went on a date together he wouldn’t treat me like the other guy. I thought it was sweet so when he asked for my number I happily gave it to him. I asked him if he was only looking for sex since he was on tinder and he said he wasn’t but he’d never turn down a beautiful lady. I’m pretty sure he saw me blush because he laughed. I could feel myself getting horny so I decided to call it a night and started to get out. He got out to go open my door and when he opened it he asked for a hug. He was taller than me, of course, but I could feel his hard cock when he pressed against me! I called him out on it and he started laughing asking if it was ok. I said of course and told him I liked it. He asked if he could come upstairs with me but I said no. I asked if he had a condom with him. I told him that if he knew a place close-by we could park and I’d go. He hopped in the car so fast! Lol. I got in the front seat and he pulled out of my complex and we turned down this dirt road where construction is right by a neighborhood near me. We got in the back seat and pushed the two front seats forward. He told me to take my shirt off and he unbuttoned his pants. His cock was huge! It was probably one of the thickest cocks I’ve ever had. It was about 7 inches but thick enough for me to need to use both hands while I sucked his tip and jerked him off. He told me he was sorry because he hasn’t had sex in over a year and I ...