1. The Awakening

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: True, Author: shortnstacked, Source: LushStories

    It was a breezy summer day, slightly overcast but perfect weather for working in the yard. Being a fair skinned ginger, I like to avoid harsh rays when I can. I was out weeding my flower bed and dead set on getting some color into my landscape. As I worked, I heard voices coming from my neighbor's yard. I peered over my shoulder to see two young men of about eighteen years old, chatting. They carried on as they walked to a car on the street, I did my best to mute them. I continued with my work, totally oblivious to their conversation. The boy who was leaving yelled over to me and made a lewd comment about my ass. I didn’t give it any thought, although I felt embarrassed and a bit ashamed. I continued on with my work drowning out the rattle coming from his mouth. Just as I was finishing for the day the neighbor boy, Jerry, came over to offer an apology for his buddy’s behavior. We chatted a bit, then I headed off to put my tools away and go inside. I couldn't stop thinking about that guy and his comment about my butt. What he wanted to do to it and I was feeling flustered. How dare he. Hot and sweaty from my work I decided to grab a shower. As the water fell upon me, that black boy's words began entering my head again. I started to get miffed. How dare he be so bold as to say things like that. My anger slowly subsided and my thoughts turned to lust, I got aroused. It was awkward having lustful thoughts of another man. Doubly so with a boy half my age. In all my ... relationships I had never strayed or considered cheating. I had always been the dutiful partner. My focus was solely on the person I was with. I never desired to be with another. But, there I stood the water cascading down over me, getting turned on. The more the water fell, the more I fantasized. My mind went to places I never thought possible and my hands moved down between my thighs. I began having naughty thoughts about being royally fucked by a young black man. Him taking me in the yard. Savagely ripping off my shorts and making me his dirty, white slut. Fucking me furiously in front of the neighbors and God himself. As my fantasies filled my head, my fingers dug into my pussy. I imagined his towering frame over me, taking me. His glistening black flesh mounting my pasty peach skin. My body called out for a release, it wanted a climax. With my legs parted wide, I feverishly tried to bring myself to an orgasm. One hand rubbing my clit while the other reached up and took the shower head from the cradle. Reaching out, I pressed one hand against the wall and the nozzle against my pussy. I let the pulse of the water take care of me as my mind fantasized about the young man. His hard, pulsating cock pummeling my little pussy. Stretching me and forcing his penis further in. It couldn’t have been more than two minutes before I climaxed. My body shook, my legs were weak as I came down from the orgasm. As those feelings of lust subsided, my mind slowly came back to the reality of my married ...