1. Free Sex College – Part I

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Group Sex, First Time, Author: Sexyamu212, Source: xHamster

    When I opened the door, Salman smiled at me and rushed into kitchen.“Aunty, I am joining a college few kilometers away. Please let Sharmi also join. We can study together” he pleaded with Mom. Mom told him to talk to my Dad and that was his department.When he came out I already lifted my T shirt with both boobs exposed for him to suck. We always steal moments, Mom wears so many bangles and Payal and we can hear her approaching even when she is far away. Normally he would be like a wolf jumping on a prey but today he was far too excited and pushed my T shirt down after giving couple of squeezes.He pulled me to the sofa and sat beside me and told excitedly.“You know what? I found an excellent college for us”“OK. Tell me” I asked him.“This college is like a secret society. It admits only students who are interested in fucking” he was gushing.I stared at him “Are you insane? Who will join such college? Boys may jump and join, which girl in her senses will join?” I asked him.“Listen completely. It is like any normal college until last two periods. Last two periods are devoted only for sex. It is optional. If you want to fuck, you can. If you don’t want to, you can watch. If you are not at all interested, you can study in other rooms. Lecturers will guide you” he told me.“Do you mean to tell me girls are joining this college knowing about all this?” I asked incredulously.He laughed.”More than you can imagine. Initially they join just to see fucking and out of curiosity then they ... hesitantly get fucked. After that there is no stopping them. They are more adventurous and demanding than boys. At least that is what Anwar told me” Salman was smiling at me; he knew I was getting wet.“But how do the college people know whom to select? How do they know who are interested in fucking and who is not? Any normal student will get scared and complain to the police?” I asked doubtfully.“When they interview you, if you speak two sentences that I tell you, that is the code word. They will select you, irrespective of your marks. if you don’t they won’t select you or talk some nonsense or ask exorbitant fees so that you walk away “ he explained.I shook my head. “It is too risky. I may get gang ****d and blackmailed. So, thank you, No” I told him and again lifted my T shirt. This time he sucked my tits one by one while squeezing the other. He sometimes bites the nipples lightly with teeth while licking with tongue, driving me and cunt crazy.I moaned and sat down and unzipped his pant, took out his cock and started sucking. He was squeezing my boobs and pulling my nipples and I increased speed and he came in my mouth violently.We were very lucky. Mom didn’t come in, but Dad entered opening front door with his key few minutes after he shoved cock in his pant and I gulped down his cum with water.Salman and I are c***dhood friends so my parents are very relaxed with him. He wished my Dad and told him about the college. Dad was undecided but said he would check tomorrow.Before ...